Elias on Playing Guitar, Strowman, The Rock, Wrestlemania Opponent, More

The New York Post held a recent interview with Elias discussing playing the guitar, Braun Strowman playing a giant bass, wanting a concert with The Rock, who he would like to face at Wrestlemania, and more.

On the topic of his guitar hobby, Elias stated he started playing the guitar 15 years ago when he got one as a Christmas gift from his father. He learned how to play the guitar by trying to play Eric Clapton songs.

“[My dad] thought I would like it and he happened to be right, and I started to teach myself how to play it — trying to learn Eric Clapton songs. It’s just constantly evolved from that point on to where it is now.”

On the topic of this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event, Elias stated he feels he is among the top talent on RAW and the Chamber match being his confirmation due to the quality of stars in the match.

“I understand I am in there with the top quality of this company, so that says that if I am in that caliber, if I am in there in the ring with those guys, that’s exactly what I am.”

On the topic of Braun Strowman playing a giant bass instrument on RAW, Elias stated he felt Strowman trying to play the giant instrument and their interactions resulted in a great segment for television.

“I mean, you are seeing this giant guy out there with a giant cello, guitar, whatever you want to call it and you see him kind of doing what I do, but the giant version of it. Of course it’s so many thoughts at once and I’m just taken aback. Of course, I believe it made for some great TV.”

On the topic of holding a potential concert with The Rock, Elias stated he hopes it happens in the future and believes he could outshine The Rock on guitar.

“I think without a doubt I’d outshine The Rock because he can’t do quite what I do, but he is good at the guitar and he’s got some chops to him, so I don’t think you need to think about it too much. I think something like that could happen in the future. I’m going to put that on The Rock. I’ll leave that up to him.”

When asked who he would like to face as an opponent for Wrestlemania, Elias mentioned John Cena and Chris Jericho as his choices.

“I can see myself having a great WrestleMania match with John Cena, with Chris Jericho. I wouldn’t mind mixing it up with Braun after what he did to me last week. Get me to the stage and I’ll take it from there.”

Other topics discussed included learning valuable career advice from Shawn Michaels, the origins of his character’s musical routine, using music to generate crowd reactions, and the origin of the “Walk With Elias” catchphrase.