Sammy Guevara Apologizes for Past Comment About Sasha Banks (Update: Guevara Suspended)


AEW announced that they have suspended Guevara without pay and will “re-evaluate his status within the company” after he “undergoes extensive sensitivity training.”

Original Story:

Sammy Guevara apologized today after a comment that he made about Sasha Banks on a podcast in 2016 was unearthed.

“Bro, Sasha Banks… oh my God. When I was at WWE the other week, I wanted to just go fucking rape that woman,” Guevara said in a “joking” tone on the “RAW’s 4th Hour” podcast in 2016.

The host asked him if he had a WWE tryout, but Sammy said that he was there as “an extra.”

After audio of the comment went viral on Twitter, there was a lot of backlash, and Guevara issued an apology.

Sasha Banks commented and said that Guevara also personally apologized to her.