WWE SummerSlam Results – August 14, 2011 – CM Punk vs. Cena

Event: WWE SummerSlam Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Pre Show:

– Christian gets interviewed by Josh Matthews during the pre-show. Christian criticizes the ‘experts’ saying he’ll lose the match tonight against Randy Orton. He says he’s no stranger to gimmick matches, he’s the master of ladder matches. He says if anything, Orton’s at a disadvantage because he can’t control his temper, and Christian will exploit that, and prove he’s the World Champion. He says tonight the voices in Orton’s head will say he got beat by the best, he was beat by Christian.

– Sheamus gets a bit of promo time to discuss his match with Mark Henry. He says at SummerSlam, Henry won’t be able to run away. Sheamus says bigger isn’t better, better is better.

Dark Match:

WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler beat Alex Riley in a dark match prior to tonight’s WWE SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam Opener:

– We go right into the arena for Justin Roberts to introduce Adam Jude (?) from the band Tool to perform the National Anthem.

– Adam does a good job with an instrumental guitar piece, with a few flourishes. It has nothing on Hendrix’s version from Woodstock, but it gets the crowd cheering a bit, and it’s topped off with some quick fireworks.

This transitions us into a video package highlighting Los Angeles, and of course SummerSlam itself, as the biggest event of the summer. We also get a prominent look at the Punk/Cena match coming up later in the night.

– The pyro hits again, much bigger this time, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. Cole hypes the sold out crowd at the Staples Center, and The Miz’s music hits, he makes his way out through his inflatable ‘Awesome’ set.

In the Arena:

Miz has a mic in hand and he says he’s returned to SummerSlam. He says he wants to take this time to thank everyone for their insitence that he competes tonight, and their unwavering support. So he wants everyone to watch while he steals the show, but he’s interrupted by the Truth. Truth says he doesn’t know why Miz wants to thank the people in LA. You know how Truth doesn’t like spiders, spiders starts with the letter S. And so does SummerSlam. And singing at SummerSlam will be Ceelo Green, and Conspiracy starts with C. He’s in turn interrupted by Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio drives out in a beautiful Ferrari, and he’s introduced by Ricardo Rodriegez of course. Del Rio comes down to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Del Rio poses for the crowd for a bit, and the crowd actually chants his name. Kofi Kingston is the next man out to the entrance ramp, and he gets a good pop, looks like this will be a six man tag.

John Morrison is the next man out to the ring, and he gets a decent reaction. Morrison gives his sunglasses to a kid on the way to the ring. Rey Mysterio is the third man announced for his team and he gets a great reaction from his hometown crowd.

Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and Rey Mysterio

Kingston and Miz look to start things out for their respective teams. We get a lock up to kick things off and Miz locks in a head lock. Kingston is quick to fight out of it and lock in a head lock of his own. Miz pushes him off but goes down to a shoulderblock, then a monkey flip, and then a dropkick. Morrison tags in, and the two pick Miz up and drop him down stomach first to the mat. Morrison hits a big leg drop on Miz and goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out. Miz is able to tag in R-Truth, and Morrison takes him down with a series of punches before taking him to the corner, slamming his head into the turnbuckle and hitting a big springboard kick. Truth is able to catch Morrison with a quick shot and a couple of big kicks to the gut but he walks into a kick to the face. Morrison goes up to the top but he’s pushed to the floor by Miz.

Back in the ring, Truth hits Morrison with a snap mare and locks in a rear chin lock. Morrison is able to fight up but Miz tags in and takes Morrison back down to the mat before hitting a big kick. Miz goes for the pin, gets two and goes right into a rear chin lock. Morrison is able to fight up to his feet, and hits Miz with a big kick that lays him out. Morrison makes the tag to Kofi who comes in and takes out Miz with a series of chops and a big dropkick. Miz is able to push Kofi into the corner but he eats a big boot and a springboard cross body. Kofi takes Truth off the apron with an elbow and then hits the boom drop on Miz. Kofi gets the crowd riled up and goes for the TIP. Miz counters with the SCF, but Kofi fights out and hits the SOS. Del Rio breaks up a pin and knocks Mysterio from the apron, but he’s sent from the ring by Kofi. Miz takes Kofi out with some kind of move that spikes Kofi on his forehead and it’s good for a near fall.

