Watch: AEW Releases Full Hangman Page vs. PAC Match

AEW released a video of the full Hangman Page vs. Pac match that happened this past Saturday night in Nottingham, England at a Wrestlegate Pro show.

As mentioned, the originally scheduled Page vs. Pac match will not be happening at Double or Nothing this Saturday because of “creative differences.” Specifically, Pac does not want to lose a match clean while he’s the Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion, and AEW didn’t want to book a DQ or draw non-finish at Double or Nothing, so they did this match in England instead and are releasing it online.

At the end of the match, Pac said that he’s “not coming to AEW,” saying, “You can tell all of your little elite buddies, I’m not coming to Vegas! I’m not coming to Double or Nothing! And I’m not coming to AEW!” The expectation is that AEW will not use Pac until he loses the Dragon Gate title, since he apparently doesn’t want to lose while he’s champion. By the time AEW’s TV show starts this fall, things may change and he could be back on the roster.