Weekend Roundup: New Lead WWE SmackDown Writer, Kayla Braxton Update, Shane McMahon & AEW Update, Jeff Jarrett, Ultimo Guerrero on Mask Issues in Okada Match, La Catalina Underwent Ovarian Cyst Surgery, Indies


  • As noted before, WWE backstage interviewer and WWE The Bump co-host Kayla Braxton announced that she will be leaving WWE after this Friday’s SmackDown show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. Fightful Select reported that Braxton had been working under a verbal agreement for some time due to her official contract had expired but the two sides did not want to end things just yet. Prior to her departure announcement, it was reported that Braxton and WWE officials had been in talks for a potential new deal but details that came from it are currently not known. AEW officials reportedly became aware of Braxton’s status in WWE several weeks ago but it is currently not known if this was due to direct communication with Braxton or from her agent.
  • Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that longtime WWE creative writer John Swikata was recently promoted as the new lead writer for WWE’s SmackDown brand. It was reported that Switaka is replacing Ryan Callahan as the new lead writer and Callahan has officially left the company. One source spoken to stated that Swikata has already made a “huge impact” with the storylines and angles and brought up the direction seen during this past Friday’s SmackDown show as an example.
  • Fightful Select also reported that their sources stated that the reason for Austin Theory’s abscence at this past Friday’s WWE SmackDown show was due to him dealing with swelling in his face when he woke up that day.
  • This past Friday’s WWE SmackDown show featured Chelsea Green defeating Michin and Bianca Belair in a Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat match. Green reflected on Twitter earlier today stating that if she wins the Womem’s MitB briefcase and championship, she will petition for the WWE Women’s title to be renamed back to the WWE Divas Championship. Green statedWhen I win I’m starting a petition to change the @WWE Womens Championship back to the Divas Championship.
  • WWE announced one new match for this Monday’s WWE RAW show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This new match is a singles match of Bron Breakker vs. Ludwig Kaiser.
  • WWE filed trademarks for ” WWE independent Development” and “WWE ID” for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes on June 21st to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • WWE also filed a trademark for “Jacob Fatu” for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes on June 21st to the USPTO.
  • WrestleOps reported that Joe Hendy’s NXT debut video recently became the most watched video on WWE’s official Twitter account for this year as of this past Friday.
  • As noted before, WWE is currently looking at forming working partnerships with promotions in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that Lucha Libre AAA Director Dorian Roldan has held talks with WWE NXT officials but details regarding these talks are currently not known.
  • As noted before, Marigold talent Giulia has been out of action since this past May due to a right wrist fracture injury and surgery and her status for her potential debut in WWE at their NXT Heatwave 2024 event was believed to be uncertain. Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that WWE NXT officials currently do not have any plans for Giulia to be Roxanne Perez’s opponent for her NXT Women’s Championship at next month’s NXT Heatwave event. Meltzer reported that NXT officials current plans are for Lola Vice to be Perez’s opponent for the event. Meltzer also reported that the rumors and reports of Giulia working at Heatwave was something that both Giulia and his sources in Japan had denied being true from the beginning. Meltzer also reported that Giulia’s current injury situation prevents her from being able to be ready in time for next month’s event and she is still scheduled to make her official debut later this year.