Truth tags in and immediately goes to work with a series of right hands before hitting a sit out front suplex which is good for a near fall. Del Rio tags in and hits a running kick to Kofi’s ribs before hitting a back body drop that’s good for another two count. Del Rio gets kicked away by Kofi, but Miz tags in and prevents the tag, hitting a quick suplex which is good for another near fall. Miz jaws with Mysterio for a bit and ends up rolled up but he kicks out at two and hits Kofi with a solid clothesline that’s good for another two count. Miz locks in another rear chin lock.

Kingston is able to fight out of it and both men are down. Truth and Mysterio tag in and Mysterio takes him down with a seated senton and a quick cross body for two. Truth ducks a clothesline but eats a kick to the side of the head that’s good for two. Mysterio hits a hurricarana that sends Truth into the ropes, and a low dropkick that sends Miz in as well. Del Rio trips Miz up but he’s takes out by a plancha from Morrison. Miz avoids the 619, but he’s taken out by Kofi coming off the top. Truth eats the boots from Mysterio, then a splash from the top rope, and Rey pins Truth for three.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and John Morrison


CM Punk is backstage with John Laurinatis who is asking for an apology for what happened on Raw last week right now. Punk sarcastically apologizes, calling Lauranitis by his title, and saying he’s sorry again, smirking the whole time. Punk turns around and there’s Stephanie McMahon who wishes Punk luck. Punk finds it hard to believe. He tells her to wish her husband, or father luck. Stephanie says she spoke to both, and they wish luck to both Punk and Cena, but what would she know, she’s Vince’s clueless daughter. Punk agrees, but says he called her idiotic. Steph offers her hand, but Punk declines, saying he knows where that hand has been.

– We get a look at the events that have led up to Henry vs. Sheamus match, including Henry assaulting various WWE personnel, and taking out the Big Show and Kane.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and Henry and Sheamus go at is immediately. Henry takes Sheamus down with a shoulder block. Sheamus comes back with a series of quick punches, but he goes down to a head butt, then another. Henry back Sheamus into the corner and Sheamus is quick to fight out with a series of right hands. Sheamus hits a back elbow, and takes Henry down to his knee with a knee to the gut and a series of clubbing blows to the back. Henry shoves Sheamus away but Sheamus comes right back at him. Henry instead tosses Sheamus over the top rope out to the floor.

Henry follows Sheamus to the outside where he picks him up in a gorilla press and throws him back into the ring. Henry gets into the ring and hits a giant clothesline before following up with a big splash. Henry gets a near fall, and he doesn’t look happy with it. Sheamus crawls toward the ropes, and Henry brings his whole body crashing down across Sheamus, while leaping to the outside through the ropes. Henry goes for the pin but Sheamus is in the ropes. Sheamus begins to fight back but Henry picks him up and takes him down with a back breaker.

Henry gets Sheamus up across his shoulder. Sheamus fights out of the submission attempt, but Henry throws him into the corner hard, and Sheamus goes down. Henry steps on Sheamus and goes for the Vader bomb, but Sheamus rolls out of the way and Henry crashes down into the mat. The ref begins the count on both men, but both get up before 10. Sheamus hits a couple of big axe handles, ducks a clothesline, and takes Henry down with a flying axe handle. Sheamus hits a series of knee drops to wear Henry down. Sheamus ties Henry up in the ropes and hits a series of big clubbing blows across Henry’s chest, stunning him. Sheamus hits the ropes and he and Henry collide hard, both men going down.

