Sasha Banks and WWE Still at a “Stalemate”

Sasha Banks and WWE are still at a stalemate after Sasha requested her release after WrestleMania, according to Dave Meltzer. The last word was that Sasha had been given a couple of weeks off so she can rethink her decision.

Here’s what Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio:

The Sasha Banks situation is unchanged. They are right now at a stalemate and the word is that if she wants to sit out the rest of her contract, she can sit out the rest of her contract. And of course, if you know what that means, that means she’s gonna be sitting out forever because they’re gonna add time for not working. These contracts are very very difficult.

They have not made up yet. They still want her to come back. She wants things different. Whatever that difference is, they haven’t agreed to it because she isn’t back.

After Neville requested his WWE release in October 2017, WWE kept him locked into a frozen contract for almost a year, finally letting him free around August 2018. They could technically do the same with Sasha Banks, since WWE contracts have a clause that allows them to extend the time on contracts when wrestlers are not working or injured. It’s not clear when Sasha’s contract is supposed to expire.

Sasha was originally scheduled to be part of the Money in the Bank PPV. WWE said that they’re going to announce the Raw participants for the Money in the Bank match next week on Raw. Meltzer said that if Sasha isn’t announced for anything next week, his guess is that she’s off of the PPV.