  • WWE reportedly drew an attendance of 10,391 for their June 14th SmackDown show at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, 11,117 (11,391 WWE announced) for their June 15th Clash at the Castle 2024 event at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, and 7,784 for their June 17th RAW show in Corpus Christi, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • WWE reportedly has sold around 9.307 tickets for their June 24th RAW show in Indianapolis, IN, 13,854 tickets for their June 28th SmackDown show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY, 8,875 tickets for their July 1st RAW show in Boston, MA, 15,164 tickets for their July 5th SmackDown show in Toronto, 16,691 tickets for their July 6th Money in the Bank 2024 event in Toronto, around 8,048 tickets for their July 7th NXT Heatwave 2024 event in Toronto, Canada, 6,948 tickets for their July 8th RAW show in Ottawa, Canada, 5,067 tickets for their July 12th SmackDown show in Worcester, MA, 5,624 tickets for their July 15tn RAW show in Dayton, OH, 7,398 tickets for their July 19th SmackDown show in Omaha, NE, 4,990 tickets for their July 22nd RAW show in Green Bay, WI, 9,684 tickets for their July 29th RAW show in St. Paul, MN, and 46,699 tickets for their August 3rd SummerSlam 2024 event in Cleveland, OH as of this past Thursday, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE’s Clash at the Castle 2024 event is currently speculated to have generated a live gate of around $4 million. Meltzer reported that while no figure was given by WWE after they announced that Clash at the Castle 2024 event had broken the company’s all-time live gate record for an indoor arena event, the average get-in ticket price for the event was the highest ever in pro wrestling history. Meltzer reported that the cheapest ticket for the event was priced at $419 and later reduced to $316 at the end in order for WWE to sell out their remaining tickets. Meltzer reported that the very high priced tickets was the reason why this year’s event did not reach sell out status until the day of the show.
  • WWE reportedly generated around 4,000 cable television pay-per-view buys for their Clash at the Castle 2024 event on June 15th after its first week, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Dave Meltzer reported that Clash at the Castle 2024’s PPV buys were up 1.5% compared to this past May’s Backlash 2024 but down 18% compared to this past May’s King & Queen of the Ring 2024 event based on the same amount of time after the event.
  • As noted before, Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J called out CM Punk this past week on Twitter over a past incident between the two several years ago in TNA Wrestling and publicly gave his support to Colt Cabana over past derogatory comments Punk made against him. In a recent interview with AdFreeShows’ Conrad Thompson, Violent J expanded on his comments stating “Colt Cabana is not an associate, he’s a friend. I don’t have very many people that I actually consider real friends, someone you basically talk to every day. Me and Colt are cool like that. What happened was, I was at the airport, I was flipping through Instagram, and I came across the footage from a couple of year ago when CM Punk was going off on Colt Cabana about sharing a bank account with his mom. I don’t like CM Punk. He’s always been a dick to us. I just unloaded. I’ve been meaning to say this. When I saw the post come up, I was like, ‘Let me school this motherfucker.’ I had been meaning to say it. Here’s where it comes from. Back in Ian Rotten’s IWA, we were doing something there back in the day. Apparently, we didn’t shake everyone’s hand in the dressing room like was required for that time. You come in and shake everyone’s hand. We didn’t know this. We just didn’t know at the time that was a customary thing for respect. We just didn’t know. Apparently, according to Colt, CM Punk didn’t like us after that. When we got to TNA, we went to shake his hand, and he wouldn’t shake our hand. I was like, ‘That’s the first time that someone refused to shake our hand in wrestling over something like that.’ When Colt fell out with him, I caught that statement about ‘who would share a bank account with their mom?’ Not everyone’s mom is like CM Punk’s mom where that would be a problem. I shared a bank account with my mom before she passed. I don’t understand him. I don’t understand his anger, his bitterness, and I don’t understand his attacks on Colt, and his blatant disregard for us. Fuck him. Fuck this dude. I unloaded because I have an outlet and something is on my mind, I unload. The funny this is, he doesn’t live in my mind like that. It’s not like a grudge where I’m after him. I just saw it and I was like ‘Fuck this guy.’ That’s it. There is no anger to it. I don’t like him. I think he suffers inside. Just watching and observing as a fan, I think he has problems and there is a lot more going on in his head than I’ll ever understand. I respect his wrestling and everything he’s done and his ability. I’m a CM Punk fan for his work, but him as a man, it’s hard to relate for me. When you diss a personal friend on top of blatant disrespect of me and Shaggy, I say fuck him. I wish I would bump into him. If you ask him what he thinks of ICP, he’d tell you the same thing about us. I just said it first. It’s not a deep-seated hatred. I don’t know you. You’re dissing my boy, you dissed us, fuck you. That’s all it amounts to.