Henry charges Sheamus but runs into a big boot. Sheamus goes to the top and hits a flying shoulder block that’s good for another near fall. Sheamus goes for the bicycle kick, but Henry avoids it and knocks Sheamus to the mat. Henry goes for a slam but Sheamus reverses out and hits a bicycle kick that sends Henry to the outside. Sheamus goes to the outside to bring Henry into the ring, but Henry fights him off, picks him up, slams him into the ring post, and through the barricade at ringside, and I spot some local So-Cal wrestlers like Joey Ryan at ringside. Sheamus crawls back toward the ring slowly, but the referee reaches 10 before Sheamus can make it back.

Winner by Countout: Mark Henry


Josh Matthews is backstage with World Champion Christian. Christian says that Randy Orton is not leaving SummerSlam World Champion. He’s got an insurance policy, and the entire beneficiary is the WWE. He says this match is going to be an epic summer blockbuster filler with action. And Christian is Harry Potter, and Orton is Cowboys and Aliens, and over-rated, over-matched flop.

– Justin Roberts introduces Cee-Lo, who’s here to sing his song ‘Bright Lights, Bigger City’, which also happens to be the theme song for SummerSlam. Cee-Lo is dressed in a crazy sequin muumuu.

Green transitions the song into his more popular past hit ‘F*** You’ (conveniently re-sung as ‘Forget You’). Green has some of the Divas acting as back up dancers for him.

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Kelly Kelly makes her way out to the ring with friend Eve Torres in tow. Kelly poses for the fans, and she gets a nice little reaction. Beth Phoenix is out next, with Natalya in tow, not to be outdone.

Beth is wearing some neat new gear which Cole says is Roller Derby looking, and is actually a pretty good description. Cole calls Beth and Natalya the Divas of Doom. The bell rings and Kelly takes it right to Beth with a series of forearms. Beth shoves Kelly away but Kelly is relentless, hitting a hurricarana that sends Phoenix to the apron, and knocking her from the apron to the floor. Kelly goes to the middle turnbuckle and launches herself out to the floor on top of Beth. Back in the ring Kelly and Beth jockey with each other for a bit, but Beth knocks Kelly down. Phoenix gorilla press slams Kelly into the ropes and goes for the pin, getting a two count.

Beth takes Kelly into the corner and puts her boot in her face before hitting a running hip attack. Beth mocks Kelly and goes for the pin but she only gets a two count. Phoenix locks in a rear chin lock. Kelly is able to fight to her feet but Phoenix hits her with a kick to the gut and shoulders her spinning around and jumping up to do damage to the back. Beth jumps up again. Kelly fights out and is able to hit a neckbreaker to take Beth down. Kelly hits Beth with a couple of forearms, but Beth shoulders Kelly again and slams her into the corner, putting her into the tree of woe and kicking at her. Kelly is able to reverse out of it though and rolls up Beth for a two count, but Beth comes right back with a big side suplex with is good for another two count.

Beth goes out to the apron and tries to hit Kelly with a kick to the side of the head, but Kelly avoids it and hangs Beth up on the middle rope. Kelly psychs herself up and goes to town on Beth but Beth knocks her back away. Kelly goes for the back handspring elbow, but Beth catches her in electric chair position, and transitions into glam slam position. Kelly is able to counter it into a roll up, and steal a three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly


Stephanie McMahon is shown backstage coming out of John Cena’s dressing room.

Truth is shown backstage talking about conspiracy’s. He asks Jimmy Hart what he thinks! Jimmy Hart says Truth needs someone to look over him to make sure he isn’t taken advantage of so he can make it big. Truth says it makes sense. He needs to think big, and not little, Jimmy. He asks if Hart is little Jimmy. He says Hart smells like little Jimmy. Hart runs off and Truth says conspiracy’s everywhere. Truth looks over and Ron Artest is backstage with, I guess his daughter. Truth asks what they’re looking at.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

The bell rings and Barrett kicks Bryan in the gut and clubs him across the back. Barrett locks in a head lock, and Bryan fights out of it only to eat a shoulder block. Bryan hits a running knee to Barrett’s gut and hits a couple of European uppercuts. Bryan goes to work on Barrett’s arm but Barrett hits a big right hand to take Bryan down for a near fall. Barrett locks in an arm lock, but Bryan fights it off and hits a big dropkick, locking in a hammer lock and just absolutely stretching Wade Barrett and almost getting a pin at the same time. Barrett fights it off but runs into another Bryan dropkick that’s good for another near fall.

