NXT Results – Oct. 16, 2019 – Dunne vs. Priest, Lee vs. Dijakovic

October 16, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

Quick Match Results

  1. Tommaso Ciampa defeated Angel Garza via hangman DDT
  2. Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan via uppercut by Barthel on Lorcan
  3. Io Shirai defeated Kayden Carter via moonsault
  4. Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic was a double DQ when Roderick Strong attacked both men
  5. Matt Riddle defeated Bronson Reed via Bro Derek
  6. Tegan Nox defeated Taynara Conti via Shining Wizard
  7. Damian Priest defeated Pete Dunne via The Reckoning

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Angel Garza

Live from Full Sail University, Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the studio as Tommaso Ciampa makes his return after neck surgery. Angel Garza makes his way to the ring as well for this opening match.

Garza and Ciampa trade and counter kicks and punches, Garza offers a hand in sportsmanship, Ciampa turns it down and is greeted with an enziguri from Garza. Ciampa rolls to the apron, Garza attempts a baseball slide but misses and Ciampa sends him into the steps… slapping himself on the back as he sits on the apron.

Back in the ring, Ciampa tries a Fairytale Ending but Garza sends them both into the corner. After a dropkick to his knee, Ciampa rolls to the outside and Garza hurls himself throw the ropes with a Tope. Back in the ring, missile dropkick from the top! Garza takes off the Mexican Flag wrapped around his waist and throws it at a prone Ciampa in the corner. Ciampa tosses the flag aside and goes after Garza! Kicks into the corner… running knee-strike! Garza’s on the outside, Ciampa grabs the flag, drapes it on the turnbuckle and begins to stomp away at it.

Garza tries to get back in the ring, Ciampa tosses it in his face as he enters… Hangman DDT (Willow’s Bell)! 1… 2.. 3!

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall

Adam Cole and the entire Undisputed Era appear at the top of the ramp and begin to circle the ring. As they walk down, Ciampa is sitting on a chair in the ring clutching onto his trademark crutch. As this is happening, Mauro is looking at his cellphone inquisitively and asks Nigel McGuinness if they should send ‘this’ to the truck. UE regroups and makes their way back up the ramp.

Segment: Undisputed Era, Velveteen Dream

After the break, Mauro takes us to the footage he’s been given, and it is Undisputed Era laying waste to Velveteen Dream sending a warning to anyone who plans on getting in their way.

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make their way to the ring. Dvorak Symphony no. 9 plays throughout the arena as Alexander Wolfe, Fabien Aichner and Marcel Barthel make their way as well.

Burch and Aichner start off this tag team match. Burch sends Aichner into their corner, Lorcan tagged in, Irish whip into the ropes, double back elbow. Burch tagged back in, they try it again, Aichner sidesteps Lorcan’s elbow, clubs Burch and boots Lorcan to oblivion. Aichner brings Burch into their corner and tags in Barthel. Barthel sends Burch into the opposite corner, attempts to whip but reversed. Barthel sitting on the turnbuckle and leaps… eats a headbutt from Burch! A fury of strikes… second-rope dropkick sends Barthel to his corner!

Aichner tagged in, misses with a clothesline but Barthel comes back in to send Burch shoulder first into their corner… tandem kicks by Imperium!

Back from the break and Barthel has Burch worn down in the middle of the ring. Burch fights out and IN COMES LORCAN! He sends all of Imperium to the outside, tags in Burch before he makes another dive! Aichner is rolled back in, German Suplex by Burch. Bell-to-back suplex setup from Lorcan to a waiting Burch who powerbombs him down! Jackknife cover… kickout at 2!

Burch tags Lorcan in, they try to set up Aichner again but Barthel runs interference. Burch sends him to the outside but he then drags Burch outside with him and slugs him a good right! Lorcan is in the ring fending off Aichner. Lorcan sends Barthel to the outside as he continues to fend Aichner. He misses a rushing shoulder into the corner and Barthel follows with one of his own. Brainbuster by Aichner, Barthel with a Tope wiping out Burch! DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT BY AICHNER!! Cover!!! Kick out at 2!

Lorcan and Aichner continue to trade chops but Barthel is tagged in. Lorcan tries to chop his way through both… off the ropes… Spinebuster by Aichner! PK Kick follow-up by Barthel! Barthel is on the middle turnbuckle… Aichner with the powerbomb setup… Barthel uppercuts Lorcan down! 1.. 2.. 3!

WINNERS: Imperium by Pinfall

Io Shirai vs. Kayden Carter

A series of Irish whips and pinfall escapes lead us to Carter connecting with a dropkick from a failed pinfall attempt. Shiria rolls to the outside, Carter’s kick from the apron is blocked and is sent facefirst into it by Shirai. Springboard dropkick by Shirai back in the ring! Kickout at 2.

Another series of missed kicks and pinfall attempts leads to Carter connecting with a springboard victory roll! Kickout at 2… She tries for it again but Shirai stops her momentum with a vicious German Suplex. She’s on the top… MOONSAULT. 1… 2.. 3.