  • During the same interview, Violent J gave his thoughts about his son asking him why he hates CM Punk after he made the tweet. Violent J stated “Number one, I want people to know that I don’t like him. Number two, I just lost my mind. The whole thing about dissing Colt for sharing a bank account seems so inhuman to me. How the fuck is that any of your business or concern? I get they owed money, but the fact that Colt Cabana shares a bank account with his mom had nothing to do with nothing. I stand by that. I stand by supporting your mom if you can. I want people to know I’m not cool with him dissing Colt for that reason. Fuck that. I do the same thing. What’s wrong with that? It kind of embarrassed myself a little bit in that it looks like I’m fuming about him, but if you follow my Instagram and see the stuff I post, that’s pretty much what I do. If something is on my mind, I post and forget about it. It’s not as big as it appears, my dislike for him, and I enjoy watching him wrestle.” In response to a question from Thompson about Violent J may like CM Punk but not Phil Brooks, Violent J responded stating “I think he has an issue with himself sometimes. He seems so unhappy and upset with everybody and everything. It’s so hard to relate to him. The whole reason he got mad about the car glass. It’s just so hard to relate to his arguments. I just went off on him. That’s really it.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)


  • AEW released an uncut longer version of Jeff Jarrett’s very emotional video promo at Saturday’s AEW Collision show talking about how much the late Owen Hart meant to him and his involvement in this year’s Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup tournament.
  • As noted before, Shane McMahon was rumored to have recently reached out to AEW talents about the idea of him potentially joining AEW in the future. This was something that was later revealed to have been a surprise to both those within AEW and WWE who stated that they had heard nothing about this and something that was not meant to be serious. Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that McMahon’s name has not been brought up in a high level within AEW. It was reported that despite numerous talent inquiring about the situation, this is something that has been considered by AEW officials at this time. In regards to McMahon, it was reported that those spoken to stated that McMahon had told others about the possibility of him appearing in AEW and has not seemed opposed to the idea.
  • Saturday’s taped AEW Collision show in Allentown, Pennsylvania featured Kazuchika Okada defeating Ultimo Guerrero in an Eliminator match for his AEW Continental Championship. TheCubsFan reported that despite him wrestling maskless for years, Ultimo Guerrero only had found out late that AEW had advertised him as wearing a mask for his scheduled match against Okada and forgot to bring one with him for AEW’s Collision tapings this past Thursday. It was reported that AEW officials managed to get a replacement mask for Guerrero but the main problem was that it didn’t properly fit him. It was reported that this was the reason why Guerrero kept adjusting his mask throughout the match so that it would not fall out. It was also reported that Guerrero had also cut out a lot of the planned spots in his match that would have risked his mask coming off. TheCubsFan speculated that the reason why AEW had advertised Guerrero as being a masked wrestler likely was due to AEW CEO Tony Khan’s fondest memories of Guerrero wrestling under a mask and AEW officials requested for him to wear one for his match.
  • Ultimo Guerrero reflected on Facebook earlier today about the issues with his match against Kazuchika Okada at AEW’s Collision show. Guerrero statedA story to tell I came to the dressing room of the recording location for AEW at the collision function unforeseen for me from one day to the next where I had to fight with mask and it turns out I have no masks arriving at the location they realized there is no mask immediately a company worker was ordered to make an unusual mask he made it as he could reflecting the loyalty he has to his work within an hour or so checking and worrying why I looked good. everyone criticizing why he pulls out that mask and I’m thinking about the sacrifice of this person my respect because it’s the work of a great working man of AEW represents my sacrifice and that’s why I put it on and went up with it. sometimes many people do something for us and we do not take them into account with pride I will keep this mask.
  • AEW announced that MJF will be making an appearance at the July 6th AEW Collision show in Southaven, Mississippi. AEW also announced that MJF will be making an appearance at the June 26th AEW Dynamite show in Buffalo, New York.
  • In a recent interview with FOX 5 New York, MJF gave his thoughts about his decision to sign a new contract and stay in AEW. MJF stated “Look, it was a very easy decision [to stay with AEW] for me – mainly because Tony Khan is paying me an exorbitant amount of money. But outside of that, I also believe in AEW, I believe that it’s where the best wrestle. I believe that we have some of the most top-tier elite talent you get to see in the world today.” (Transcript h/t: F4WOnline.com)
  • During the same interview, MJF also gave his thoughts about how he is feeling health-wise since his recent return from shoulder injury. MJF stated “I’m ready to go 110 million percent. I feel great. I look great. Let’s be honest. Can we get a shot of these guys? I mean, come on. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m absolutely ready.
