Rob Van Dam Says He’s No Longer Able to Work for WWE Due to Concussion

The Blast has a story about Rob Van Dam filing documents in his divorce with his estranged wife, Sonya.

In the documents, RVD says that he suffered a concussion at an indie show in November 2016, which “caused visual impairment” and has “disqualified me from working for the WWE.”

He also said that his merchandise contract with WWE expired in July 2017 and would not be renewed. He says he’s “aged out” of the business and was no longer able to work for WWE due to the concussion and other injuries, so his income has taken a “substantial hit.” He’s requesting that the judge in the divorce hearing take that into consideration.

The concussion RVD is referring to happened at a PCW (Pacific Coast Wrestling) show in California in November 2016. He is still active in the indies, though. He last wrestled in WWE in August 2014.