WWE Survivor Series Results – Nov. 14, 2004 – Team Orton vs. Team HHH

Event: WWE Survivor Series
Date: Nov. 14th 2004
Venue: Cleveland, Ohio
Announcers: Jerry The King Lawler & Jim Ross; Tazz & Michael Cole
Report by Chris Walters – TPWW

Fatal Fourway Cruiserweight Title Match

The show starts out with a very nice promo showing past Survivor Series matches. They roll through images of Steve Austin, Million Dollar Man, Vince & Stephanie as well as others.

Micheal Cole and Tazz begin the show with opening comments and then send it over to J.R. & The King for their opening comments.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring, followed by Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, & Spike Dudley ©.

The action breaks out, with everyman for himself. There are no tags in this match. Kidman nails Spike Dudley and then begins to work on Rey Mysterio. Mysterio sends Kidman over the top rope and then he and Chavo go at it in the middle of the ring. Knee to the gut by Chavo and then a quick pinfall, but Mysterio kicks out and rolls Chavo up.

Mysterio hits a huncanrana on Kidman which sends him over the apron. Chavo then sends Mysterio into Kidman over the top rope. Spike and Chavo now inside the ring. Spike gets the upperhand and sends Chavo over the top rope and and all three men are down. Spike goes for a high risk move over the top rope but no one is home and he lands face first.

Finally Chavo gets his hands on Kidman immediatley hits a big back bodydrop in the middle of the ring. Chavo goes for a cover, but Spike breaks it up.

Mysterio is getting hammered inside the ring and then sent too the outside by Spike.

3 man high suplex by Kidman which took out both Spike and Chavo. Mysterio back in and he tries to get the cover on Chavo, but Chavo is able to kick out.

Action breaking out everywhere…Mysterio hits the 619 after he escapes a shooting star press from Kidman.

Chavo connects with the Gory bomb while Mysterio pulls Kidman over the top rope.

Spike rolls in the ring onto Chavo Guerrero. He goes for the cover as both Kidman and Mysterio are on the outside of the ring and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Spike Dudley

Backstage we see Heindreich & Snitsky talking to one another telling each other they will see each other later?

Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin

Christian is out first, with Tyson Tomko followed by the current IC Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin sends Christian to the mat quickly and then backs off as Christian gets back to his feet. Waistlock by Benjamin, which Christian escapes by grabbing the ropes. Benjamin hits Christian with some closed fists and then is sent over the top rope, but he grabs onto the ropes and with Christian’s back turned hits him with a flying body press. Both men are working on each other in the corner, exchanging knife edge chops. Christian gets the advantage but only briefly as he gets rolled up but is able to kick out.

Now Benjamin ducks out to the outside and confronts Tomko and then decks Christian as he comes to the outside also. Tomko has now successfully altered this match. Christian gets the upperhand and then uses an illegal chokehold to ground Shelton.

Christian then hits a nice neck breaker, but Shelton is able to kick out. He then locks on another illegal choke hold which keeps Shelton in the middle of the ring and down on the mat.

Once again, Tomko makes his presence known as the referee is distracted by Christian he drives Shelton’s back into the ring apron.

Christian still working on Benjamin by smacking him on the back of the head and taunting him in the middle of the ring. Shelton finally reverses and sends Christian into the corner and down to the mat. The referee begins a 10 count as both men are down on the mat.

Benjamin is now back up and running full steam, but as he goes for a bodysplash in the corner, Christian moves and then hits a DDT which almost gets him a 3 count.

Benjamin is nailed with the title belt and it looks like he is done, but he is able to kick out and get back to his feet.

He then wraps Christian up and hits a nice T-Bone which gets him a 3 count and a win!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Backstage we see Kurt Angle and Edge. Angle tells Edge that he did not appreciate what he wrote about him in his book. Edge then laughs at him, but when he does Angle pokes fun at Edge for never being the Heavyweight Champion. As Edge leaves, Eugene sneaks up behind Angle and tells him he sucks! Very funny stuff.

Team Angle vs. Big Show, RVD, Eddie Guerrero, & John Cena

Team Angle is out first in this Survivor Series type match. Big Show is out next, followed by RVD, then Eddie Guerrero driving his low-rider to the ring. Finally John Cena makes his way to the ring.

