NXT UK Taping Results – Jan. 18, 2020 – York, England (Night 2)

January 18, 2020
York, England – York Barbican
Results via: @BritWresAwayDay

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Dark Match: Ligero defeated Iestyn Rees with the top rope splash in our happy clappy dark match. Crowd seems a lot livelier than last night.

In-Ring: Grizzled Young Veterans – Grrrrrizzzled Young Veterans (well, Gibson. Drake didnae say a word) start our first episode with a promo proclaiming themselves as the best.

Joe Coffey defeated Amir Jordan, then rips on Ilja Dragunov… then says other Gallus blokes are gonna beat Burch & Lorcan.

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan with kick-slam combo. Ilja runs out after, but is easily laid out by all of Gallus.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Amale with kick off ropes again… This was a redo of a match at last night’s tapings.

Tyler Bate defeated Joseph Conners with the Tyler Driver ’97. Good stuff.

Promo: Jinny – JINNY with a promo on the announce table, ripping on Jazzy Gabert.

Noam Dar defeated Josh Morrell with the high kick.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Joe Coffey with Torpedo Moscow. YEEEAAHH!! Very good for an #NXTUK TV match.

Zack Gibson & James Drake defeated Wild Boar & Primate with the double-team lung blower (that has a Liverpool-based name I can’t remember at this point). Long match.

Kassius Ohno defeated Jack Starzzz by submission to a crossfaceymovearoo.

A-Kid defeated Brian Kendrick with a RIDICULOUS springboard backflip DDT.

NXT UK Women’s Championship I Quit Match: Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm to retain the title, threatening to stomp Toni’s head in a chair. Piper Niven and Johnny Kidd & Sid Scala out before the end.

Alexander Wolfe defeated Travis Banks with a Liger Bomb after a hard fought contest.

Ridge Holland defeated Saxon Huxley with the ALABAMA SLAM.

Aoife Valkyrie defeated Isla Dawn with her top rope fame-asser move.

NXT UK Championship: WALTER defeated Bomber Dave Mastiff with a jacknife powerbomb to retain NXT UK Title. Good one.