GCW Orange Cassidy Is Doing Something or Whatever, Who Knows ??? Results – Apr. 6, 2019

Results via David Tees of Fightful.com

April 6, 2019
Jersey City, New Jersey – White Eagle Hall

Quick Match Results

  1. Lumberjack Swamp Monster Match – Allie Kat defeated Shotzi Blackheart, Kris Statlander, and Saraya Knight
  2. Best 7-out-of-13 Falls match – Chris Brookes defeated Logan Easton Laroux seven falls to six falls
  3. 3rd Annual Jansport Invitational Scramble match – Jigsaw defeated Sonny Defarge, Tony Deppen, Jake Atlas, Dan Champion, Lucky 13, and Air Wolf
  4. 5 O’Clock Somewhere Drunken match – Session Moth Martina and Nate Webb via double pinfall
  5. Special Nova Dodgeball Challenge match – None via no contest ruling
  6. Team Faye Jackson defeated Team Veda Scott via submission
  7. Shinjiro Otani defeated Jonathan Gresham via pinfall
  8. One Minute Time Limit match – Trent Berretta defeated Chuck Taylor via pinfall
  9. Yuletide Deathmatch – Nick Gage defeated Ultramantis Black via pinfall

Lumberjack Swamp Monster Match
Allie Kat vs. Shotzi Blackheart vs. Kris Statlander vs. Saraya Knight

The match begins with Kat asking Knight to pet her belly and Knight decides to just kick everybody low, Knight traps Blackheart in the corner while landing some strikes. Knight drags Blackheart around the ring while landing strikes, Knight puts Blackheart oin the top rope and she follows her up there. Knight then throws Blackheart off the ropes and onto the stomp monsters on the arena floor, Kat and Statlander both roll up Knight for near falls. Knight eventually gets attacked by the other participants on the match, everybody pins Knight to eliminate her.

Elimination #1: Saraya Knight.

The match continues with Statlander using the force to throw Statlander into Blackheart, Blackheart gets free of the force to nail Kat with a belly to back suplex. Blackheart misses a dive and winds up outside of the ring, all three competitors eventually brawl on the arena floor. Blackheart leaps off the ring apron and was caught by the swamp monsters, Blackheart gets back to the ring apron before leaping off onto her opponents. Blackheart gets Statlander back in the ring and she misses a leap off the top rope, Blackheart then hits Statlander with an enzaguri followed by a 619. Blackheart hits Statlander with a top rope senton for a three count.

Elimination #2: Kris Statlander.

The match continues with Blackheart nailing Kat with strikes in the corner, Blackheart goes to the ring apron before getting into a striking exchange. Kat uses a headbutt to knock Blackheart to the arena floor, Kat goes for a dive and is caught by the swamp monsters. Blackheart and Kat have a striking exchange on the ring apron, Blackheart gets Kat in the ring and Kat nails her with forearm strikes. Blackheart then hits a cornered Kat with an avalanche, Blackheart follows that up by landing a DDT for a near fall. Blackheart goes for another top rope senton and Kat gets out of the way, Kat hits Blackheart with a Pussy Piledriver for a three count.

Winner: Allie Kat eliminated Shotzi Blackheart via Pinfall.

Best 7-out-of-13 Falls Match
Logan Easton Laroux vs. Chris Brookes

Fall #1

The fall begins with Brookes kicking Laroux low and the ref calls the bell for a DQ.

Score: Laroux 1-0 Brookes.

Fall #2

The fall begins with Kid Lykos interfering and kicking Laroux low to end the fall.

Score: Laroux 2-0 Brookes.

Fall #3

The fall begins with Brookes getting Laroux in an octopus stretch and Laroux taps out.

Score: Laroux 2-1 Brookes.

Fall #4

The fall begins with Brookes nailing Laroux with a chop, Brookes traps Laroux in the corner while landing more chops. Laroux fights back and Brookes drops him with a knee strike, Brookes counters a Laroux pin with one of his own.

Score: Laroux 2-2 Brookes.

Fall #5 – #12

The falls all begin and end in rapid fashion with a ton of roll ups.

Score: Laroux 6-6 Brookes.

Fall #13

The fall begins with Laroux nailing Brookes with a clothesline followed by a missile drop kick, Laroux then hits a cornered Brookes with a running drop kick and a brain buster for a near fall. Brookes recovers and he hits Laroux with a top rope senton for a near fall, Laroux escapes a pile driver from Brookes to lock him in an octopus stretch. Lykos interferes and he puts a mask on the referee, Laroux drops Brookes with a super kick and the referee is still masked. Lykos interferes and he nails Laroux with a springboard knee strike, Larouxrecovers and he kicks Lykos low before hitting Brookes with an ace crusher. Laroux throws Lykos out of the ring and Brookes fakes a low blow from Laroux, the referee doesn’t buy it while throwing a mask at Lykos. Brookes shocks Laroux with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Chris Brookes via Pinfall. Final score of Brookes’ seven falls to Laroux’s six falls.

