Various: Quebec Hall of Fame, WWE UK Championship, WWE Drops Blu-Ray

Kevin Owens Among This Year’s Class of Inductees for the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame

The Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame announced three new inductees have been voted in as the Class of 2017 with one currently wrestling in the WWE. The Class of 2017 are Kevin Owens, Bret Hart, and Eugene Tremblay.

Quebec native Kevin Owens’ wrestling career currently spans 15 years with his biggest career successes occurring in ROH and WWE. Bret Hart was inducted into the non-Quebec category of the Hall and spent a portion of his early career main eventing shows in the city. Eugene Tremblay was inducted into the Pioneers category of the Hall and was a major wrestling star of the city during the early 1900s.

Source: PWInsider

PROGRESS to Hold the Next WWE UK Championship Match This Weekend

PROGRESS Wrestling announced a new match has been added to the card of this weekend’s Chapter 59 pay-per-view event in Sheffield, England. This will be a WWE United Kingdom Championship match between Joseph Conners and champion Pete Dunne. PROGRESS also announced the event itself will available to watch live on Twitch.

WWE Dropping Blu-Ray Format for Future Video Releases

As previously reported, WWE was considering the idea of dropping the Blu-Ray format for their future video releases due to declining sales. The latter portion of this year’s video releases originally planned to include Blu-Ray versions were only released on DVD instead.

In an update to this situation, website reported this trend will continue next year with only Wrestlemania 34 currently planned to be released on both Blu-Ray and DVD in North America. At the moment, WWE currently has seven new video releases planned between January 2nd to April 8th and none include a Blu-Ray version.