Impact: More Departures Likely, Mantel Gone, More Frequent Tapings, More

More Departures

It’s expected that there will be additional talent departures over the next month, “including top of the card names,” according to PWInsider.

Impact is expected to have a far larger roster of Canadian wrestlers in the near future as they consolidate the company to the Anthem offices in Toronto.

Dutch Mantel Is Likely Out

Dutch “Zeb Colter” Mantel is expected to be gone from the company at the end of this year and may already be gone.

He was brought in with Jeff Jarrett and when Jarrett was gone, it was also the beginning of the end for him.

More Frequent Tapings

Impact is hoping to run tapings more consistently in 2018. Rather than running about 10 weeks worth of shows at a time in one set of tapings, they hope to do tapings with 4-5 weeks of shows.

They hope to do shows both in the US and Canada. The January tapings will be at the Impact Zone in Orlando and there is talk that the tapings after that in March may be back in Canada, with one possibility being Windsor, Ontario.

Impact may also run live house shows in small venues if they feel that they’ll be cost-effective.

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie are expected to continue to wrestle on both Impact and Lucha Underground when it begins shooting its next season next year.

Source: PWInsider