  • In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, AEW CEO Tony Khan gave his thoughts about Sting’s final run of his career in AEW. Khan stated “When he had previously competed in WWE, I don’t think he had a great experience with WWE. He was looking to do something very different. When I first talked to Sting, he was interested in having a comeback, but I don’t think Steve (Borden) ever imagined it would lead to a three-year run in wrestling that would become legendary.” Khan also gave his thoughts about Sting’s retirement match at this past March’s Revolution 2024 event. Khan stated “Sting’s final match, Sting and Darby vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution, was, in my opinion, the greatest sendoff ever in pro wrestling. And Sting deserves that because he’s one of the greatest wrestlers ever, and we were very lucky to have him in AEW.
  • During the same interview, Tony Khan also gave his thoughts about the recent string of injuries in AEW. Khan stated “It’s happened so much and we’ve had to change so many things. The Young Bucks referenced this body count, and they’re not altogether wrong. Since they started this reign of terror, I’m not the only person they’ve put out and injured. FTR have injuries going back to their Anarchy in the Arena and their ladder match with The Young Bucks. We saw them attack Eddie Kingston in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and he’s been out injured. Of course, Darby Allin has been beat up bad. What they did to him in that Anarchy in the Arena match is insane, and they left Darby hanging, beaten, bloodied, and I don’t think broken. Adam Copeland, also that night at Double or Nothing, not necessarily related to The Elite, but a lot of injuries have happened in AEW with top stars. A lot of the top babyfaces, a lot of the top fan favorites, and it’s been great having such a deep roster and so many awesome stars. We still have so many super-popular stars on this roster who’ve stepped up. I think that’s why I’m so proud of the wrestlers in AEW. I believe AEW is where the best wrestle. When we have a great wrestler like Dax or Cash, Darby or Eddie or Adam, all of these top stars are irreplaceable and we miss these guys, but the show has been able to continue because we have so many great women and men stepping up.
  • Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources stated that TNA talent “Speedball” Mike Bailey was in attendance backstage at this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show in Fairfax, Virginia. Sapp reported that the reason for the visit was due to Bailey visiting some friends and was received very well backstage. Sapp reported that those spoken to stated that there was no indications that Bailey and AEW officials held any formal talks during his visit.
  • In a recent interview with WGN Radio, Skye Blue gave her thoughts about her match against Mercedes Mone for the TBS Championship on the May 29th AEW Dynamite show. Blue stated “I had no idea I was wrestling Mercedes and like, 17-year-old me in math class watching her matches — like I watched her matches, Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, I never imagined that I’d be wrestling these women and I’m so beyond grateful to do it. I think the biggest thing I kind of took away is she is one of the best women’s wrestlers, and I kept up and I held my own because I was beyond anxious I never imagined this match happening and to have it and to have it be the big match that it was, it was for the title and there was all this pressure to live up to it. I was honestly mind-blown that I got to do it. I feel like it was just baby steps to getting to being one of the best.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)
  • As noted before, former WWE talents Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake & Zack Gibson, made their official debut appearance for AEW at the April 27th AEW Collision show at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. In a recent interview with Metro, Gibson gave his thoughts about the Grizzled Young Vets decision to leave WWE in September of 2023. Gibson stated “We never burned any bridges, we can always reopen those talks if we wanted to. Similarly, if we’re enjoying ourselves more elsewhere, then we may never need to go back. We’re not set on any one particular path. We just wanted to get our stock moving in the right direction again. Since leaving WWE, we made the right decision.” Gibson also gave his thoughts about the Grizzled Young Vets making a potential return appearance to AEW in the future. Gibson stated “I’m not allowed to give too much away. But all I would say is just watch this space, because we got some we got some really cool stuff lined up.
  • Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that the reason why MJF’s match against RUSH took place at this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show instead of being held off for Forbidden Door 2024 was due to CMLL officials did not allow RUSH to be booked for Forbidden Door 2024. Meltzer reported that the reason was due to a CMLL talent being booked for the event and CMLL’s current rules not allowing AAA and CMLL talents to work in matches at the same event. Meltzer reported that this will also prevent Komander from being able to work at Forbidden Door 2024 as well due to his current association as an AAA contracted talent.
  • AEW reportedly drew an attendance of 2,617 for their June 15th Collision show in Youngstown, OH, 4,167 for their June 19th Dynamite show in Fairfax, VA, and 2,700 for their June 20th Collision taping in Allentown, PA, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • AEW reportedly has sold around 2,894 tickets for their June 26th Dynamite show in Buffalo, NY, 7,798 tickets for their June 30th AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2024 event at the UBS Arena in Long Island, NY, 2,928 tickets for their July 3rd Dynamite show in Chicago, IL, 1,420 tickets for their July 6th Collision show in Southaven, MS, 2,881 tickets for their July 10th Dynamite show in Calgary, Canada, 1,460 tickets for their July 17th Dynamite show in North Little Rock, AR, 545 tickets for their July 20th Collision show in Arlington, TX, 2,113 tickets for their July 24th Dynamite Blood & Guts 2024 show in Nashville, TN, 701 for their July 27th Collision show in Arlington, TX, 1,225 tickets for their July 31st Dynamite show in Greenville, SC, and 41,092 tickets for their Aug. 25th All In 2024 event at Wembley Stadium in London, England as of this past Thursday, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Ring of Honor recently announced that they will be holding two new sets of ROH TV tapings on July 28th and August 11th at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas.
  • ROH reportedly has sold around 618 tickets for their July 26th Death Before Dishonor 2024 event at the Esports Arena Arlington in Arlington, TX as of this past Thursday, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

TNA, NJPW, Indies, & Misc. Wrestling

  • Sunday’s New Japan Soul 2024 event for New Japan Pro Wrestling in Kamisu featured Boltin Oleg defeating Toru Yano and TJP defeating Satoshi Kojima in First Round matches for the B Block Qualifier tournament. Oleg will be facing off against Hiroshi Tananashi and TJP will be facing off against Taichi in the Semifinal Round for the B Block Qualifier tournament.
  • Saturday’s NJPW New Japan Soul 2024 event in Fukushima featured YOSHI-HASHI defeating Chase Owens and Callum Newman defeating Yujiro Takahashi in First Round matches for the A Block Qualifier tournament. YOSHI-HASHI will be facing off against Tomohiro Ishii and Newman will be facing off against KENTA in the Semifinal Round for A Block Qualifier tournament.
  • NJPW reportedly drew a paid attendance of 2,370 for their June 16th New Japan Soul 2024 event in Sapporo and 1,086 for their June 18th New Japan Soul 2024 event in Aomori, Japan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • United Japan Pro Wrestling reportedly drew a paid attendance of 2,156 for their June 15th All Together Sapporo event in Sapporo, Japan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre talent La Catalina announced on Instagram that she underwent surgery to remove a cyst in her ovary on Saturday and will be out of action for the next several weeks as a result. La Catalina statedSo, yesterday I wrestled with a cyst the size of my ovary, in the middle of the match I felt horrible pain but I finished the match, not with the result I wanted but everything happens for a reason, right? Today I went into surgery at 8AM and I am out of risk and without cyst. Thank you very much to Centro de Evaluación Fisical Integral, CMLL & Dr. Rodrigo Gómez! Everything will be fine. I will be out of action for a few weeks and I apologize for all the events I won’t be able to attend.
  • CMLL reportedly drew an attendance of around 8,500 for their June 14th Super Viernes event in Mexico City and 6,000 for their June 18th Martes De Glamour 20. Aniversario Mistico event in Guadalajara, Mexico, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • In a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Josh Barnett gave his thoughts about who he would like to see the most compete in a future Bloodsport event. Barnett stated “First of all, Katsuyori Shibata. Then Bill Goldberg. I would also like to see Shayna Baszler in Japan, and I would also like to see Oleg Boltin of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
  • Major League Wrestling recently announced one new match for the card of their Blood & Thunder 2024 event on July 12th in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is a MLW Opera Cup 2024 First Round match of KENTA vs. Bobby Fish.
