WWE Survivor Series Results – Nov. 21, 2010 – Orton vs. Barrett

Event: WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, November 21st, 2010 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL.
Results by Larry Csonka of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

WWE Survivor Series Opener:

We open the show with a video package highlighting the history of tonight’s event, as well as the main feuds heading into the show.

The pyro hits, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He immediately begins hyping the WWE Championship match that will ultimately decide John Cena’s fate. We go right to the ring, and Ted Dibiase Jr.’s music hits, signaling our first championship match of the night. Dibiase makes his way down to the ring with Maryse in tow.

United States Championship Match
– Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

The bell rings and both men lock up. Bryan works over Dibiase’s arm, but it’s quickly turned around on him. Bryan is able to get out of it and hit a dropkick and the lights go down for no reason at all. They come back up and Bryan catches Dibiase with a big boot in the midsection. Dibiase rolls out to the apron and catches Bryan in the stomach with a shoulder. Dibiase traps Bryan and suplexes him from inside the ring out to the floor.

DiBiase rolls Bryan back into the ring, lays in a couple of elbows across his throat, and goes up to the middle rope to drop a double ax handle, again across Bryan’s throat. Bryan falls to the outside but he’s quickly rolled back in. Dibiase goes for the cover but he’s only able to get a two count. Bryan stuns Dibiase with a big European uppercut, and another. Bryan scores with a kick, but he’s taken down to the mat by Dibiase and pounded for a little bit before Dibiase attempts another pinfall. Dibiase goes right into a rear chin lock as soon as Bryan kicks out, but Bryan is able to fight out of it, only to be planted across Dibiase’s knee with a backbreaker, and stood up for a dropkick. Dibiase locks in another rear chin lock.

Bryan is able to fight to his feet, and avoids a suplex from Dibiase only to come back with a beautiful dropkick into the corner. Bryan lays into Dibiase with a series of kicks, backflips over Dibiase in the corner, and lands a sliding lariat. Bryan throws Dibiase to the outside and hits a beautiful suicide dive, only to immediately get up grabbing his shoulder. Bryan’s a great worker, but even if he’s seriously injured, he’s worked longer matches with worse injuries. Bryan hits a shotgun missile dropkick from the top rope that’s good for a two count. Bryan kicks Dibiase sqaure in the chest about eight times before going for another. Dibiase grabs his leg but finds himself caught in a small package for two. Bryan goes for the LaBell lock, but Dibiase fights it off and hits an awesome clothesline that’s good for a two count.

Dibiase tries for the Dream street, but Bryan is able to counter, and runs up into the corner, forcing Dibiase into a pinning predicament. Dibiase kicks out but holds on to the million dollar dream. Bryan fights out but he’s immediately put back down by Dibiase. Dibiase takes Bryan to the corner and buries his shoulder in Bryan’s midsection before placing him on the top rope. Bryan slips under a superplex attempt and Dibiase ends up perched on the top rope instead. Bryan connects with a beautiful high angle back superplex, and he immediately goes back to holding his shoulder before going for a pin. Bryan only gets a two but tries to transition directly into the LaBell lock, only for Dibiase to slingshot him into the corner. Dibiase tries for a quick pin, but Bryan fights out, locks in the LaBell lock, and forces Dibiase to tap.

Winner and STILL WWE US Champion: Daniel Bryan

Bryan makes his way up the ramp, holding his title in the air, only to be attacked from behind by the Miz, who hits him with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Miz makes his way into the ring with Alex Riley in tow. The lights go down again, randomly, and then come back up. Miz immediately begins running down Miami, saying he’s from Cleveland, and comparing LeBron James to Wade Barrett, saying they both feel entitled to a championship. Miz says Wade might, but LeBron will never be a champion. Miz continues to run down LeBron James. Miz says all Barrett and Orton need to know is that he’s tired of carrying around his briefcase, so it’s not a matter of if, but rather, when. Miz does his catchphrase, and again the lights dim and come back up randomly.


Sheamus is backstage with Josh Matthews. Sheamus says tonight isn’t about him being a bully, it’s about jealousy, because Morrison will never be a WWE Champion. Sheamus says he won’t shove Morrison’s head in a toilet, but instead will break his will, and his body.

