CM Punk May Have Returned to the Ring Last Night

It seems like CM Punk may have made a brief surprise appearance at an indie show last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wearing a mask the entire time.

At last night’s MKE “The Last Knight” show in Milwaukee, a masked man appeared during a match while the referee was knocked out, giving a GTS to a wrestler and helping CM Punk’s friend Ace Steel get the win.

The masked wrestler was wearing the same outfit that CM Punk was spotted in earlier in the day just outside of Milwaukee.

Silas Young, who runs the MKE promotion, also posted these obvious hints:

On an ESPN radio show in 2016, Punk had this to say about a potential return to the ring:

No, I don’t think so. But it is one of those ‘never say never’ things. I like to cover all my bases, just so some internet dweeb is going to be like, ‘you said you’d never wrestle again!’ But WWE? No. Absolutely not. But you never know, I could pop up here and there. Let me explain that to you even better… It’s not going to even be televised, it’s going to be me in a ninja fucking outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody’s ever going to know. It’s going to be very ‘Monty Python’ so to speak.