AEW: MJF Reportedly Debating on Rehab or Surgery for Shoulder Injury, Countdown to Worlds End Ratings, More News

MJF Shoulder Injury Update – MJF Reportedly Debating on Rehab or Surgery Decision

As noted before, MJF has been dealing with a shoulder injury since this past November. Besides his shoulder, MJF has also been dealing with several other injuries in recent months. MJF is currently on a break from AEW since this past Saturday’s Worlds End event to heal up from his injuries.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources stated that MJF is currently debating on whether to have surgery on his shoulder or skip surgery and just do rehab.

Meltzer reported that based on the severity of MJF’s injury, surgery likely might end up being needed but this option would cause him to be out of action for a longer period of time as a result.

AEW Countdown to Worlds End Ratings – Dec. 29, 2023

This past Friday’s AEW’s Countdown to Full Gear 2023 special drew 147,000 viewers and a 0.05 key 18-49 demographic rating on TNT.

This was up compared to this past November’s Countdown to Full Gear 2023 special that drew 139,000 viewers and 0.05 key demographic rating.

Source: Wrestlenomics

AEW News & Notes

Tuesday’s episode of Superchef Grudge Match on Food Network featured Willow Nightingale and former AEW talent Jade Cargill making an appearance as special guest chef assistants.

As noted before, longtime WWE superfan Vladimir Abouzeide was among those in attendance at this past Saturday’s AEW Worlds End event in Uniondale, New York. Abouzeide was shown on camera receiving a hug from Sting following Sting’s Eight-Man Tag Team match at the event. AEW recently celebrated Sting and Abouzeide’s moment at their event on Twitter.

Besides superfan Vlad, AEW announced that current PFL Light Heavyweight Champion Impa Kasanganay was also in attendance at this past Saturday’s AEW Worlds End event in Uniondale.

In a recent interview Premier Live TV, Mark Henry gave his thoughts about why Swerve Strickland was one of the breakout wrestling stars of 2023. Henry stated “He is definitely the breakout wrestler of ‘23. But you gotta look at this too, is he the same guy that he was at WWE? At NXT? He’s not the same guy. He grew up. He’s 20 pounds heavier. He looks more the part. Also, he didn’t do a lot of the hardcore and tough character building, the face that you do, ‘Hey, man, be careful. That dude ain’t right. He’s willing to put himself through pain in order for you to have pain.’ He wasn’t that guy. So he’s the same man, but just elevated.” (Transcript h/t:

In a recent episode of The Snake Pit podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and co-host Jake “The Snake” Roberts gave his thoughts about AEW introducing a Women’s Tag Team Championship belt in the future. Roberts stated “It’s just something that’s going to take a lot of time, but they have the time to do it. They’ve got so many shows that they have to fill up with good stuff, so there’s room for it. I think it’s a great idea to come in with actual tag teams instead of just pairing up people.” (Transcript h/t:

In a recent interview with the Battleground Podcast, Eddie Kingston gave his thoughts about his hope that pro wrestling television can eventually return to the level of hotness it had during the Monday Night Wars era. Kingston stated “I’d rather be busy than not. The way I look at it, when I’m getting asked to do interviews or I’m in the ring wrestling every week or every couple of weeks, it means I’m doing good at my job. If they don’t ask for an interview with me, I guess I’m not as over as everyone says I am. Ortiz and my girl like to bust my balls if I get recognized at the airport or something. It’s one person. I have a vision in my mind of what over is, and that’s guys like Terry Funk, the Rock N Roll Express, Steve Austin, Hogan, (Kevin) Nash, the Attitude Era, 90s era. To me, that’s over. When I start not being able to walk through an airport and I have to get a private jet, then I’ll tell you, with no humility, that I’m over. Until then, I’m not over. If me winning a championship means more people watch pro wrestling, especially AEW, then I’m all about it. There’s this YouTube channel, Reliving The War. I see the numbers WCW and WWF did. 3.something, 4.this, 5.this. That’s what I want. Of course, I want that for AEW first. Everybody can eat, but my people have to eat first. I just want pro wrestling to get back to that. I hope everyone enjoys AEW, New Japan, WWE, the independents. I just want pro wrestling to be back where it was when there were eight million people or something watching. Thank you to everyone who does watch, thank you to everyone who hates on it because still watches, because you’re still watching.” (Transcript h/t:

In a recent interview with the State of Florida Sports podcast, Swerve Strickland gave his thoughts about Rick Ross’ time in AEW and being interesting in Ross making more appearances in the future. Strickland stated “That was a connection from my agent, shoutout to Albert, he’s been doing amazing work. He has some of the greatest connections you could ask for in the hip hop realm. He’s always been an advocate of, ‘We have to crossover, we have to integrate and crossover to other platforms that you just don’t see.’ One of the best clients he works with is Rick Ross. I was like, ‘Is that possible?’ I didn’t think it was possible to happen, but he made it happen. Rick Ross was down. It was Baltimore at Dynamite. I greeted him out of the truck. He was all energy, all enthusiasm, just ready to go. He’s freestyling all these things off the top of his head on what he wants to say. He’s a performer. One take, one shot, he just goes. He’s got it. He’s another one that understands comedic timing, which a lot of artists necessarily don’t. Rick Ross is one of the most comedic timing professionals out there in the business. I would love to get him more integrated into AEW, even crossing over and doing stuff outside of it with his drink and on stage. There is more of that to come, hopefully, but we’re going to push for it and make it happen. The introduction, it was like I felt like I had known this man for years. It’s still a great relationship.” (Transcript h/t:

AEW recently announced two new matches for the card of tonight’s AEW Dynamite show in Newark, New Jersey:

  • Swerve Strickland vs. Daniel Garcia
  • Mariah May vs. Queen Aminata