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Lock up to begin, to the corner and Morrison gets slapped and attacks Sheamus. Sheamus take shim down, a whip to the corner, Morrison with the head scissors to counter. Sheamus rolls to the floor and a PLANCHA by Morrison connects! Rights by Morrison, and then Sheamus nails him with the Irish Hammer. Back into the ring we go, and Sheamus covers for 2. Knees from Sheamus, steps on the head of Morrison and then gets the short-armed clothesline for 2. Headlock by Sheamus, Off the ropes, back elbow by Sheamus drops Morrison. Forearms to the back by Sheamus, back breaker follows for 2. Sheamus works the arm now, Morrison to his feet, off the ropes and eats a knee to the gut. Clubbing shots from Sheamus, rights follow and Morrison is down again. To the corner, Sheamus sets Morrison up top and delivers rights. Sheamus up top with him, knocked off, back up and clubbing shots to Morrison. Superplex try, countered, Morrison with rights, Sheamus to the mat and Morrison with the cross body, troll through and into a power slam by Sheamus for a close 2. Sheamus sets, MISSES the kick, enziguri by Morrison! BOTH men are down, the ref counts, they make it to their feet and rights from both men. Counter, clothesline by Morrison. Leg lariat connects for 2. off the ropes, Sheamus catches Morrison, Irish Curse connects for 2. Celtic Cross try, countered, Morrison catapults Sheamus to the corner, Russian leg sweep and a cover for 2. Rights by Morrison in the corner, to the corner, and Sheamus knocks him to the mat. He clipped the knee and Morrison is in pain. Sheamus slams Morrison by the leg and covers for 2. he thought it was three, and does not approve of the count. Single leg crab follows from Sheamus, but Morrison gets the ropes. Morrison slides in and rolls up Sheamus for 2. Sheamus back to the knee, clips Morrison to the mat. Morrison back with the kick, Starship Pain countered, set up top, Irish Curse by Sheamus countered, MISSES the boot, caught in the ropes, kick by Morison and a running knee gets 3!

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Morrison @ 12:00 via Pin

-Knucklehead commercial runs.

-We see Cena backstage, pacing. R-Truth comes in and Cena says that it is none of his business. Truth says he may have a solution for all of this. Truth says he is not banned from ringside, and what if he comes in and something accidentally happens to Orton. He gets to keep his job and he is guilt free. Cena says he would be a joke if that happened, and he couldn’t live with himself. He will call it down the middle. Truth says that he will believe it when he sees it.

IC TITLE MATCH: Dolph Ziggler © w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaval

Lock up, to the corner and chops from Kaval. Off the ropes, shoulder block and a cover for 2 by Kaval. Elbow from Ziggler, chops from Kaval. To the corner they go, elbows from Ziggler. Snap mare, Hennig neck flip and a cover for 2. Fireman’s carry by Ziggler, a whip to the corner, counter and a roll up by Kaval for 2. Ziggler yells at Kkaval, off the ropes and a back spring cross body by Kaval for 2. Chops by Kaval, to the corner, mounted rights follow. Ziggler out, stuns Kaval off the top and then covers for 2. Head lock and body scissors by Ziggler, Kaval to his feet, but Ziggler gets a neck breaker for 2. Back to the headlock and body scissors combo, grounding Kaval. Kaval battles back to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes and a boot from Kaval. Clothesline follows. Another and a third, kicks connect and Ziggler is down. Corner splash by Kaval, Springboard moonsault connects for 2! Chops by Kaval in the corner, a whip and the TIDAL CRUSH kick from Kaval gets 2! Kaval up top, Ziggler up and stops that. Ziggler up top as well, sleep applied up top, Kaval elbows out and Ziggler crashes to the mat. Kaval back up top, Phoenix Splash misses, lands on his feet, back slide gets 2. ZIG ZAG gets 2 for Ziggler. BOTH men are down, they work to their feet, sleeper by Ziggler. Kaval tries to counter, rolls out, tossed to the top, ENZIGURI from the top connects and Kaval covers for 2! Both men work to their feet again, to the corner, kicks from Kaval. Boot from Ziggler, head butts follow. Elbows from Kaval, to the corner, Kaval out and tries for a roll up, Ziggler holds the ropes, out, boot and a small package by Ziggler gets 2. Roll up by Kaval, countered and Ziggler gets the tights and the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 10:00 via pin

-Grisham is with Jack Swagger, who says that since he’s a former champion, he team should be the Swagger All American Americans, but they aren’t in America, they are in little Cuba. Rhodes comes in and says Swagger failed to get into a club with some busted shoes. Del Rio and the rest of the team come in and he mocks Swagger. He then says that they are here to destroy Rey and his friends. He wants to see kids cry as their idol gets defeated, and if they do that, he buys the beers. He says not to worry, because he is the captain. Rhodes says he is good.

