Here are some updates on possible plans for Paige, Summer Rae, and Eva Marie, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.


Paige is expected to be ready to return from a neck injury some time this summer, but WWE’s plans for her (if any) are currently up in the air. According to Dave Meltzer, WWE would not bring her back, but because of the movie about her life, “Fighting With My Family,” she could eventually be back. That is apparently the only thing currently “saving” her.

Paige seemed to be almost trying to get fired recently, tweeting out a video that was just Alberto El Patron calling Triple H a “pussy” for like two minutes.

Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been out with a shoulder injury since August, but has been ready to return since at least March. However, WWE seems to just not have a storyline for her yet. She is technically part of the Raw roster, but WWE may decide to bring her back on either Raw or SmackDown once they figure out something for her to do.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie, who was last on WWE TV in August and has been out since being suspended for 30 days for a wellness policy violation, is “done with wrestling,” according to Dave Meltzer. As mentioned, she has removed any references to WWE from her social media profiles and has been working on starting her own fashion line recently.

As mentioned yesterday, she will not be back on Total Divas next season either.