Barrett fights back and puts Bryan into the corner, but Bryan uses his speed to get out of it, hits a dragon screw, and launches himself into the corner to hit a huge dropkick that sets up another near fall. Bryan goes for a Mexican surfboard, but stomps down on Barrett’s knees instead. Bryan hits a kick to Barrett’s chest that’s good for another two count. Barrett sends Bryan into the corner but Bryan back flips over Barrett. Bryan hits the ropes only to run into a big side slam that’s good for another two count.

Barrett uses the ropes to hit a sick assisted back breaker that’s good for another near fall. Barrett locks in a rear chin lock but Bryan fights out and hits a huge running kick. Bryan lays in deep with a couple of European uppercuts, but Barrett lays him out with a running forearm. Barrett chokes Bryan against the middle rope before tying him up and hitting him with a series of knees to the head. Barrett charges Bryan, still tied up in the ropes, and hits him with a giant boot that sends Bryan to the floor.

Barrett brings Bryan back into the ring for another near fall and locks in another rear chin lock. Bryan is able to fight out of it and hits Barrett with a couple of forearms. Barrett sends Bryan to the apron, but misses a kick and ends up in the ropes. Barrett and Bryan trade blows on the apron and Barrett teases the wasteland from the apron, but Bryan fights it off and kicks Barrett to the floor, before coming off the apron to put his knee right in Barrett’s face.

Back in the ring Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick that’s good for another two count and Barrett looks stunned. Barrett is able to catch Bryan with a kick, but when Barrett goes for a pump handle slam, Bryan fights out and lays into Barrett with a series of kicks to the thighs. Bryan hits some nasty kicks to Barrett’s chest, then a final one to the side of his head, but it’s still not enough for three.

Bryan charges Barrett in the corner but Barrett avoids it and hits a running boot. Barrett goes for the wasteland, but Bryan counters into a guillotine choke, then the Labell lock, but Barrett is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Bryan continues to lay into Barrett with some nasty kicks. Bryan puts Barrett on the top rope and follows up, but Barrett pushes Bryan away and takes him out with a nasty shoulder block. Barrett connects with the wasteland, and goes for the pin, getting the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

– The events leading to tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match are shown.

World Heavyweight Championship
No Holds Barred Match
Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton

Christian is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a bit of a reaction from the crowd, although they’ve been a bit hard to read tonight.

Christian has a mic and a big smile on his face. He tells the crowd he couldn’t wait for this moment. Ever since he told the world he had a major announcement that was going to change everything. Unlike Orton, Teddy Long or Ever Triple H, Christian is a man with integrity, so he’d like to welcome the man that’s going to be in his corner tonight. His best friend, that Rated R Superstar, Edge! Edge’s music hits, and he does indeed make his way out, with a short haircut, to a HUGE pop from the crowd.

Edge makes his way down to the ring and poses on the turnbuckles to a lot of praise from the crowd. Edge and Christian hug in the middle of the ring. Edge and Christian soak in the awesome crowd reaction for a bit.

Edge takes the mic. He says that was fun, and thanks the crowd. He says heres the thing though, as everyone knows, the WWE doctors have told Edge that he’ll never be able to physically compete here again, but when he left he was actually happy, because he felt like he opened the door for Christian, and he kicked it wide open. He says no one deserved it more that Christian, and he thought it was unfair that Long made him defend the title five days after a ladder match, but Christian just kept complaining about it, over and over again. He says he whined and moaned. Christian got rematch after rematch and won the title back, but he did it but DQ? He says Edge did some horrible, heinous things in here, but he always did it with style and panache, he wasn’t boring. He says he didn’t hide behind lawyers, suits and clipboards. Somewhere along the line Christian became a disgrace to himself. He says he loves him, and will always be his best friend, but he needs to hear it from Edge, he didn’t think his best fried would be a whining crying little bitch. Edge walks away and Christian yells.