WINNER: Io Shirai by pinfall.

She grabs the microphone. “Not Rhea… Not Bianca… Not Shayna… It’s Me!” Rhea Ripley’s music interrupts her rant and Ripley is heading to the ring, yanking the mic away from Shirai.

“Bianca decided to run her mouth and next week, I get to shut her up. If you ever spit my name out of your mouth again, I have no problem shutting you up too.” Shirai retreats.

Backstage: William Regal

William Regal is interviewed by Kathy Kelley, telling us that Velveteen Dream will not be able to compete next week due to the heinous attack by Undisputed Era. However, Roderick Strong will still be defending his North American Title and it will be against the winner of the match between Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic!

Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

After the break… the music has been played… the walks have been made… who will be the number one contender for the NXT North American Championship?

The two big men size each other up and slam into each other in the middle! Off the ropes again and again until Dijakovic begins to clutch his left shoulder. Lee has Dijakovic by the wrist, Dijakovic misses a lariat and sent to the ropes. Lee leapfrogs and then shoulder tackles him down! A big splash onto Dijakovic’s arm… cover… kickout at 2.

Lee continues to wear down Dijakovic’s left arm but eats a big boot! Back elbows… with the bad arm?! Big lariat!! Cover…. kick out at 2.

In the ring, Dijakovic tries to wear Lee down but he fights back. Lee beats him down into the corner… runs in… Avalanche followed by a helacious Beal! A running elbow into the opposite corner… off the ropes… POUNCE! Cover… kick out at 2.

Lee has Dijakovic up on his shoulder but Dijakovic grabs his Lee’s throat. He has him up… Chokebomb! Kickout at 2!

Lee is in the corner and Dijakovic hoists him up to sit on the top turnbuckle. Dijakovic is setting up for a superplex. Lee blocks and slaps him down to the canvas. He stands up… Frog Splash onto the arm! Dijakovic is writhing, Lee brings him up… A MASSIVE POWERBOMB!! Dijakovic rolls to the outside… trying to regroup as best he can.

Lee meets him there and rolls him back in. Lee has him up in a Fireman’s Carry, Dijakovic breaks it up and goes to the corner. Lee sends another elbow his way… he goes off the ropes… but Dijakovic connects with a Cyclone Kick! Cover! Kickout at 2.

The two behemoths battling in the center of the ring again. Dijakovic sets Lee up… “TIME TO FLY!”… but he can’t get him up. Lee reverses… suplex! Cover! Kickout at 2.

Lee is climbing the ropes, Dijakovic hits a superkick stunning Lee. He has Lee in the Electric Chair! Lee reverses with a REVERSRANA!!! COVER!!! 1… 2… KICKOUT!!!

Lee climbs and sits on the top turnbuckle with Dijakovic lying prone on the ropes next to him. Lee pulls him up to him. Dijakovic fights Lee’s clutches and climbs on top of Lee’s shoulders trying a huracanrana… but Lee’s not budging! Roderick Strong runs into the ring and assaults the two with his North American Title…

WINNER: No Contest

“Very clever, Roderick Strong. But not clever enough, Sunshine!” William Regal bellows from the balcony. “You WILL defend the North American Title against both Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic next week in a Triple Threat Match!”

Matt Riddle vs. Bronson Reed

Riddle and Reed trade of strikes on each other left and right but it inevitable leads to Reed prone in the corner and Riddle sending a knee strike off the parallel corner. And a forearm from the other! Exploder Suplex out of the corner… PK Kick follow up! Cover… Kickout at 2.

Riddle’s senton is met with Reed’s knees. Reed follows with a scoop slam and a BIG senton of his own. Cover… kickout at 2.

Reed misses with a strike and Riddle takes advantage with flurry of paintbrush strikes, a kick into the corner and a Bro to Sleep! Wait… Riddle has him up? POWERBOMB! Final flash knee to follow! Cover! 1… 2… Kick out!

Riddle is climbing the corner for a phoenix splash… Reed counters into a sit-out powerbomb! Kickout at 2. The straps are down and Reed is pumped! Reed has riddle up for a suplex, Riddle slips out and into a sleeper hold. Reed tosses him off. Reed misses a clothesline and hops the bottom corner ropes, Riddle catches him on his shoulder! Bro Derek (Cradle Driver)!! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Matt Riddle by pinfall

Riddle and Reed show sportsmanship after the match.

After the break, photos are shown of Kushida with NXT’s training staff. Mauro and Nigel inform us he has reaggravated his wrist with a hairline fracture due to his match with WALTER last week.

Taynara Conti vs. Tegan Nox

Nox showing no signs of wear and tear on her knees as she sends Conti down with dropkick after dropkick. A series of moves has Conti sending Nox to the outside with a vicious kick to the back. Conti meets her out there and rolls her back in.

Conti sends Nox down with a series of Judo arm drags and then into the corner for a double knee follow up. Cover… kickout at 2! Conti bringing Nox up for some trashtalk but Nox is fighting back with European uppercuts… and a chokeslam!