Cena runs to the ring and goes straight after Carlitto. Carlitto runs to the backstage area and so does Cena as they begin to fight in the backstage area.

Carlitto runs to his car and leaves to the arena. Big Show is first in the ring against Jindrak. Cena makes his way back to the ring to join his team.

Big Show tags in RVD, who then hits a kick on Jindrak and then tags in Eddie who goes for a quick cover, but Jindrak is able to kick out.

Kurt Angle gets in a cheap shot and turns the tide as he enters the ring. He lays out Eddie Guerrero and then tags in Luther Reigns. Jindrak is back in the ring now as Eddie is fighting to get to his corner and get a tag.

Angle back in again working on Eddie. He once again tags in Luther Reigns who works over Angle and then back to Jindrak. It looks as though it is 4-3 since Carlitto will not be returning to this match.

Eddie Guerrero is fighting to get back to his corner, countering a rear chinlock, but Angle gets the tag and cuts off Eddie Guerrero from getting to the corner.

Team Angle continues to hammer on Eddie Guerrero and RVD & Cena both enter the ring to break up a 3 count by Jindrak. Jindrak is back on Guerrero however, with a reverse bear hug locked in the middle of the ring.

Eddie finally gets the tag with a head scissors reverse and then tags in RVD. RVD comes in and meets Kurt Angle who also got a tag. RVD goes to the top rope and nails Jindrak who is trying to pull Angle out of the ring to prevent the five star frogsplash.

Angle rolls up RVD and gets a very sneaky pin using the ropes, but before you know it Guerrero does the same to Jindrak. It’s now 3-2.

Action is breaking out everywhere. Big Show gets in and choke slam’s Luther Reign’s who has been eliminated!

It’s now 3-1. Angle quickly jumps in and hits the ankle lock on Big Show, but Big Show is able to fight it off. Angle tries to leave the ring then and leave the arena, but Big Show runs after him and brings him back to the ring.

Big Show tosses him into the ring and Cena hits the FU. Eddie Guerrero then goes up top and hits the Frogsplash. Then Big Show gets in and finishes him off very quickly and easily.

Winners: Big Show, RVD, Eddie Guerrero, & John Cena

Backstage Coach questions Maven as to whether or not he belongs in his match later tonight. As he does, Snitsky runs in and destroys Maven busting him open as Maven is knocked out and left bleeding. As he bleeds, help comes in and tries to get Snitsky away from him.

The Undertaker vs. John Heidenreich

We then see highlights leading up into our next match Undertaker vs Heindenreich. We will call him Hidy in this match, because his name sucks! He makes his way to the ring followed by the Undertaker.

Taker is now in the ring as he stares down Heidenreich. Undertaker goes to work in Hidy, backing him into the corner with some swift blows and then Hidy gets an elbow up but Undertaker is not detered.

Taker goes for a cover, but Hidy quicks out quite easily. As Heyman distracts the ref, Hidy hits a blatant low-blow on Taker. Taker is grounded now and hidy takes him to the outside of the ring and lands several punches on him as he beats him against the barracade.

Taker takes Heidy straight into the steel steps and gets control of the match. Then we get a look at some vintage Undertaker as he walks the ropes and drops the leg on Heidy.

He goes for a pin, but Heidy is able to kick out rather easily. Taker once again walks the ropes and this time works over the shoulder. Taker is now in full command of the match.

Heidy is able to finally get to his feet when he catches the Taker on the ropes. He brings him down and goes for a cover, but Taker is able to kick out.

Heidy follows up with a big boot to the face, but once again Taker is able to kick out. Heyman is on the outside giving Heidy instructions on how to take out the Taker. He now hooks on a side headlock in the middle of the ring. Taker is able to battle out of it with some big elbows, but Heidy hits a big clothesline.

After another clothesline, Undertaker finally is able to regain the advantage. Both men continue to go back and forth, with both clotheslines and punches.

Taker locks in the chokehold, but as he tries to execute he is just tossed to the outside of the ring by Heidy. Taker quickly hops back up to the ring and to the top rope where he hits a clothesline from the top rope.

Taker goes for the cover, but Heidy is able to kick out.

Taker is now in full command as he hits a sidewalk slam and then the leg drop. He locks in Heidenreich with the chokeslam, but Heidy reverses and tosses Undertaker over his back.