Orton’s music hits, and the challenger makes his wayout to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. We get formal ring introductions adn we are ready to go!

The bell rings and both men cirlce each other, talking smack for a bit. Both trade right hands before Orton takes Christian into the corner. Orton lays in with a boot, but Christian comes back with a couple of big right hands, sending Orton into the corner. Orton comes right back with a big clothesline, but Christian goes to the apron and hangs Orton up on the top rope before hitting a big elbow from the middle rope. Christian chokes Orton in the corner and rips away at his face. Orton is able to send Christian into the corner and hit a back body drop before beginning to stomp away at Christian’s joints, and laying a big one in Christian’s stomach.

Christian chokes Orton in the ropes and Orton tries to counter into his rope assisted DDT, but Christian is able to send Orton to the outside. On the outside, Christian ends up being shoved into the barricade hard, and Orton takes apart the announce table. Orton stops Christian from going into the ring and goes for the RKO on the announce table. Chrisitan grabs his title and begins running out of the arena, but Orton pursues and stops him in the crowd. Orton brings Christian back down to ring level and stomps away at him.

Orton sends Christian back into the ring, where he mounts him in the corner and lays into him with repeated punches, but when Orton charges Christian, Christian side steps him and Orton goes shoulder first into the ring post. Orton goes to the outside and Christian follows him, to bring him back into the ring. Christian goes under the ring and brings out a kendo stick, slamming it on the stairs on his way into the ring. Christian hits Orton in the gut, shoulders and back with the kendo stick, before standing over him and digging it into his neck. Christian goes for the pin but he only gets two. Christian backs off and goes for a big hit but Orton ducks it and the stick flies out of the ring. Orton tries to turn it around but Christian puts Orton right down and it’s good for another near fall for Christian.

Orton comes up with a roll up out of nowhere and it’s only good for a two count. Christian comes right back with a spinebuster for another near fall, and Christian goes to the outside to grab the kendo stick. Christian goes to the middle rope and leaps off, but Orton counters with a big dropkick to Christian’s chest.

Orton hits his snap powerslam, and he grabs the kendo stick. He goes to useit, but ends up eating boots from Christian. Orton goes for another roll up but only gets two. Orton connects with a Thesz press and lays in with punches. Christian goes to the apron. Orton goes for the DDT, but Christian counters into Killswitch position. Orton changes it up into his patented across the back backbreaker. Orton backs up and goes for the punt, but Christian goes to the outside, and grabs Orton’s legs. Orton pulls his legs back and causes Christian to go head first into the ring post. Orton goes to the outside and goes under the ring to grab a table.

Orton actually grabs two tables, sending one into the ring, and going back out. When Orton gets to the outside though, Christian backs him right into the apron, hard. Christian sets up the table on the outside and goes for Orton, but Orton turns it around and slams him head first into the table. Orton brings Christian back into the ring with a superplex on the not set up table in the middle of the ring. Orton goes for the pin but Christian kicks out at two. Orton goes to set up the table, but one of the legs is already completely destroyed and it’s dented inward.

Orton picks Christian up, but Christian hits the reverse DDT. Christian teases the spear, but Orton jumps over it. Orton goes for the RKO, but Christian sends him to the outside instead. On the outside Orton sends Christian into the steps, and Christian takes the Mick Foley bump, hitting them knees first and flipping over top of the stairs. Orton takes the steps apart and props them against the ring apron. Orton tries to send Christian into the steps but Christian counters and sends Orton into the steps head first.

They move over to the announce table where Christian grabs a monitor from the Spanish announce table and uses it to bash Orton’s head. Christian puts Orton on the table and mocks Orton’s psych up routine. Christian gets on the table with Orton and tries for something, but he took too long as Orton transitions right into the RKO through the table and down to the floor.

Both men are slow to climb back into the ring, but the both make it eventually. Both men get up to their feet and bump into each other. Orton tries for the RKO but Christian counters into the Killswitch. Christian goes for the pin but Orton kicks out at two!

