Trademarks: WWE Tough Enough, Triple H, WWE Chronicle, AEW

WWE Files New Trademark for Tough Enough; New Season Planned?

WWE recently filed a new trademark for “Tough Enough” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, according to PWInsider.

This trademark was filed on March 5th for entertainment-related purposes and specifically for a television reality show based on professional wrestling. It is currently speculated that WWE might be considering plans to hold another season of Tough Enough within the near future or that this name might be used for a new Divas Search type reality show currently in development by the company.

Tough Enough aired on television for six seasons on MTV (2001-2003), UPN (2004), and USA Network (2011, 2015).

WWE Files New Triple H and WWE Network Show Trademarks

WWE also recently filed two new trademarks for both Triple H and WWE Network’s newest documentary series.

A trademark for “Skull King” was filed on March 6th for merchandise-related purposes, which covers a character currently in use by Triple H.

Another trademark for “WWE Chronicle” was filed on March 1st for entertainment-related purposes, which is WWE’s newest documentary series on the WWE Network.

AEW Trademarks Update

As noted before, several of All Elite Wrestling’s trademarks were recently given initial rejections by the USPTO due to unpaid fees and ambiguity wording issues in their applications.

In an update to AEW’s trademarks status, PWInsider reported that all of the company’s disputed trademarks were recently given “live” status by the USPTO. This means that AEW fulfilled all of the USPTO’s demands and their applications are now being processed again for potential legal approval.