Rey Mysterio Signs Talent and Ownership Deal with Aro Lucha

Rey Mysterio is reported to have recently signed a deal with Lucha Libre promotion Aro Lucha, according to The Tennessean.

Terms of the deal include Mysterio being both a performer and the new co-owner of the Nashville based company. He is currently scheduled to make his official debut for the company during the upcoming tapings for the first season of their television show.

It was also reported that Aro Lucha currently has plans to launch a crowd fundraiser allowing fans the ability to invest in the company and in return be given a minority share of ownership.

When asked about working with Aro Lucha, Mysterio said:

“I think what we are doing with Aro Lucha being fan-owned is revolutionary. We are giving the fans something they have never had before, a voice and a chance to get in on the action.”