More on Tessa Blanchard Bullying Accusations

As noted before, Tessa Blanchard recently faced online backlash regarding accusations of her bullying other wrestlers in the past. Fightful reported that Blanchard’s bullying issues also occurred during her time with Women of Wrestling.

It was reported that on at least one occasion, Blanchard verbally abused a WOW trainer in front of others and was unwilling to discuss nor resolve the matter afterwards.

It was also reported that Blanchard was involved in at least two public confrontations with top talent backstage, which resulted in shouting matches. Blanchard reportedly was not reprimanded on either occasion but at least one other talent was, leading to a feeling within the locker room that Blanchard was getting preferential treatment.

Fightful also reported that other talent in WOW also felt that Blanchard’s growing influence and creative power in the company resulted in the loss of their pushes and her rise as the top star of the company.

Source: Fightful