Website held a recent interview with Jake Roberts discussing his health, writing a book about his career, and Ric Flair rejecting help from both Diamond Dallas Page and himself.

On the topic of his health, Roberts stated he still struggles at times with his recovery from past drug and alcoholic addictions but knows he is getting closer to his dream goal of staying sober and being able to enjoy his life.

“I still struggle with, you know, not really feeling good about myself at times and I certainly give myself a reason to, but you know, enough’s enough and you gotta move on and where I’m at these days, man I just want to reach out and help as many people as I can, because I know that each time I do that I’m closer to getting my dream come true and that’s just to continue to live sober, you know, and to enjoy life.”

On the topic of writing a new book, Roberts stated this book will cover the first half of his wrestling career although there is no publisher associated at the moment. This book will be around 600 pages in length and is currently in the final stages of editing.

“We’ve got about 600 pages ready to go and right now I’m doing my last read. I’ve done about four last reads, but this is my last read for sure. I’m gonna go through it one last time and just check some things out and release it.”

During the interview, Roberts revealed both Diamond Dallas Page and himself offered to help Ric Flair after his recent health scare but were rejected by Flair. He felt it would be better for Flair to get as much help as possible based on his own past struggles with alcoholism and the personal experience with rehabbing his life.

“I even tried to help Mr. Flair and I hope Ric can do it. He’s sure going at it with the wrong attitude. He thinks he snapped his fingers, that he can just beat it. There’s a lot more to it. … He’s in the hospital and he’s made that decision to quit drinking. My God I made that decision a million times and he thinks that’s all there is to it. There’s a lot more to it because you know why he’s in that hospital, that disease we call alcoholism is outside doing pushups getting ready for him to come out of the hospital. You’re in a guarded position in the hospital. You know, there’s not a lot of alcohol around.”