Heidy is now in control and backs Taker into the corner. He climbs up to the second rope and hammers on Taker’s forehead, but as he does Taker picks him up and drops him for the last ride. He goes for the cover, but as he does Heidy somehow grabs the bottom rope.

Now both men are down as the ref begins his count to 10. Of course, the Deadman pops up. Taker gets up and hooks on a quick chokeslam and this time he nails it. Instead of going for the cover however, Taker sets up Heidy for the tombstone piledriver. He nails it and then folds Heidy up for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Undertaker

Backstage we see Eric Bischoff backstage where he states that Maven may not be able to participate tonight. He then states that if Maven can’t go – then no one will replace him. That is just how it is.

Lita vs. Trish

We see the highlights leading up into this match. Trish makes her way to the ring, followed by Lita. Trish is looking lovely tonight as usual wearing a black top with black pants. Lita is out next wearing camo pants and a black top also.

This match starts out quickly as Lita hammers Trish all the way to the outside. She then picks up a steel chair and hammers Trish with it and the ref calls for the bells as Lita is DQ’d.

Lita doesn’t stop there as Trish is busted open as you can see below. Trish is now bleeding out her nose as Lita continues to hammer away on Lita. Lita then sends Trish into the ringpost as she almost rips Trish’s shirt off.

Help is on the way to help Trish to the back as she is busted open.

Backstage we learn from Teddy Long that this week on Smackdown it will be one on one, John Cena vs. Carlitto. If he doesn’t show up, then he will be stripped of his title. Cena is very happy to hear this news as Teddy Long is happy to welcome him back to Smackdown!

John Bradshaw vs. Booker T

They show highlights leading up too the match between JBL and Booker T. JBL’s limo pulls up to the outside of the ring and then Booker T’s music hits.

Booker T and JBL face off in the middle of the ring.

Booker T quickly takes the advantage in this match. He hits a big clothesline on JBL and then lands a kick which causes JBL to roll out of the ring.

Booker T gives chase, but as he does JBL is able to catch him and gain the upper hand. JBL grounds Booker T with some kicks to the back and an elbow to the kidney. He goes for a cover, but Booker is able to kick out.

Booker T tosses JBL to the outside and then into the announce table and stomps on his back. As he picks JBL up to roll him into the ring, Orlando Jordan sneaks up and nails Booker T from behind.

Booker T is rolled back in the ring as JBL applies a submission move to Booker T in the middle of the ring. It is some sort of inverted chokehold but Booker T gets back to his feet and begins to battle out of it.

JBL continues to counter anything and everything Booker T brings at him. JBL goes to the top rope, but he gets caught by Booker T. Booker T goes to the second rope and this a huge suplex off the top rope. Both men are now down in the middle of the ring.

Booker T takes the fight outside and hits the bookend on JBL on the outside! He then nails Orlando Jordan with a kick and then drops him on the barracade. Booker T is dismantling both men on the outside of the ring.

He tosses JBL into the ring and goes to the top rope and hits a missle dropkick off the top rope. He goes for the cover, but JBL is able to grab the bottom rope to stay alive.

Booker T continues to work on JBL, but is somewhat distracted again by Orlando Jordan’s presence at ringside. He hits another clothesline and then a bicycle kick to the face of JBL. He goes for the cover, but JBL kicks out once again.

Booker T is getting ready to nail JBL when Orlando Jordan grabs his feet and JBL follows up with a DDT.

All sorts of hell breaking loose now. Orlando Jordan tries to get into the ring with a steel chair and Josh Matthews runs out. He is nailed by JBL and as that happens Booker T nails JBL with a kick. He rolls over to make the cover, but the ref is down and out. He has the match won!

He hits the Book End and then goes for another cover, but as the ref counts this time, Jordan pulls Booker T off of him. As Booker goes for Jordan, JBL gets the title belt and nails Booker T with it. He tosses it too the side and drops down on Booker T to get the win.

Winner: JBL

They go backstage to show Batista, Triple H, & Flair getting ready for their match tonight.

We also see a promo with Vince McMahon announcing the the WWE will return to Iraq this Holiday Season to entertain the troops.

