Brandi Rhodes Doesn’t Like Cody’s New Tattoo

Cody Rhodes revealed a striking new tattoo at AEW Revolution on Saturday – a large Nightmare Family logo on the right side of his neck.

In a post-Revolution media scrum, Brandi Rhodes said that she is not a fan of the tattoo.

“I’m the one person that doesn’t like the neck tattoo. I don’t like it. I’ve said it. There it is. I’m sorry, I don’t. I don’t like it,” she said.

Dustin Rhodes then asked if he can get a tattoo that says “Brandi” on his face. “You can do whatever the hell you want, it’s your body. The same thing I told my husband,” Brandi said. “I know a lot of wives like to be really hands on. My husband makes his own decisions. So if I decide to do something crazy, he can just let me make my own decisions.”

Cody said that he will talk more about the tattoo on an episode of “AEW Road to Denver” that will be released on AEW’s YouTube channel today.