  • Saturday’s MLW Anniversary ’24 event featured Salina De La Renta revealing that she is pregnant. Following the show, De La Renta stated on Twitter that her pregnancy is not fake and posted a photo of her pregnant belly.
  • Saturday’s Cage of Horrors 3 event for Pro Wrestling Revolver featured Ace Austin defeating Alex Shelley to become the new Revolver World Champion.
  • Lucha Libre AAA reportedly drew an attendance of around 10,000 to 13,000 for their June 15th Triplemania XXXII: Tijuana event in Tijuana, Mexico, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In regards to the reason for the large range gap in attendance, Dave Meltzer reported that the Estadio Chevron venue had stated that the attendance was 13,000 while those at the event estimated the real attendance to be between 10,000 to 13,000.
  • Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that his sources stated that Alberto El Patron and Laredo Kid are currently working as both in-ring talent and as backstage agents in AAA.
  • Stardom reportedly drew a paid attendance of 445 for their June 16th event in Osaka, Japan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH reportedly drew a paid attendance of 1,815 for their June 16th Grand Ship 2024 in Yokohama event in Yokohama and 1,220 for their June 19th Limit Break 3 Go! Go Shiozaki Debut 20th Anniversary Memorial event in Tokyo, Japan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • Marigold reportedly drew a paid attendance of 357 for their June 15th Grand Opening Wars 2024 event in Kyoto and 687 for their June 16th Grand Opening Wars 2024 event in Nagoya, Japan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • TNA Wrestling reportedly drew an attendance of 1,200 for their June 14th Against All Odds 2024 event in Cicero, IL, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • As noted before, Nick Bollea, son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, was arrested this past November in Florida and charged with driving under the influence and refusal to submit to sobriety testing following a traffic stop by police. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Bollea changed his plea from not guilty to guilty in a court hearing before the Pinellas County Court on June 21st based on recent court records. Johnson reported that due to the change of his plea, Bollea will no longer be going to trial and was fined $136 and sentenced to a 12-hour Advanced Driving Instruction class. Johnson also reported that as long as Bollea completes his court demanded class, his driving license will not be suspended and the case against him will be closed.
  • Game Changer Wrestling recently announced that Maki Itoh will be making several appearances for the company at their upcoming events this August and September.

Wrestling TV Ratings for Week of June 14 to June 20, 2024

  • WWE Friday Night SmackDown – 1,959,000 viewers, 0.52 rating (prior week – 2,207,000 viewers, 0.61 rating)
  • WWE RAW – 1,747,000 viewers, 0.55 rating (prior week – 1,609,000 viewers, 0.50 rating)
  • WWE NXT – 724,000 viewers, 0.26 rating (prior week – 718,000 viewers, 0.22 rating)
  • AEW Rampage – 334,000 viewers, 0.12 rating (prior week – 256,000 viewers, 0.09 rating)
  • AEW Collision – 431,000 viewers, 0.13 rating (prior week – 388,000 viewers, 0.13 rating)
  • AEW Dynamite – 502,000 viewers, 0.16 rating (prior week – 681,000 viewers, 0.23 rating)
  • TNA Wrestling Impact! – N/A (prior week – 92,000 viewers, 0.01 rating)
  • Various – Biography: WWE Legends (A&E) – 230,000 viewers, 0.05 rating (prior week – N/A)
  • Various – Who Killed WCW? (VICE) – 148,000 viewers, 0.06 rating (prior week – 117,000 viewers, 0.02 rating)

Total wrestling television viewership for the week: 6,075,000 viewers, up 7,000 viewers from the prior week’s 6,068,000 viewers.

The viewership and ratings numbers for the June 20th TNA Impact! show is currently not known.

A&E did not air a new episode of Biography: WWE Legends on June 9th due to WWE’s NXT Battleground 2024 event taking place that same night.