Batista, Triple H ©, Edge, Gene Snitsky vs. Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, & Maven

Next we see the highlights of the Main Event Survivor Series match with Evolution, Snitsky, & Edge vs. Team Orton (Orton, Benoit, Jericho, Maven).

Team Orton are the first out to the ring. They are of course followed by Evolution and their team. This match is for the chance to run Raw for a month straight.

Maven is not in the ring with the other members of his team, at least not so far.

It is now reported that Trish Stratus has a broken nose at the hands of Lita from her match earlier tonight.

Benoit and Edge are the first two men in the ring and Benoit immediatley backs Edge into the corner and then hits a clothesline. Edge quickly rolls out to the floor.

Randy Orton gets the tag and so does Snitsky. Orton takes it too Snitsky, beating him down to the mat and then into the corner where Jericho gets the tag. Triple H gets the tag and Jericho works him into a corner and then tags Orton again and he begins to pound on Triple H. Orton sends HHH into the ropes and HHH reverses and hits a knee into the midsection.

Batista now gets the tag. Batista works over Orton before giving way to Edge who takes a stiff uppercut and Orton is able to tag in Benoit.

Benoit nails Edge and then Triple H. He then goes to the corner and takes down Snitsky and Batista.

Benoit begins to dish out suplex’s to Edge and Triple H.

Snitsky makes the save as Benoit hits the flying headbutt off the top rope onto both Edge and HHH. Benoit then hooks on the Sharpshooter and Triple H is fighting to get to the ropes. Snitsky once again runs in and break up the hold. Now all of the men are in the ring.

Triple H hits the pedigree and Edge the legal man, rolls over on Benoit and eliminates Benoit.

It’s now 4-2. Snitsky and Triple H now argue and Snitsky shoves him to the mat. Batista steps in to break up the arguing and as he does, Jericho rolls HHH up into the Walls of Jericho. Triple H is trying to hold on, but then Batista and Snitsky see what has happened and go over to make the save.

Batista is now taking charge and he hits a huge spinebuster on Jericho. As Batista goes for a clothesline to follow it up, Orton grabs his leg and then Jericho hits a kick to the side of his head and eliminates Batista 1-2-3.

It is now 3-2.

Before Batista leaves, he nails Jericho from behind and leaves him laying in the middle of the ring. Snitsky is now in and he continues to pound away on Jericho.

Snitsky gives way to Edge who pushes Jericho into the corner and hits him with several rights and lefts. Edge picks up Jericho and drops him to the mat with a few more right hands. Jericho is finally able to counter with a clothesline that drops Edge to the mat. Edge gets the tag back to Snitsky.

Triple H and Batista walk around the ring and double team Orton. As that is going on, Jericho hits a DDT on Snitsky in the middle of the ring.

Maven hits the ramp and runs in and begins to hammer on Snitsky. Snitsky is busted open. Snitsky is bleeding all over the place.

Snitsky goes to get a steel chair and as he does he decks Maven with it, laying it him out. Snistky is DQ’d and eliminated. HHH rolls in and covers Maven and eliminats him, making it 2-2.

It’s all breaking loose now. Triple H goes for a pedigree, but as he does, Jericho counters. Edge then runs in and hits the spear, eliminating Chris Jericho.

It’s now Randy Orton vs. Edge/HHH.

Orton is backed into the corner and both men come charging at him. They hammer him down in the corner of the ring. The ref orders HHH out of the ring and Edge continues to pound on Orton.

Both HHH and Edge continue to trade tags and work over Orton. They keep Orton in their corner. Orton finally powers out and hits a powerslam on Edge.

Edge accidently runs into HHH and Orton rolls him up and almost gets a 3 count, but Edge kicks out. HHH is in and hits a spinebuster. HHH now picks up Orton and as he does Edge tries to go for the spear but misses. Orton gets up and hits the RKO on Edge and gets the 3 count. It’s now down to HHH vs Orton.

Orton goes for a quick RKO on HHH. As he does though, HHH hits a low blow which sends Orton to the mat. HHH gets up slowly and sets up Orton for the Pedigree.

As he does, Orton counters into an RKO.

He grounds HHH and rolls over on him to get the win!

Winner: Team Orton – Benoit, Orton, Jericho, Maven

After the match, Orton tosses Triple H outside the ring.