Various: Impact Working Towards the Future, Sabu Impresses, WOW Season 2

Impact’s Future

Impact is “very positive” about landing on a new TV network this fall, according to PWInsider.

PWInsider added that Impact is “very much playing the long game” and they’re working on goals for where they want to be in 2-3 years rather than a month from now.

Impact/Anthem head Ed Nordholm was at Impact’s shows over the weekend and is in New York City for meetings this week.


Sabu’s performance at the Impact TV taping this Saturday in Philadelphia was the “big talk of the locker room,” according to PWInsider. Sabu was reportedly “on fire and worked like it was 1995.”

The Impact locker room reportedly “exploded” backstage during a spot where Sabu hit a big DDT and Sabu was emotional backstage after the match.

He’s not back with Impact full time, but the door is open for future appearances, PWInsider says.

Women of Wrestling Season 2

Season 2 of AXS TV’s “Women of Wrestling” will begin shooting next week (May 15 and 16) in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater.

Click here for ticket information.

See the WOW Superheroes starting at 6:30PM with AXS TV’s national television taping catching all of the live wrestling action in the ring. It’s big, loud, and colorful superheroes and villians battling to dethrone the current WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard. Superheroes appearing include Jungle Grrrl, The Beast, The Monster of Madness – Havok, and The Disciplinarian with the IQ Superior Samantha Smart. Seating is limited so purchase your tickets now and arrive early. It is an epic experience guaranteed to be fun and who knows…YOU may be on television!