Kenny Omega Likely Headed to AEW, Not WWE + Update on NJPW / AEW Relationship

Signs point to Kenny Omega signing with All Elite Wrestling, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. His NJPW contract expires at the end of this month, so he can’t announce anything yet.

As far as WWE, they reportedly made him a “fantastic” offer and obviously really wanted him, but the feeling within WWE is that “it’s not gonna happen,” Meltzer says.

NJPW also reportedly still wants Kenny Omega “badly,” according to Meltzer, and it may cause them to rethink their decision to not work with AEW. Kenny Omega announced on Sunday that he is taking “time away” from NJPW. This apparently caught NJPW off guard, since they heard about it from Omega’s interview with Tokyo Sports and they were not happy about it.

After a meeting on Saturday, NJPW reportedly chose not to work with AEW for now, instead staying with the status quo of only working with ROH. With Kenny Omega leaving likely as a result of this decision, NJPW is rethinking things. It went from not working with AEW as of Saturday to a very good shot of them working together now if it means keeping Omega, according to Meltzer.