More on Anthem’s Purchase of AXS TV Including Layoffs and NJPW’s Future on the Network

As noted before, Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, announced this week that they have purchased a majority ownership stake in AXS TV and HDNet. As part of the purchase, Impact is expected to move from Pursuit to AXS TV within the near future.

One major negative of Anthem’s purchase is that a wave of layoffs reportedly have recently occurred at AXS TV, according to PWInsider and Fightful. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that around 40% of AXS’ staff is currently expected to be getting laid off.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that among those affected were Cindy Ronzoni, Adam Swift, AXS’ entire Dallas office, and most of AXS’ Denver office. Ronzoni had been in charge of AXS’ PR department and Swift had been the main person responsible for the network becoming interested in wrestling. AXS’ Dallas office had been in charge of handling the network’s NJPW content.

In regards to the future of Women of Wrestling on the network, WOW is currently expected to not be affected by Anthem’s purchase at least for the near future, according to PWInsider. 13 episodes have already been produced and will run through January, and the second half of the season is scheduled to begin airing then.

The future of NJPW on the network is not as clear, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson speculated that due to the closure of AXS’ Dallas office, one possibility is that Anthem will hand over control of NJPW’s weekly show to Impact to handle post-production and even possibly have their own commentary team replace AXS’ team going forward. Johnson also reported that NJPW’s television contract with AXS currently runs through January 2020.