CLASSIC SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: Team Rey Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Chris Masters and The Big Show) vs. Team Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger) 06

Rey and Alberto to begin things. Alberto backs off and then tags in Cody. Lock up, Cody works the arm, Rey counters, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cody. Off the ropes, boot from Rey. Roll up stopped, and off the ropes with the beautiful disaster from Cody gets 2. Alberto tags in, kicks Rey in the gut and then lays the boots to him. A whip to the corner, Rey with the head scissors counter. Trips him up, sliding dropkick in the corner from Rey. Snap mare, tag to MVP and a running boot to the face and MVP covers for 2. Elbows follow, to the corner, rights by MVP and then the boots. Alberto misses the enziguri, MVP with the kick and covers for 2. Tag to Kofi, snap mare and a cover for 2. Quick tag to Masters, rights by Alberto, kicks follow and then a tag to Reks. He beats him down, tag into McIntyre, takes him to the corner and works him over. Short-armed clothesline takes Masters down. McIntyre off the second rope, eats a boot and Masters tags MVP. Clotheslines to McIntyre. House of fire, sets, off the ropes, BALLIN connects. MVP nails Alberto, looks to suplex McIntyre from the apron, Alberto trips MVP, holds the feet, and McIntyre lands on top and pins MVP @ 5:00.

Masters in, suplex to Alberto and covers for 2. Masterlock on Alberto, but he escapes, rolling arm bar and Masters taps @ 7:00.

Big Show into the match now, Alberto tags in Swagger, and Show clotheslines him to the mat. To the corner, chops by Show, off the ropes and Swagger spears the knee of Show. Alberto tags in, Show is PISSED and Alberto wants to tag out, and tags McIntyre in. Alberto mocks Show, KO PUNCH and Alberto is down! Chops to McIntyre, trainers attend to Alberto, McIntyre tries for the DDT, Show escapes and tags in Kofi. He slams Kofi onto McIntyre, and he covers for 2. Alberto is being taken to the back, Cody tags in and slaps from Kofi. Cody is pissed and throes a temper tantrum. He goes to the floor, and grabs his jacket, checks himself in his mirror and then kicks the steps. Back in, slap from Kofi, to the corner, tag to Show, CLAW on Cody! Boot to Show, fakes the punch, Cody covers up, slapped on the back. KO SHOT and Cody is gone @ 11:00.

REKS SPEARS SHOW and then he and Swagger beat down Show. Swagger tags in, works the leg and keeps Show down. Crowd chants for Show, GOOZLE, CHOKESLAM countered, roll through, ankle lock by Swagger! Show looks for a tag, gets one to Rey and he is in, cross body onto Swagger for 2. Swagger catches Rey, counter, big boot levels Rey, and a cover for 2. Swagger cheap shots Kofi, but then gets tripped up, 619 caught, ankle lock by Swagger! Rey fights, spins, and sends Swagger to the ropes. Tag to Reks, and a tag to Kofi! Chops by Kofi, a dropkick connects. Corner mount misses, but he then kicks Reks. HIGH Cross Body by Kofi gets a CLOSE 2! Off the ropes, dropkick by Kofi. Corner mount misses, crotched and into the tree of WHOAH~! He fights out, kicks Reks in the face, and covers for the pin @ 15:00.

Swagger in, Kofi rolls him up for 2. SOS countered, Doctor Bomb countered, but Swagger into the ankle lock. Kofi taps @ 16:00.

Big Show in, corner splash onto Swagger. Shoulder block follows. Tag to Rey, Rey on his shoulders, but McIntyre stops that. Vader splash by Swagger onto Rey for 2. Into the corner they go, Rey set up top, Swagger follows. Rey fights, knocks Swagger off, RANA and Swagger into the ropes. 619! Rey onto Show’s shoulders, splash onto Swagger and he is gone @ 18:00.

McIntyre in now, tripped into the ropes, 619 into the chokeslam and Show pins McIntyre @ 19:00 and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rey and Show @ 19:00 via pin

-We get a TLC commercial.

-Randy Orton stares at his WWE Title. Matthews interrupts him, and wants to talk about John Cena. Orton is sick and tired about talking about Cena. He feels for him, but says Cena did it to himself. He is thinking about beating Wade Barrett tonight to retain his title. All he cares about is keeping his title, and punting Barrett in his skull.

