WWE: USA Network President Leaving NBC, More on Ending to Asuka vs. James, Sasha Banks

USA Network President Leaving NBC Universal

USA Network’s President Chris McCumber reportedly will be leaving the network and NBC Universal within the near future, according to Post Wrestling.

John Pollock reported that McCumber had been with USA Network since 2001 and had been the network’s president since 2011.

McCumber reportedly was considered to be the point person in the working relationship between the network and WWE. McCumber also was the main person who spearheaded the negotiations between WWE, USA Network, and NBC resulting in the current five-year television deal for RAW for around $265 million annually that went into effect this past October.

More on Ending to the Asuka vs. Mickie James Match at This Week’s RAW Episode

This past Monday’s episode of WWE RAW featured a RAW Women’s Championship match between Mickie James and Asuka. This match was notable for being abruptly called off late into the match by the match referee, which caused some confusion afterwards with James.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that the original finish for the match was for James to tap out to Asuka’s Asuka Lock submission. Johnson reported that the bell being run prematurely was due to the match referee was very concerned over the well-being of James.

Johnson reported that the referee felt James was not acting normal and might have been legit stunned or dazed due to the way she was selling Asuka’s submission move.

James reportedly was actually completely fine and had simply managed to fool those overseeing the match due to her excellent job of selling Asuka’s move.

Sasha Banks Among The Cast for Season 2 of The Mandalorian

Disney and Lucasfilm recently released the debut trailer for the upcoming season two of The Mandalorian series. The trailer featured a notable scene involving the appearance of Sasha Banks in the background who was wearing Jedi-like clothing.

Season two of The Mandalorian will premiere on October 30th on the Disney+ streaming service.