WWE: Shawn Michaels Scheduled for Upcoming Raw, More on WWE/Impact Meeting

Shawn Michaels Scheduled for an Upcoming Raw

Shawn Michaels is currently scheduled to appear on the October 1 Raw in Seattle, according to PWInsider.

That’s the Raw before Super Show-Down on October 6. Shawn Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner on that show for H’s match against the Undertaker. It’s expected that that show will set up a tag team match at the Saudi Arabia show on November 2 with Michaels and Triple H facing the Undertaker and Kane.

More on WWE / Impact Meeting

WWE and Impact had a meeting at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT last week.

According to Dave Meltzer, the meeting was requested by WWE, and it was not Impact pitching ideas to WWE.

Meltzer added that “the belief” is that the meeting had something to do with Impact’s tape library. When the story was first reported, it was said that Impact was adamant that the meeting was not about selling their tape library, and the library wasn’t for sale anyway. But, it could possibly be a deal where the WWE Network would be able to use Impact’s footage, but Impact would still own it. WWE is still reportedly planning on a more expensive tier for WWE Network, which would feature other promotions.

The deal may have also just had something to do with WWE using some Impact footage for WWE documentaries / network specials. They have worked out deals with Impact recently to use old TNA/Impact footage of the Hardys and AJ Styles.