WWE Stock Price Plummets After WWE Releases Financial Report

WWE’s stock price was down almost 19% today as of 1 PM ET after WWE released their 2019 Q3 financial report. After closing at around $66 per share yesterday, the price is now at around $54.

WWE’s overall revenue for the quarter was around the same as last year, with $186.3 million compared to $188.4 million in the prior year’s quarter.

WWE Network subscribers were down 9% this quarter, with the average paid subscribers at 1.51 million. WWE also said that they expect the number to drop to 1.43 million next quarter, which would be a 10% drop from last year.

WWE also noted their falling TV ratings, but that they’re still doing a lot better than the average rating on the top 25 cable TV networks:

Click here to view WWE’s full press release.