GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Pt. 1 Results – Apr. 5, 2019 – Michinoku, Virgil, More

Results via Jeremy Peeples of F4WOnline.com

April 5, 2019
Jersey City, New Jersey – White Eagle Hall

Quick Match Results

  1. Marko Stunt defeated Joey Janela via pinfall
  2. Tony Deppen defeated No Legs via pinfall
  3. Spring Break Scramble match – Jungle Boy defeated A-Kid, Jake Atlas, Australian Suicide, Slim J, and Shane Mercer via submission
  4. GCW World Championship – Nick Gage (c) defeated Shinjiro Otani via pinfall
  5. Invisible Man defeated Invisible Stan via pinfall
  6. TAKA Michinoku defeated Orange Cassidy via pinfall
  7. The Battle for Ethan Page’s Soul and Dignity as a Wrestler and a Human Being match – Starman defeated Ethan Page via pinfall
  8. Deathmatch – Masashi Takeda defeated Jimmy Lloyd via pinfall

Marko Stunt vs. Joey Janela

Janela and Penelope Ford came out and got a hero’s welcome before a video package chronicled the knee injury to Marko Stunt and his return. Marko came down and Dave Prazak talked about Marko being in a position to upstage Janela on his own show.

Joey ran the ropes and Marko almost threw him into the crowd before a second rope skin the cat saved him. Marko made lewd comments about Joey’s mother and “Now, you’re going to be on the ass end of an ass-kicking.” Joey opted for a German suplex and a Helluva kick. He hit a Brock-esque straight jacket hold German before landing two more with a bridge for 2.

Joey launched Marko into the crowd ala Spike Dudley and opted to crowd surf himself before Marko joined him, leading to a chopfest while both guys were held up by the fans.

Marko escaped and hit a somersault dive off the apron into the chairs before landing a second one. Prazak is usually very good, but he had some major audio problems and could barely be heard. Joey prevented a running knee and hit a flapjack. Penelope got on the apron so Joey could smack Marko into the boot, but it all backfired as Joey almost ate the boot. Marko kissed Penelope and hit Janela with a knee strike.

A sidewinder package piledriver hit for Joey, but it only got two. Janela went for a super package piledriver, but Stunt escaped and shoved him onto the apron, where Janela ate a spike rana on the apron. Stunt got split open and was glassy eyed, so Janela rabbit punched him. Stunt got sent into the ropes but came back with a satellite codebreaker for two.

Janela landed a super cradle shock off the top for 2.9. Penelope was in shock and Marko got a flash cradle for the win.

Winner: Marko Stunt via Pinfall.

Janela gave him a kiss and raised his hand high before Marko hugged Penelope and kneeled in the middle of the ring to soak in the applause. This was a fantastic match and a perfect opener.

Tony Deppen vs. No Legs

Ring announcer Rich Palladino lets us know that there are no fewer than three bars in the building, so everyone’s going to have fun tonight. Tony Deppen came out and grabbed the mic. He is bitter over not being showcased on the card in a more prominent position. He called out fans and insulted a few of them before picking on a guy in a wheelchair with no legs (Dustin Thomas) who wasn’t identified. Deppen grabbed him out of the wheelchair and threw him into the ring after Thomas called him a “f*ckin’ pussy”.

Thomas ate a slap, but got a sleeper, then a drop no-toe hold into the ropes and a 619 that the crowd went nuts for. Then, he hit a crossbody off the top for two and a somersault senton off the top to the floor! He’s put over on commentary as using his upper body strength from being in the wheelchair. He climbed up top before he ate a superplex for 2. Thomas hit a tornado DDT and a springboard 450 for 2.9. Deppen landed a shining wizard and knocked him out for the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen via Pinfall.

In two matches, they made Stunt seem like a star, Janela out to be the man, and Deppen out to be a massive prick as the guy with no legs shone brightly.

Spring Break Scramble Match
Jungle Boy vs. Jake Atlas vs. Slim J vs. A-Kid vs. Australian Suicide vs. Shane Mercer

Jungle Boy was out to a huge chant for his first match back since his father’s passing

All the guys dove onto Mercer as he just caught them. Atlas and Kid had a flip and armdrag exchange while Slim J hit a giant leaping front kick off the top. Jungle Boy hit a running rana and a springboard legdrop. Mercer put Jungle Boy up in a military press before he started one-arm chokeslamming dudes and launched Jungle Boy to the floor.

Atlas set up a super Pentagon driver, but instead landed a super sidewinder Samoan drop. A-Kid landed a Northern Lights suplex into a standing moonsault for 2. Mercer launched A-Kid into the buckle with an overhead belly to belly. Mercer reminded me a lot of ECW Mike Awesome in that he stood out a ton being in there with smaller guys. Mercer did a ropewalk Death Valley Driver to Slim J while also doing an Old School on Atlas.

