Corey Graves called in to Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” radio show on Saturday to “clear the air” after Booker “threatened to beat him up” on last week’s show.

Immediately, they just came out and said that it was all a work and they were just “messing with each other.” Booker T said that he needed to fill time at the end of his radio show, so he just decided to make up the Corey Graves thing and was amused at how much it blew up.

Graves said that he started getting texts when it happened, including from Big E asking him what was up, but as soon as he listened to it, he knew it was “just Book working.”

Graves said that even Michael Cole asked him about it and Graves told him that it was “just Booker goofing around.” Cole then asked him, “What’s the end game? What are you trying to accomplish?” and said that it obviously wasn’t going to lead to a match, and Graves said, “We’re not trying to accomplish anything, we’re just having fun. We’re just messing with each other like we do every day, constantly.”

Booker said that he wasn’t upset at all about being removed from the Raw commentary team, saying, “A lot of people don’t know how hard I was smiling when they told me I was moving back to my old position.”

At the end, Booker said, “for the record, I love you” and said he was one of Graves’ biggest fans. Graves said, “I love you too.”