Update on Killer Kross’s Status in Impact

Killer Kross has not wrestled for Impact since losing a First Blood match to Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary on July 7.

Kross is still signed to a contract, but Impact has chosen not to use him, according to PWInsider, primarily due to the issues the two sides had stemming from Kross requesting his release from Impact in May.

Kross was said to be unhappy with his pay and pushed for a new deal in the six-figure per year range, a significant increase from the per-date contract he currently has. Impact countered with a three-year contract offer with guaranteed money rather than paying him per date, but it was well below the six-figure deal he requested. Kross turned down the counter-offer and then requested his release, which Impact refused to grant. The two sides had still been in talks and things were said to still be “professional” as of a couple of months ago.

For now, Kross is in limbo – still under contract but apparently not being used.

PWInsider says that several wrestlers have expressed sympathy for Kross, who tried to get a better deal but is now currently in a worse situation than when he started.

Impact’s next TV tapings are on September 5 and 6 in Las Vegas. Kross lives in Vegas, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s used or not.