WWE Schedules Mandatory Counseling Session Meeting for Talent

This past summer saw the wrestling industry get hit with a wave of sexual abuse allegations from an online movement called #SpeakingOut. Among those accused included several notable talent within WWE and NXT.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that in response to the #SpeakingOut movement, the recent lawsuit filed by Candy Cartwright, and an attempt to change their longtime company and industry culture, WWE recently scheduled all of their talent to participate in a mandatory counseling streaming session on October 28th. The counseling session will be conducted by therapy firm Total Life Counseling.

Meltzer reported that this will be a multiple part session with the first conference being the main presentation to all talent and includes a second Zoom link for later individual breakout sessions. Another smaller group session will also be held to give talent the opportunity to participate and ask questions in a smaller intimate group setting.