Darby Allin on Why He Joined AEW Instead of WWE, Tells EVOLVE to “Go F*** Itself”

In a Starrcast IV media scrum on Friday, Darby Allin was asked about why he chose to sign with AEW rather than WWE. Allin had wrestled in EVOLVE – essentially a WWE developmental promotion – for the past couple of years and had become arguably the biggest fan favorite in the company.

Creative freedom, hands down. A lot of people if they see me at first, they don’t know how present me. AEW is like ‘how do you want to be presented?’ instead of ‘this is how we’re going to present you.’ Give me that creative freedom. WWE would have probably made me a creepy figure in a boiler room jacking off or something. No, I’m fine. I want to skateboard and represent that culture.

Allin was also asked about EVOLVE and said, “Tell EVOLVE to go fuck itself.”

Allin left EVOLVE in April and the “relationship ended poorly,” according to PWInsider. There are rumors that Allin had to buy himself out of his contract in order to be able to leave and sign with AEW.

Head of EVOLVE Gabe Sapolsky responded:

h/t: Fightful