Various: Rusev Trolls, Ellering on AOP Breakup, Vader Out of Hospital


Rusev continued to (seemingly) troll people, commenting “Gonna miss you bud!” on one of Aiden English’s Instagram photos today.

It could be that Rusev and English are breaking up or being split up because of the Superstar Shake-up this week, but Rusev probably wouldn’t post that on social media, so it seems more likely to me that he’s just messing with people. There have been rumors that he’s unhappy in WWE, posting things like the tweets below and being removed from the Undertaker match in Saudi Arabia. According to Dave Meltzer, Rusev isn’t going anywhere (for now) and “all the Rusev stuff is storyline.”

Paul Ellering

The Authors of Pain made their main roster debut last week and seemingly broke up with their manager Paul Ellering. It was speculated that Ellering didn’t want to travel on a full-time WWE schedule and that’s why he was written off, but he tweeted this in response to that:


Vader said that he’s out of the hospital after undergoing heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.