Amount of Positive COVID-19 Cases in WWE Higher Than Originally Reported

As noted before, WWE and several other businesses are currently being investigated by Orange County officials in Florida in regards to their venues being possible hotspots for the coronavirus in the county.

WWE has had about 150 positive tests for COVID-19 since the company started running television tapings and events at the Performance Center. This number is based on the 1.5% figure (out of 10,000 tests administered) for positive cases given by WWE in their official statement regarding the current investigations against them. Out of the 150 positive tests, some may have been people testing positive more than once. This number is also higher than what was previously assumed to be the amount of total positive cases from WWE’s multiple outbreaks since this past June.

Bryan Alvarez also reported on Wrestling Observer Live that the 1.5% positive cases number given by WWE does not include family members of infected wrestlers and staff who contracted the coronavirus, which would put the number of total infected people associated with WWE even higher than WWE’s official number.