Jungle Boy locked on a submission and won it.

Winner: Jungle Boy via Submission.

Everyone raised one another’s hands while the fans sang Jungle Boy’s theme.

GCW World Championship
Shinjiro Otani vs. Nick Gage (c)

Otami got a nice, respectul intro while Gage was treated like God coming down to Earth.

Things started off with a series of lockups and respectful breaks in the ropes. Otami outwrestled him which was a bit like seeing New Jack go to chain wrestling when fighting is a far better option. Otani wanted a shoulder charge and Gage obliged and won, so he attacked him in the corner and brought in a table. There we go: stick to strengths. They slapped the tar out of each other and Otani chopped him down hard, getting a half crab before Gage got to the ropes.

Otani raked the face with his boot and then stepped on his throat. Otani worked heel perfectly here as a complete prick to Gage whenever possible. Gage fought fire with fire and landed a face wash that Otani no sold, standing up and hitting a German through the table. Otani milked the face rake portion and then booted him so hard that he hit a supposed fan not once, but three times with the boot off each face wash.

A Helluva kick landed for Otani, who is still quite good. Gage landed a series of chops and elbows before getting a flash schoolboy with the trunks to win.

Winner: Nick Gage to retain the GCW World Championship.

Gage put Otani over and says that he handpicked him because he loved watching him as a kid and he stole his moves because he loved him so much.

Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan

Invisible Stan got a chorus of boos coming out. I hope the ref checks him for weapons next. The Invisible Man came out being treated like royalty. Man and Stan got into a standoff to start things off. The ref had his invisible man-seeing glasses on and a forearm exchange broke out before Stan went to the eyes and the fans had none of that. The ref set up chairs and a chair exchange broke out before the ref put some gloves on to check the wound.

The brothers waged war in the crowd before they fell from the balcony to the floor and knocked down the staff on the floor. This got a 2.9. Stan attacked the ref so Kikutaru came in and put the glasses on. He DDTd Stan and gave the glasses to the ref, but it was still just a 2.9. Stan attacked Kikutaru on the apron and a mystery move hit for 2. Then, a spear through the table got the win for the Invisible Man.

Winner: Invisible Man via Pinfall.

The fans threw money in the ring and the ref earned every penny and the singles that wound up there.

TAKA Michinoku vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy started things off with a big shoulder charge that didn’t do much. TAKA applied a full nelson, but a slow motion escape allowed him to put his hands in his pockets and land a big dropkick. TAKA destroyed the shades and ate a series of slaps around the body before TAKA landed a poke to the eye.

Cassidy landed a superkick for two. Cassidy went up top, but TAKA went to the other side. Orange tried to land a headbutt, but missed and TAKA got the crossface. Cassidy recovered and OJ’d up, but got hit with a Michinoku driver that ended it. TAKA gave him the juice and Orange gave him his shades.

Winner: TAKA Michinoku via Pinfall.

The Battle for Ethan Page’s Soul and Dignity as a Wrestler and a Human Being Match
Starman vs. Ethan Page

Page came out and buried the battle royal for having guys in shorts and shirts, and wanted the Body Guy Extravaganza instead. He got distracted by his own words and lost to Starman via a schoolboy.

Winner: Starman via Pinfall.

Starman then unmasked as Virgil. As a result, Virgil now owns Page’s soul and dignity. Page looked absolutely crestfallen and the commentary team put over how the Saturday battle royal will have 10 times more cluster than the 2018 version. Ethan says that he’ll make sure the battle royal is the craziest one of all-time.

Masashi Takeda vs. Jimmy Lloyd

The canvas was swapped out for the deathmatch. Confetti flew into the ring as Lloyd entered.

Takeda took him down with a headlock and a tackle. Lloyd hit a run-up armdrag and then they just bonked each other with light tubes. Gusset plates were up next and Takeda hit a headbutt with his. Takeda stomped a light tube on the arm of Lloyd, and a light tube Russian legsweep to Lloyd got 2. Lloyd bodychecked tubes into Takeda’s chest three times before snapping them off on his head, sending debris into the crowd. A tube superkick go 2 for Lloyd, but he ate a tube shotgun dropkick.

Takeda brought up a scissor board and kneed it into the chest and one get stuck into his throat…which got two! Well, at least he’s okay. Lloyd hit a series of forearms and a Razor’s Edge into a light tube board and a Tiger driver got 2. Lloyd brought a weedwacker into the ring, but used on Takeda’s arm. Lloyd ate a German through a door filled with light tubes and forks. A swanton onto light tubes go 2.9 for Takeda.

Takeda landed a rising reverse DDT onto tubes to win an absolutely insane match.

Winner: Masashi Takeda via Pinfall.

Lloyd then wanted tubes broken over his head, but Takeda did it on his own head instead.