3rd Annual Jansport Invitational Scramble Match
Jigsaw vs. Sonny Defarge vs. Tony Deppen vs. Jake Atlas vs. Dan Champion vs. Lucky 13 vs. Air Wolf

The match begins with everybody clearing the ring while brawling, Atlas takes Deppen down with a head scissors. Atlas follows that up with a rope assisted arm drag on Deppen, Deppen eventually does the same thing to Atlas. Jigsaw and Airwolf return to the ring to attack Atlas and Deppen, Jigsaw and Airwolf go after each other. Airwolf uses a drop kick to knock Jigsaw out of the ring, Defarge hits the ring just as Airwolf does a dive to the arena floor. 13 gets back in the ring and he nails Defarge with a flipping double knee drop for a near fall, 13 then hits Defarge with a knee strike to the head. Defarge fights back and he cracks 13 with a spinning knee strike followed by a back body drop, Champion enters the ring and Defarge attacks him.

13 nails Defarge with an assisted tornado DDT on the ring apron, Champion catches a leaping 13 before landing a uranage back breaker. Champion then hits Deppen with a TKO, Jigsaw comes in next and Champion nails him with a dead lift suplex. Champion then hits Atlas and Airwolf with a double choke slam, Champion goes for a dive and he gets pulled out of the ring. Deppen does a suicide dive and he winds up somewhere in the fifth row, 13 follows suit and he does a dive next. Atlas then does a dive next and Champion goes after that, Champion then hits Atlas with a power bomb for a near fall. Jigsaw hits Deppen with a German suplex and 13 breaks it up with a swanton bomb, Deppen trips up 13 and sends him into the corner. Deppen then hits 13 with a springboard lung blower for a near fall, Atlas nails a swinging Deppen with a cutter followed by a handstand DDT for a near fall.

Airwolf returns to hit Atlas with a knee strike followed by a one man Spanish fly for a near fall, Defarge comes in and he drills Airwolf with a lariat for a near fall. Deppen returns to attack Champion and Defarge with chops, Champion and Defarge throw Deppen out of the ring and onto a bunch of chairs. Jigsaw returns to knock Champion out of the ring, Jigsaw hits Defarge with the Jig N’ Tonic for a three count.

Winner: Jigsaw via Pinfall.

5 O’Clock Somewhere Drunken Match
Session Moth Martina vs. Nate Webb

The match begins with the competitors chugging beer before having a striking exchange, Martina starts taking swings at the referee. The competitors then take another chug of beer, Martina and Webb then take some more swings at each other. Martina goes after the referee again before more chugging takes place, Martina and Webb both fall down after a series of reversals. The wrestlers are then forced to chug more beer, Webb rolls out of the ring and Martina runs the ropes for no reason. Martina and Webb then chug some more beer and Martina passes out, Webb finds some chairs and he sets them up in the ring. Martina and Webb chug some more beer while sitting down, Martina and Webb have a striking exchange while on the chairs.

Webb attacks Martina with a beer can shot, Martina and Webb are then forced to drink more beer before Martina spits it in Webb’s face. Martina gets Webb in a single leg crab and Webb escapes as more beer needs to be chugged, Martina hits Webb with a top rope code breaker for a near fall. The duo chug some more beer again and then Webb nails Martina with a flat liner Webb goes to the top rope and Martina nails him with a few strikes before meeting him up there. The duo drinks more beer before Martina lands a superplex for a near fall, the competitors chug more beer again. Martina and Webb drop each other with clotheslines and the referee counts the double pin.

Winner: Session Moth Martina and Nate Webb via Double Pinfall.

Special Nova Dodgeball Challenge Match
Team Veda Scott (Veda Scott, Shazza McKenzie, Jeff Cannonball, Makabe, & Glasses) vs. Team Faye Jackson (Faye Jackson, Wheeler Yuta, Terra Calloway, Aaron Royal, & Red Eagle)

The action begins with MJF trying to steal the dodge balls since he wasn’t picked, Veda Scott then says the dodgeball challenge has been changed to a wrestling match.

Winner: None.