Christian goes to the outside and grabs two steel chairs, bringing them into the ring. Christian sets up one of the chairs under Orton’s head and he has the other in his hands. Christian spits in Orton’s face and hits him with the boot. Christian goes for the conchairto but Orton moves and Christian dropkick the chair. Orton smacks Christian across the back with the chair and Christian goes to the apron. Orton uses the chair to hit Christian and send him through the table that was set up at ringside earlier.

Orton goes to the outside and brings the stairs into the ring, along with garbage cans, and he brings the kendo sticks back as well. Orton tries to stomp on Christian’s head while he’s laid on the steps, but Christian moves. Orton is able to connect with a powerslam through the table in the corner though. Orton whacks Christian with the kendo stick a couple of times, and Christian goes to the apron. Orton brings Christian back into the ring with his rope assisted DDT, planting Christian face first into a garbage can.

Orton drops down to his hands and knees and psychs himself up. Christian comes up with a kendo stick shot. Christian comes off the second rope, but Orton catches him with an RKO planting him on the steel steps. Orton gets the pin and the three count.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

– We get a video of the WWE Axxess events that led up to SummerSlam over the past week.

– Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are show talking to each other backstage before Hunter walks off to ref tonight’s main event.

– The events leading to tonight’s WWE Championship match are shown.

WWE Undisputed Championship Match
Special guest referee: Triple H
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena (c)

Triple H is the first man to make his way out to the ring for this match, and of course he’s wearing the classic zebra stripes for this one.

CM Punk is the first competitor to make his way to the ring, and he gets a huge pop as soon as his music hits. Punk plays to the crowd, with much success, as he makes his way down to the ring. Punk stares dow Hunter for a bit before turning around and yelling ‘Best in the world!’, and then posing on the turnbuckle.

Punk sits down in the middle of the ring and waits for the other man who calls himself a champion to make his way down to the ring. Cena makes his way out to a huge reaction, a lot of it negative. Cena said something into the camera about ‘in gimmick’ but I didn’t quick catch it. Cena makes his way down to the ring, and for the second time tonight, Lawler says ‘the Champ is here’.

We get formal ring introductions from Justin Roberts and both men are WWE Champion. This crowd seems pretty solidly behind Punk. Hunter grabs both belts from both men and shows off the prize at stake tonight. Hunter checks both men for foreign objects.

The bell rings and we’re ready to begin. Both men lock up and Punk backs Cena into the corner. Punk breaks clean. Cena avoids another lock up with an arm bar. Punk fights out of it and into a head lock, taking Cena down to one knee. Cena fights out of it but Punk takes him down with a big shoulder block. Another lock up and Cena takes Punk down to the mat, but then breaks, and both men get back up. The crowd is pretty evenly spilt. Punk goes behind Cena with a waistlock, but Cena counters into a headlock, taking Punk to the mat. Punk fights out of it but falls to a shoulderblock.

Cena takes Punk down to the mat and goes to work on Punk’s arm cranking away at his shoulder. Cena takes Punk over and locks in a rear chin lock, then head lock. Punk fights out and comes up with a big single leg dropkick. Punk cranks away on Cena with a rear chin lock of his own, wrapping his legs around Cena’s torso.

Cena fights up to his feet, and catches Punk with a gut wrench suplex with is good for a near fall. Cena locks in another rear chin lock, and when Punk gets up to his feet Cena hits a fisherman suplex before locking in another rear chin lock. Punk makes it back to his feet and Cena slams him to the mat before hitting the ropes and hitting a running elbow. Cena goes back to the well, locking in another rear chin lock. Punk fights up to his feet before taking Cena to the mat with a big boot to the face. Punk picks Cena up and lays into him with knees to the midsection before sending Cena into the ropes and catching him with a knee to the stomach.

Punk hits a couple of head butts to Cena’s chest, and goes for another pin for two. Punk tries to wear down Cena, working over his midsection. Cena tries to go for the STF, but Punk kicks him away and Cena goes to the apron. Punk tries to suplex Cena back into the ring but Cena won’t go so Punk hangs him up on the top rope and then hits a dropkick that sends Cena to the outside.