UNIFIED DIVAS TITLE MATCH: Layla and Michelle McCool © vs. Natalya

McCool to begin for her team. Mat work to begin, and then McCool lays the boots to Natalya. To the corner, tag to Layla and a clothesline gets the cover for 2. Kicks from Layla, and as the ref is distracted, McCool pulls Natalya to the floor. Layla follows, lays in the kicks, and rolls her back in. McCool in with her, but Natalya suplexes the both of them. ALL three a down, Natalya to the floor and McCool with a clothesline and then lays the boots to her. McCool MISSES a big kick and Natalya tosses her into the crowd. Layla out to help, but Natalya tosses Layla into McCool. Natalya grabs McCool and pulls here back ringside, but McCool slams her to the barricade. Back into the ring they go, but Natalya slams McCool into Layla, roll up and into the sharp shooter goes Natalya, locks it in and McCool taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Natalya @ 4:00 via submission

-LayCool beat her down after the match. McCool has the title and slaps Natalya. But Beth Phoenix is back and makes the save! She cleans house on LayCool, IMPLANT BUSTER ON LAYLA~! Beth hugs with Natalya and then puts her on her shoulders to celebrate.

-We get a video package for Kane vs. Edge.

-Edge has a wheelchair, but no Paul Bearer.

WORLD TITLE MATCH: Kane © vs. Edge

Edge slaps Kane to kick off the match, rights follow. Edge to the floor, stuns Kane off of the top and then leaps off the top, GOOZLE, counter and rights by Edge. Heel kick and a cover for 2 by Edge. Rights by Kane, Edge to the floor, wheels the chair around to mock Kane, Kane to the floor, Edge back in and basement dropkick nails Kane. Edge slams Kane to the barricade, and back into the ring they go. Chop block by Edge, and he kicks away at the knee of Kane. Edge tries to pull Kane to the corner, does and slams him knee off of the post. Edge works the knee, but Kane fights back with rights. DDT try by Edge, but Kane lays him on the ropes and a big boot sends Edge to the floor. Kane follows, nails Edge with a right and sends him to the apron to continue the attack. Back into the ring they go, Kane slams Edge to the corner and he hits hard and drops to the mat. Kane slams him to the corner again, Edge drops and Kane demands to now where Paul is. Takes Edge to the corner, rights and lefts connect and then Kane covers for 2. Chinlock by Kane, more of a cravat now. TECHNICAL RASSLIN~! Snap mare, and the basement dropkick by Kane gets 2. Edge to the apron, hits Kane, up top now and gets a cross body for 2. Kane back in control with a clothesline in the corner, Kane up top now, but the clothesline is met by a dropkick from Edge! They get to their feet, clotheslines from Edge. Drop toehold and then a splash onto the back of Kane, who was in the ropes, and Edge covers for 2. To the corner, boot from Edge, leaps off the 2nd rope and an uppercut by Kane gets 2. Suplex countered, Edge-a-cution gets 2. To their feet, off the ropes and a side slam by Kane for 2. Kane up top, Edge stops that, up top with him, but Kane crotches him! CLOTHESLINE connects! He covers for 2. Kane sets for the chokeslam, GOOZLE, boot from Edge, DDT connects and BOTH men are down again! Edge is up, sets for the spear, BOOT from Kane stops that. Chokeslam connects finally. 1…2…NO! Kane does not approve. Kane calls for the end, tombstone try, countered, SPEAR from Edge! Both men are down, laying beside each other, 1…2…3! They announce Edge as the winner, but the referee awards the title to Kane.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kane @ 13:00 via pin

-They announce Edge as the winner, but the referee awards the title to Kane. But since it was a tie, Kane retains the title.

-Kane attacks Edge after the match and demands to know where Paul is. Edge trips him into the steps, and then sends Kane into the post. Edge sets Kane in the wheel chair and SLAMS him through the barricade!

-We get a video for WrestleMania.

-Cena stares at his referee shirt, and Wade Barrett arrives. Barrett says that in this building, this is where Nexus took him out. And now they come full circle, and he is a part of the Nexus, and now, he will be instrumental in Barrett winning the title. The only reason he didn’t fire Cena Monday, is because he chose not to. If he does the right thing, he is free, if not, he is fired. Cena says he remembers the night, everything they did to him. But remember, tonight, no matter what happens, when the time is right, he knows what he will do.

TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Nexus (Gabriel and Slater) © w/Nexus vs. Santino and Vladimir Kozlov

Santino and Slater to begin. Santino with a throw, and Gabriel tags in. Santino bows, avoids kicks from Gabriel, and gets a side headlock takedown. Tag to Kozlov, throw on Gabriel, to the corner, slams him down and then Gabriel avoids another and takes Kozlov down. Kozlov destroys Gabriel with the head butt, but then gets stun gunned on the ropes. Neck breaker by Gabriel. Tag to Slater, and he covers for 2. Tag back to Gabriel, they lay the boots to Kozlov, and nexus is laughing it up at ringside. Quick tags between Gabriel and Slater, they keep laying the boots to Kozlov, and Santino cheers for Kozlov. Cravat by Gabriel, kick to the face follows and a cover for 2. Front facelock by Gabriel, the crowd cheers for Santino, Kozlov fights, needs the tag, Slater in and nails Santino. He is in, ref has to back him off and they drag Kozlov back to their corner. Slater tags in, rights to Kozlov and he keeps him down. Kozlov battles to get the tag, almost has it, rights by Slater. He takes Kozlov to the corner, but Kozlov explodes out with the clothesline. Tag to Santino. Jabs to Slater, right follows. Split, hip toss, SALUTING HEAD BUTT for 2! Kozlov takes Gabriel to the floor, Santino sets for the cobra, he chases off Otunga and then Slater hits his Zig Zag style move for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nexus @ 5:00 via pin

-Nexus beat down the challengers and celebrate in the ring. THE GM CHIMES IN, and Cole goes to read the announcement. As a reminder, Nexus is banned form the main event. If any member gets involved, the entire group gets suspended indefinitely. He advises them to leave.

-We get a John Cena video package.

-Referee Cena makes his way to the ring.

WWE TITLE MATCH: Randy Orton © vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena as special referee
(NEXUS is banned from ringside, and you can only win via pin or submission. Wade Barrett has announced that if he doesn’t win the WWE Title, John Cena will be fired on the spot. But he also added that if he wins the WWE Title, John Cena will be relieved of all of his responsibilities in Nexus.)
They circle slowly, lock up and battle for position. To the corner, Orton backs off. They circle again, lock up and a headlock by Orton. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Orton, who stares down Cena. Lock up again, side headlock takedown by Orton. Head scissors by Barrett, escape, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Orton. To the corner, rights by Barrett, Orton reverses, a whip and a clothesline by Orton. Rights from Orton in the corner, Cena breaks that up and pulls Orton away. While that happens, a cheap shot by Barrett and he lands mounted rights to Orton. Lays the boots to him now and then chokes him out in the ropes. To the corner, boots from Barrett. Cena warns him and then backs him off. They argue and Orton sneaks up and gets a standing dropkick. Mounted rights from Orton now, Cena allows this to happen and backs off. Stomps by Orton now. Knee drop follows and to the floor they go. Sidekick by Barrett, and then slams Orton to the steps. To the apron now, and again. Cena to the floor, and Barrett continues to punish Orton. He then whips him to the steps, and Cena tells them to get back into the ring. Barrett tosses Orton back into the ring, and covers for 2. Jabs from Barrett, and a right drops Barrett. BOOM he says. Cover for 2. A whip by Barrett, Orton hits hard and falls to the mat. Barrett chokes him out with the boot, pulls him back in and covers for 1. Headlock by Barrett, Orton battles to his feet, rights from Orton. Off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Barrett. Boot to the face connects, and Barrett covers for 2. Barrett works the headlock, keeps control and Orton has to fight to his feet. Orton gets the belly to back suplex to break the hold and BOTH men are down. Boot from Orton, uppercuts connect and then rights They trade center ring, off the ropes and a boot and clothesline from Orton. Snap slam by Orton and he is pumped. Clotheslines Barrett to the floor and follows.

We’re 10-minutes in now, and Barrett slams Orton to the post. Back into the ring they go, but Orton stops Barrett, tries to pull him in and a right by Barrett. 3.0back breaker by Orton and a cover for 2. To the corner, boot and a clothesline from Barrett. Barrett gets the and rope elbow drop for 2. Barrett complains about the count, and then tries the pump handle slam, and connects. He covers for a close 2. Barrett and Cena argue, then tries Wasteland, countered but Barrett with the Bossman slam for 2. Barrett complains again to Cena, Orton fights back as we get dueling Cena chants. Hangman’s DDT from Orton, and to the floor they go. Orton rolls Barrett back in, and as he reenters, Barrett kicks him and goes for Wasteland, CONNECTS! 1…2…hand on the ropes for Orton! Barrett is PISSED about this. He argues with Cena again, and shoves him. UH OH! Cena nails Barrett! RKO! 1…2…and Cena counts 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Randy Orton @ 15:00 via pin

Orton and Cena share a hug. Orton poses with the belt. Orton walks out. Cena takes off his Nexus armband, salutes the crowd, comes over and hugs Michael Cole and Lawler. He then shakes the hands of fans as he walks out. Cena is gone. One final salute.

End show.