Running back elbow into the corner from Nox… Senton splash into the corner… climbs the top rope… flying crossbody!! Conti is trying to get up… but eats a Shining Wizard! Cover… 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Tegan Nox by pinfall

Kathy Kelley is interviewing Nox at ringside, Dakota Kai runs down to hug and celebrate with her. Before Nox can say anything, Shayna Baszler along with her Horsewomen, Duke and Shafir make their way down.

“Let me guess,” Baszler says, “You wanna’ throw your name into the hat, huh? How about we ask your friend Dakota Kai what it’s like to be in the ring with me? Let’s be honest, you’ve run out of limbs to rehab…. (Nox screaming if she wants to hurt me so bad, give me a title shot.)… You haven’t earned a title shot! Why don’t you call me when you’ve done something worth talking about!”

Video: Finn Balor

“When your life comes to a crossroads, the only way to find a path to take is to revisit the ones you’ve walked before. How did you get here? Did your footsteps leave the world in a better place or did your missteps leave the world covered in darkness? Egos. Mistakes. Errors. Retrace your steps. Find your heart. I have. And next week, my future will be my past.” – Finn Balor

Boa vs. Killian Dain

Boa has made his way to the ring, waiting to seek revenge on the man who assaulted him blindly last week, Killian Dain.

Boa explodes out of the corner with a series of kicks and forearm shots. He’s kicking Dain like mad against the ropes, a dropkick sends him to the outside. Boa runs to meet him from the side but eats a crossbody from the big man.

Dain rolls him back into the ring and rains down elbows drops. He brings Boa up and sends him to the corner to beat him down with kicks. A hard whip to the opposite corner leads to a failed pinfall attempt. A suplex by Dain followed by a very lackadaisical cover… Dain now tries to wear Boa down in the middle of the ring.

Boa fights back, forearm after forearm… off the ropes… a lariat by Dain silences the onslaught. Fireman’s Carry Slam is followed by a senton… Dain climbs up…. Vader Bomb from the middle turnbuckle. Another one…. and another one! Dain slaps on a half-nelson stretch on a helpless Boa… creating a tapout victory.

WINNER: Killian Dain by submission

Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest

Report via Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com

They lock up and Priest with a wrist lock. Dunne with a side head lock and jumping back elbow. Dunne kicks Priest in the leg and Priest with a knee. Priest with an arm bar. Dunne with a clothesline but Priest stays on his feet. Dunne goes for the hand. Dunne kicks Priest in the arm after stomping on the elbow. Dunne puts the hand on the ring steps and stomps on the biceps. Dunne with a forearm on the apron but Priest kicks Dunne to the apron and Dunne falls to the floor.

Priest sends Dunne into the ring and connects with a forearm. Priest runs into a back elbow from Dunne. Priest with a jumping elbow into the turnbuckles. Dunne returns to the wrist and hand but Priest gets Dunne up for a Falcon Arrow. Priest gets a near fall. Priest with a surfboard and his knee in the back. Dunne with a knee to block suplex attempts. Dunne with an X Plex. Priest kicks Dunne from the apron but Dunne with a forearm to stop Priest on the turnbuckles. Dunne with a superplex. Dunne with kicks to the leg followed by chops.

Priest sends Dunne into the corner and misses an elbow. Dunne with strikes and Priest with an Irish whip and Dunne flips over and hits an enzuigiri. Dunne with a missile drop kick to the knee. Dunne with a German suplex and he stomps on the hands and kicks Priest. Dunne with a moonsault off the turnbuckles onto Priest. They return to the ring and Priest tries to stop Dunne on the turnbuckles but Dunne sees it coming. Dunne works on the hands and sets for a power bomb and hits it for a near fall. Dunne stomps Priest in the chest but Priest kicks back.

Dunne goes for the cross arm breaker and turns it into a triangle but Priest gets a near fall. Priest with an enzuigiri and he sends Dunne shoulder first into the ring post. Priest gets Dunne up for Splash Mountain and hits it for a near fall. Priest with a springboard senton onto Dunne on the floor. Priest with a German suplex but Dunne lands on his feet and kicks Priest. Dunne goes to the turnbuckles and Priest with a cyclone kick. Preist with a Frankensteiner and a sit out choke slam for a near fall.

Dunne with a chop and Priest with a forearm. Dunne with another chop and Priest with another punch. Dunne with forearms and chops. Priest with knees and they both exchange punches. Dunne with a punch and Priest with a clothesline. Dunne escapes the Reckoning and sets for The Bitter End. Dunne with an enzuigiri and Priest with a cyclone kick and Priest comes off the turnbuckles but is met with a forearm. Dunne goes up top for a moonsault but Priest gets his knees up. Priest sets for a power bomb but Dunne goes for the hand and Priest backs Dunne into the corner and Priest wtih a low kick when the referee was out of position. Priest with the Reckoning for the three count.

Winner: Damian Priest