Punk allows Cena to get back into the ring, but he immediately lays into him with kicks to the chest, and a big running senton splash. Punk locks in an awesome submission, but Cena actually stands up with Punk on his back, turning the submission into a really nice side slam. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits a big shoulderblock, but when he goes for another Punk jumps up and catches him with a big knee to the face. Punk goes for the high knee in the corner but Cena dodges it and hits a couple of shoulderblocks in a row. Cena goes for the back body drop but Punk counters into a snap mare type movie before hitting the high knee in the ropes. Cena and Punk have an awesome exchange before Punk locks in the Koji clutch!

Cena fights out of the submission and he’s able to lock in the STF, but Punk is able to reverse it in turn, turning it into the anaconda vice! Hunter counts a couple of pins, but Cena doesn’t quit, and turns things around with another STF. Punk gets into the ropes and forces the break.

Punk dumps Cena over the top rope to the outside. Punk hits the ropes and dives through on top of Cena, sending him directly into the barricade. The side of Punk’s face slammed into the barricade on the way down.

Hunter makes it all the way to a count of nine, but refuses to let it end that way, and instead goes to the outside to send both men back into the ring himself. This one will not end in a count out. Both men get back to their feet, and they trade blows in the middle of the ring with the crowd solidly behind Punk. Cena goes for the AA, but Punk fights out, only to eat an AWESOME dropkick from Cena. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, and shoulders Punk, but Punk counters into a roll up for two. Cena goes for a roll up of his own, but Punk bridges out and lays into Cena with a kick to the side of the head for another near fall.

Punk tries for the G2S, but Cena counters out, hits a big splash in the corner, and slams Punk down to the mat for another two count. Cena goes to the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle but Punk stops him cold with a high knee and Cena falls down to the mat. Punk goes up to the middle rope and comes off with a big bulldog but he’s still only able to get a two count.

Punk goes out to the apron and brings himself back in with a springboard dive, but Cena takes it right into the STF. Punk struggles and sreams, but he won’t give up. Punk crawls, but he’s able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Cena picks Punk up and shoulders him again, but Punk fights out and tries to shoulder Cena. Cena fights it off and hits the AA, but Punk kicks out at two!

Cena doesn’t look too happy with Triple H, arguing with him briefly. Cena goes up to the top rope, but he misses the leg drop, and Punk is able to pick his up and hit the Go to Sleep. Cena kicks out at two!

Punk looks at Hunter and shakes his head. Both men are selling knee injuries. Cena from the leg drop and Punk from the G2S. Punk goes up to the top rope and steadies himself. Punk points to the sky and leaps off with a big elbow drop ala Randy Savage, but it’s still not enough for a three count and Punk looks livid.

Punk goes over to Cena and Cena surprises with a quick roll up, but it’s only good for two. Cena comes with with a combination of punches that look pretty rough. Punk comes right back with a series of kicks and another Go to Sleep. Punk goes for the pin and Hunter counts it but Cena’s foot was on the ropes. Punk’s music hits.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match…

Cena argues with Triple H, telling him that he messed up, but Hunter didn’t see it. Punk has the title and he holds it up, posing with it on the announce table. Cena has made his way out of the ring and I don’t see him so it looks like this one won’t be restarted or anything. Hunter applauds Punk and puts out his hand for a handshake. Punk doesn’t shake but Hunter holds up his hand in victory anyway. Triple H claps, and makes his way out of the ring. Hunter makes his way up the ramp, clapping the whole way.

When Punk turns around from celebrating in one of the corners he eats a huge boot from Kevin Nash. Nash connects with his jackknife powerbomb to lay Punk out, and Nash leaves through the crowd while Hunter looks on confused.

Suddenly Del Rio’ music hits and he is out to cash in his contract!

Del Rio kicks Punk in the side of the head, and pins him to score the three count, and win the WWE Championship!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio makes his way up the entrance ramp celebrating with his title while Punk continues to nurse his wounds in the ring, as the PPV goes off the air.