NXT UK Taping Results – Jan. 17, 2020 – York, England (Night 1)

January 17, 2020
York, England – York Barbican
Results via: @BritWresAwayDay

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Tom Phillips & Aidan English on commentary. About 800 in.

Dark Match: Michael May defeated Iestyn Rees via CHEEKY ROLLUP after being chucked all over the place to start us off.

In-Ring: Imperium – First episode ‘proper’ starts with Imperium out as WALTER is presented with brand new #NXTUK Title belt (looks a lot like the old one from here…). They then have some STERN WORDS for Undisputed Era for Worlds Collide next week.

Jordan Devlin defeated Ligero with the “Devlin Side”. Decent match. Devlin wrestled first few mins in his jacket, prompting someone to shout “Is tha not stayin? Tek tha coat off lad!” and everyone laughed. Lots of “YORRRRKSHIRE!” chants.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Josh Terry with Torpedo Moscau in a quick squash. Afterwards, Ilja is hyping his match with Balor at Worlds Collide until Joe Coffey interrupts him mid-flow… Coffey clarifies that Ilja isn’t officially part of Gallus and blames him for costing him the match against WALTER in Blackpool. Coffey wishes Ilja luck in Houston, but says he’s then “got something to settle with the Iron King”. That’s him, you see.

Travis Banks defeated The Brian Kendrick – Banks kicks out of Sliced Bread #2 to hit Slice of Heaven and Kiwi Krusher to beat Kendrick. Strong match, this. That’s the end of episode 1…

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan defeated The Hunt (Wild Boar & Primate) with double team London Bridge (Boys & Girls).

In-Ring: Eddie Dennis, Trent Seven – Evil Eddie Dennis out in his suit jacket next to gloat about what he did to Trent Seven in Blackpool. Trent comes out (also in his suit jacket) and they have a confrontation.

Isla Dawn defeated Nina Samuels with a bridging German suplex.

Ridge Holland defeated Tyson T-Bone with an Emerald Fusion-type move. This was short, but it was a certified Beefy Fuckers ScrapTM.

Imperium (Barthel, Wolfe & Aichner) defeated Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Bomber Dave Mastiff – Aichner with brainbuster on Andrews. This was great – best match of night so far. WALTER ran out to interfere but Mastiff put him down. This crowd LOVED Mastiff; loudest reactions of the night for everything he did. This was presumably the main event of show #2.

Piper Niven defeated Dani Luna

Tyler Bate defeated A-Kid with the Tyler Driver. This was really good. Tyler’s one of world’s best, but Kid has loads of great subtle reactions and stuff I hadn’t previously noticed. Crowd here loved “Our Kid”. Joseph Conners out to confront Bate afterwards…

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter defeated Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sammy Smooth) – My first time seeing Carter and he looked a decent WWE TV-style wrestler. Pretty Deadly attack in revenge after.

In-Ring: Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm – Kay Lee Ray is here to do a talkie, but Toni Storm marches out to confront her and say she stole the victory at Takeover. KLR challenges Toni to an I QUIT title rematch, but if Toni loses she can’t challenge for belt again while Kay Lee is champ.

“Aoife” Valkyrie defeated Amale with double-stomp off the ropes. Guess we have a new player in NXT UK.

Bomber Dave Mastiff squashes Saxon Huxley with the Bastard Bomb in the corner.

Steel Corners Streetfight: Trent Seven defeated Eddie Dennis with the Burning Hammer after running Eddie into two exposed, well, steel corners. This was terrific fun – a wild brawl that git the best audience reactions of day. There were no turnbuckle pads in this match.

Good fun today. Nothing so far I’d say is unmissable, but Imperium 6-man tag, Bate-Kid and Seven-Dennis were really good and worth a look.