WWE Draft: FOX/USA Reps Will Reportedly Make Picks, Rollins vs. Reigns for #1 Pick (Update)

The WWE draft will take place this Friday on SmackDown and Monday on Raw.

It’s not expected that WWE authority figures will be making the picks for each brand this year. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, FOX and USA representatives will be the ones making the picks for their respective brands. The draft is still a work, though. Here’s how Meltzer explained it:

It’s gonna be people actually picking, like a football draft. It’s not gonna be like they’ve done before. And there will be a rep or reps from USA and a rep or reps from FOX that will be doing the picking as opposed to authority figures from WWE. They don’t want authority figures right now. Of course, it’s all worked.

Update: John Pollock noted that Stephanie McMahon will be actually announcing (but not making) the picks, like a league commissioner would do.

Meltzer added that the draft is already done and WWE basically knows where each person will land, but everything is being kept very secretive and most, if not all talent has no idea where they’ll be going.

The whole draft – and of course, this could change – is already done. They’ve got their battle plan. I have no idea what it is and no one’s going to until the day of. They’re not gonna tell the talent, except I’m sure like Roman Reigns or somebody. I shouldn’t even say I’m sure, because they keep this stuff really secretive.

Reigns vs. Rollins for the #1 Pick

WWE announced that a Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns match will open SmackDown this Friday, with the winner earning the first overall pick in the draft for their respective brand. Rollins will represent Raw and Reigns will represent SmackDown.