AEW: Cody vs. Warhorse Announced, Young Bucks Match Draws Over 1 Million on Dynamite

Cody vs. Warhorse

Cody’s TNT Championship open challenge opponent this coming Wednesday on Dynamite will be indie wrestler Warhorse.

Warhorse has most frequently recently wrestled for indie promotion IWTV, where he’s the current IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion.

There was some speculation that Warhorse would be Cody’s opponent this past Wednesday when it was hyped that Cody would face “one of the top independent wrestlers” in the business. Cody defeated Eddie Kingston on Wednesday.

Young Bucks Match Draws Over 1 Million

The end of The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher & The Blade falls count anywhere match on Dynamite this past Wednesday drew over one million live viewers, Tony Khan said on Twitter.

Wednesday’s Dynamite drew an average of 845,000 viewers, its best number since March 18. Dynamite hasn’t drawn 1 million overall since its first three weeks in October. The premiere on October 2, 2019 drew 1,409,000, October 9 drew 1,018,000 and October 16 drew 1,014,000.