Team Veda Scott vs. Team Faye Jackson

The match begins with Calloway and Cannonball having a striking exchange, Cannonball trips up Calloway before missing a splash. Calloway responds by landing a splash of her own, Cannonball fakes a hug before chopping Calloway. Yuta then hits Cannonball with a missile drop kick, Yuta takes McKenzie down with an arm drag followed by a drop kick. Glasses takes down Yuta before getting slam dunked by Royal, Makabe drops Royal before Eagle comes into take him down with an arm drag. Eagle clears the ring after hitting Makabe with a drop kick, Scott gets rid of Eagle before battling Jackson. Jackson nails Scott with an avalanche and multiple running butt smashes, Scott pokes the eyes of Jackson before knocking her out of the ring.

Scott uses the ref’s assistance to take everybody out with a dive, Eagle follows suit and does a dive as well. Glasses takes everybody out next and is followed by McKenzie, Royal takes everybody out with another dive. Yuta goes for a dive and Makabe gets him in an abdominal stretch, Calloway returns and attacks Makabe with a dodgeball. Yuta also does a dive after throwing a dodgeball at some opponents, Jackson then takes multiple people down with her own dive. Cannonball goes for a dive and he crashes into the ropes, Calloway locks in a cross face and everybody from Team Jackson locks everybody from Team Scott in submissions until Scott taps out.

Winner: Team Faye Jackson via Submission.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Shinjiro Otani

The match begins with Otani doing a little work on the arm of Gresham, Gresham gets Otani down while working a wrist lock. Otani recovers and he briefly gets Gresham down, Gresham trips up Otani and wrenches away on his ankle. Otani trips up Gresham and Gresham gets to the ropes, Gresham and Otani have a chopping exchange. Gresham trips up Otani before kicking him in the arm, Gresham catches Otani in a few pinning combinations for a few near falls. Otani goes for a slam and Gresham rolls through while applying a double wrist lock, Otani recovers and he nails Gresham with a boot to the face. Otani trips up Gresham before landing the face wash, Gresham recovers and he nails Otani with a springboard moonsault.

Gresham then trips up Otani in the corner while landing a running drop kick, Gresham goes back to working on the arm of Otani before a striking exchange breaks out. Otani then hits Gresham with a release dragon suplex for a near fall, Otani then hits Gresham with a sit out power bomb for a three count.

Winner: Shinjiro Otani via Pinfall.

One Minute Time Limit
Trent Berretta vs. Chuck Taylor

The match begins with Taylor throwing his jacket at Berretta, the competitors do a lot of posturing until the time limit ends.

The referee adds a 5 second over and the match resumes with Berretta catching Taylor in a roll up for the three count.

Winner: Trent Berretta via Pinfall.

After the match, referee Bryce Remsberg takes out Chuck Taylor with a hurricarana. Berretta also hugs Remsberg before having a shoving contest with Taylor, but they end up hugging after its all said and done.

Yuletide Deathmatch
Ultramantis Black vs. Nick Gage

The match begins with Black attacking Gage with a few chops and a shoulder tackle, Black falls on some Christmas ornaments while Gage hits some barbed wire. Gage then drop kicks Black through a barbed wire board, Gage places the barbed wire board on top of Black while hitting it with another board. Gage tries ripping away at the face of Black before getting sent out of the ring, Black then does a dive off the ring apron and onto Gage. Black goes for another dive and Gage nails him with a chair, Gage then throws Black into a bunch of chairs. Gage grabs some chairs and he attacks Black with them, Black and Gage continue brawling throughout the crowd. Gage grabs the broken barbed wire board and he hits Black with it as they continue battling on the arena floor, Black fights back and he nails Gage with a few strikes.

Gage gets Black back in the ring and Black gets his knees up during a middle rope elbow drop, Black then bulldogs Gage onto a steel chair. Black follows that up by nailing Gage with a full nelson slam onto a barbed wire Christmas tree, Gage recovers and he nails Black with a DDT on some thumbtacks. Gage follows up by nailing Black with a face wash in the corner, Gage then places the barbed wire tree on top of Black before landing a middle rope elbow drop for a near fall. Gage then nails Black with a neck breaker onto the thumbtacks for a near fall, Gage then sets up the Christmas ornament board on some chairs in the ring. Gage gets Black on the top rope and he follows him up there, Gage then hits Black with a superplex through the ornament board for a near fall. Black recovers to headbutt Gage multiple times, Gage recovers and he hits Black with a choke breaker for a three count.

Winner: Nick Gage via Pinfall.

After the match, MJF comes out of nowhere and he nails Nick Gage with a steel chair. MJF mocks the fans for attending a “shit show” and he is still angry about not being picked first for dodgeball, MJF says what everybody saw today wasn’t real wrestling. Orange Cassidy comes out and he confronts MJF before headbutting him, Gage recovers and he throws MJF into the thumbtacks. Black then hits MJF with a falcon arrow into the thumbtacks.