Matt Hardy on WWE Network’s WWE 24 Hardy Boyz Documentary and Life Advice

A recent episode of the Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia podcast show had Matt Hardy as the guest discussing the making of the WWE 24 Hardy Boyz documentary and his biggest life advice.

On the topic of the development of the Hardy Boyz documentary, Hardy stated he was very hands on with the project even though some in WWE management were not as thrilled with his involvement.

“To be very honest, I try to be very hands on whenever I am going to be in the process of creating content that I am going to be involved in, and I try to be very hands on with it, and the Network people I know they weren’t 100 percent. And I was worried more about the powers that be like a Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn would be uncomfortable with me being involved with it because I wanted it to be as accurate as possible.”

On the topic of the documentary including Jeff Hardy’s personal life struggles, Hardy stated he wanted the documentary to tell the full story of their lives even if it meant including content the WWE considered as “dark” or uncomfortable to air on the Network.

“I told Jeff Hardy a while back that whenever we got in a better place, I told him, man, if we ever get to tell our story it would have to be on WWE television because that is the platform it deserves to be told on so if we ever get a chance to tell our story we weren’t going to hold anything back and that was what we wanted to do and that was what we were allowed to do. And after speaking with Kevin Dunn and some of the Network guys I know that he was a little hesitant about putting this raw content out there that was so dark and so uncomfortable and eventually he did, and the feedback to that special was off the charts.”

On the topic of advice for those struggling with their own life issues, Hardy stated his biggest advice is to keep a positive view of your life since it will eventually become better.

“The biggest thing that I can say to all people is that if you can hang in there and keep your chin up and keep it going in a positive direction it will always get better. You have to want it, you have to want to get better and want to be in a better place. You can always come back. Everyday is a new day and it’s a new day to make you change as a person.”

Other topics discussed during the interview included the future of his WWE career, House of Hardy Halloween special, and his singles career.

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