The Undertaker Is Terrified of Cucumbers

On a recent edition of “Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard” discussing the late wrestler Owen Hart, Prichard talked about how Owen would prank The Undertaker on a regular basis. As it turns out The Deadman has a rather unique fear himself. The Undertaker (real name: Mark Calloway) is terrified of…cucumbers. Bruce said if someone put a cucumber on top of Mark’s bag in the locker room it would “freak him out”. Somehow Owen Hart found this out and would use the vegetable to torment The Undertaker as often as possible.

Bruce said Owen would slice a cucumber and put the slices in Undertaker’s hat or boots. Calloway wouldn’t notice until he was already walking to the ring, which his character did infamously slow. Owen would often put a slice of cucumber at the bottom of The Undertaker’s drink so when he finished he would start swearing and jump up from his seat.

One night during an untelevised event, Owen finally reached Cucumber Prank bliss. Hart was scheduled to face The Undertaker in a bout that evening. Before the match Hart cut up a cucumber and put the slices in his tights. At one point during their match Owen got Taker on the mat, put all of his weight on The Undertaker in a headlock, pulled out a handful of cucumber slices and held them in front of Taker’s face. The Undertaker didn’t want to break character but also wanted out of the ring ASAP. Fear eventually got the best of The Deadman, as Undertaker “lost his mind” and jumped out of the ring horrified.

The podcast can be found here, Episode 40