WWE: Kairi Sane Update, Velveteen Dream Update, COVID-19 Testing Update, New Trademarks

Kairi Sane Status Update

As noted before, Kairi Sane has been out of action from WWE since suffering a head injury during a match against Nia Jax on RAW in late May.

Fightful reported (via Fightful Select) that Sane’s status within the company was “pretty complicated” as of last month.

It was reported that WWE originally had plans in May for Sane to return to Japan and work as an ambassador for the company. It was also reported that it is not known if Sane would have been involved in the long rumored NXT expansion plans for Japan nor if these plans would have affected the status of her in-ring career in the company.

Sane’s current status in the company reportedly is not known but several of Fightful’s sources stated that they would like to see Sane continue her wrestling career.

Velveteen Dream Car Accident Update

As noted before, Velveteen Dream was involved in a car accident this past weekend with the only details known at the time being that Dream had been released from the hospital.

WrestlingInc.com reported that Dream’s car accident took place at around 4PM local time and was caused by Dream allegedly failing to stop at a red light. Dream reportedly hit another car causing the driver of the other car to suffer injuries, which were unknown in terms of severity at the time of WrestlingInc’s report.

Dream reportedly was issued a citation afterwards but will not be required to appear in court regarding this incident.

WWE COVID-19 Testing Update

WWE reportedly held another set of testing earlier this week prior to their tapings for NXT’s Great American Bash special, according to Fightful.

Sean Ross Sapp reported that several talent had arrived early for their testing this week and a new company memo was issued detailing newly updated guidelines to be followed for tapings going forward at the Performance Center.

“As a reminder, wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing will be required at the Performance Center this week and going forward. You’ll be required to wear a mask upon entering and we ask that you adhere to these requirements in order to minimize risks.”

WWE Files Several New Trademarks & Abandons “The Man” Trademark

WWE reportedly filed several new trademarks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

A trademark for “Wrestle War” was filed on June 26th for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes. Wrestle War is notable in wrestling history for being the name of a series of pay-per-view events held by World Championship Wrestling from 1989 to 1992. The 1989 edition of Wrestle War featured the final match in the famous Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat trilogy of matches.

A trademark for “Bella Army” was filed on June 26th and also for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes.

PWInsider’s Steven Fernandes reported that WWE’s filing for “The Man” was recently issued an abandoned status by the USPTO due to WWE failing to officially respond in time following its initial refusal this past December.