Tuesday’s SmackDown Live brought in 2.544 million viewers, a big drop from last week’s Superstar Shake-up episode, which brought in 3.105 million viewers. It’s the second lowest SmackDown Live viewer number of 2017 (next to January 10, which had 2.533 million viewers).

However, it’s also the first time SmackDown Live has been up against the NBA Playoffs or any other major sports event as far as I am aware. The Bulls/Celtics game, which ranked #1 for the night, brought in 3.368 million viewers.

SmackDown was ranked #3 for cable shows in the 18-49 demographic, behind the Bulls/Celtics game and Jazz/Clippers game (3.003 million).

Monday’s Raw brought in 3.346 million viewers, which was actually on the high end for Raw lately, so SmackDown’s drop is a bit surprising.

Source and other Tuesday TV ratings: Showbuzz Daily