AEW Double or Nothing Media Call Notes

AEW held a media call with Cody as the host this past Thursday for their Double or Nothing event later tonight at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Among the topics discussed included Cody stating that around 90% of the card for tonight’s event had been originally planned prior to issues caused by the coronavirus.

In regards to the design of the TNT Championship, Cody stated that only Tony Khan has actually seen the new belt. Cody also stated that the reason why the TNT Champion will not be ranked within the Men’s Singles rankings for the AEW World title is due to them not committing to a definitive direction nor creative plans for the title at the moment.

In regards to tapings, Cody stated that the current plan is to remain in Jacksonville, Florida for the foreseeable future due to them not wanting to add more risk by traveling to different potential locations.

Cody also stated that announcements regarding the rescheduling of previously cancelled shows are currently expected to be made during the next two weeks.

On the topic of Mike Tyson’s involvement with AEW, Cody stated:

“Mike Tyson is somebody we met, as a company, at Double or Nothing last year. Over the course of the year, we’d come to really respect him as a fan of what we do. He’s a hardcore AEW fan. I would say though, that’s one of the last touches that was put on Double or Nothing in terms of ‘who will be the one to present the championship.’ Someone with the element of prestige, that is what Mike is there to do on Saturday. He will hand the championship to Lance or myself. It’s been fun getting to know Mike over the last year.”

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