EVOLVE 119 & 120 Results – Jan. 18/19, 2019 – Johnny Gargano Returns, Street Profits Defend


January 18, 2019
Brooklyn, NY – Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym

Joe Gacy defeated Colby Corino via sit-out powerbomb.

Tag Team Scramble: Adrian Alanis & Leon Ruff defeated Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Gavin Quinn & Juntai, and Brandon Watts & Randy Summers to become the #1 contenders for the tag team titles.

Priscilla Kelly defeated Trish Adora via Osteoporosis.

Anthony Henry defeated Curt Stallion via powerbomb.

Fabian Aichner defeated Darby Allin via powerbomb and foot on the rope.

Liam Gray defeated Cyrus Satin via frog splash.

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship: Street Profits (c) defeated Adrian Alanis & Leon Ruff via spear by Dawkins on Ruff.

WWN Championship – No DQ: JD Drake (c) defeated Eddie Kingston via moonsault.

Johnny Gargano & AR Fox defeated Austin Theory & Josh Briggs via Gargano Escape on Briggs. After the match, Gargano got on the mic and thanked the crowd and said that EVOLVE would always be his home. He asked to play his old EVOLVE theme song for old time’s sake, but Austin Theory attacked him from behind and slammed him into the ring post. He then got on the mic and told Gargano to give Hunter a call and tell him that he’ll take his spot in Phoenix (at NXT TakeOver). Theory said that he’s the current EVOLVE champ and the next NXT North American champ.


January 19, 2019
Queens, NY – La Boom

Montez Ford defeated Eddie Kingston via frog splash.

Josh Briggs defeated Angelo Dawkins via M5

JD Drake defeated Joe Gacy via moonsault

Three Way Freestyle: Curt Stallion defeated Leon Ruff and Orange Cassidy

Anthony Henry defeated AR Fox to become #1 contender for the EVOLVE Championship.

Darby Allin defeated Fabian Aichner

Non-Title Match: Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory via Gargano Escape. The referee was knocked out, then Priscilla Kelly ran in and started wailing on Austin Theory. Darby Allin then ran in and hit a Stunner-like move on Theory. After the match, Gargano got on the mic and several EVOLVE wrestlers came into the ring. He said that pro wrestling was so freaking fun. He said that he wanted Darby Allin to go win the EVOLVE Championship, then said that he saw a lot of Johnny Gargano shirts and signs today, but he wanted to see Priscilla Kelly, Darby Allin and AR Fox signs and shirts. His old EVOLVE theme played as paper ribbons were thrown into the ring to end the show.