Update on MJF’s Shoulder Injury & Decision on Rehab or Surgery

As noted before, MJF has been dealing with a shoulder injury since this past November. Besides his shoulder, MJF has also been dealing with several other injuries in recent months. MJF is currently on a break from AEW since this past Saturday’s Worlds End event to heal up from his injuries and is currently debating on whether or not to have surgery for his shoulder.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that MJF’s shoulder injury is the most serious out of all of the injuries he is currently dealing with.

Meltzer reported that MJF is still hoping to be able to heal his shoulder through rehab than from surgery due to him being recently informed that he could end up being out of action for as close to a year to recover from surgery. This very lengthy period of time reportedly is something that MJF currently wants to avoid for his time away from AEW and wrestling.

Of the two options, Meltzer reported that surgery would be the best choice for MJF due to him both being young and getting his shoulder fixed now would be a lot better for the long-term than it constantly being a problem for the rest of his career.