AEW TV Deal Update

AEW had a TV deal meeting on Friday that “went real well,” according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

There’s still no deal signed right now, but Meltzer said that “I think everyone knows that there’s gonna be a very legit deal,” adding that there are two deals on the table right now for “real money” and on “real stations.”

He said that it would be the best TV deal that any non-WWE wrestling show has had since WCW, saying, “It’s better than Spike [and their past deal with TNA]. Either one of the two that they’re coming down to, they’re both bigger than Spike… in some ways. Prestige-wise, they’re bigger than Spike, by a long shot as a matter of fact.”

It was reported last month that they were in “very serious negotiations” with two networks for a weekly two hour live prime time show and the negotiations reached a point where money proposals have been made to AEW.