Various: Women’s Rumble Spoiler, Rousey WWE Status, Moose Injury

Two Former WWE Women’s Stars Contacted by WWE for Upcoming Women’s Rumble Match

Molly Holly and Michelle McCool are reported to have been recently contacted by the WWE in regards to surprise entrants for the Women’s Royal Rumble match at January 28th’s Royal Rumble event, according to PWInsider.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported both names have been heavily discussed during recent WWE Creative meetings for potential surprise entrants in the Women’s Rumble match. In regards to Holly, Johnson reported she is currently scheduled to participate in the match. In regards to McCool, both sides are still in talks for a possible appearance in the match.

Source: PWInsider

WWE Reportedly Held Talks with Ronda Rousey This Week

Triple H is reported to have held talks with Ronda Rousey and her agent earlier this week in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

TMZ reported talks were held over a dinner on Tuesday at the Republique restaurant in Los Angeles, California. This was also reported to be part of the reason why Triple H missed performing his usual backstage duties for this week’s episode of Smackdown. While neither Ronda nor her agent were willing to discusses any details from this meeting to TMZ, TMZ’s sources within the WWE stated Triple H being absent from his typical TV duties is something that does not occur without a major reason behind it.

One WWE source tells us it’s unusual for Triple H to miss a TV event — he’s usually on hand for everything … so, you know if he’s gonna fly out west, it’s not just for a good meal!

Source: TMZ

Moose Suffers Knee Injury During Wednesday’s Tapings of Impact Wrestling

Moose is currently reported to have suffered a knee injury during Wednesday’s television tapings for Impact Wrestling, according to fan reports.

While details are sparse at the moment, Moose suffered a knee injury during a Four-Way match at the tapings. The current belief backstage is Moose did not suffer any torn ligaments in his knee which would have required surgery to be done and a longer rehab needed.

Source: PWInsider