Various: EC3 Done With Impact, Tony Khan on Le Dinner Debonair & AEW Dark Length, Indies

EC3 Reportedly Leaving Impact Wrestling

EC3’s current run in Impact is reportedly done for now.

Fightful Select reported that EC3’s run with Impact Wrestling was only for a limited number of dates and he is finished there for the time being.

It was reported that EC3 will be working for Ring of Honor for the remainder of this year but the future of his career afterwards is currently not known.

EC3 is currently rumored to be working on plans for a new wrestling project that is not associated with either ROH or Impact.

AEW CEO Tony Khan Comments on Le Dinner Debonair & AEW Dark’s Increasing Runtime

PWInsider held a recent interview with AEW CEO Tony Khan and some of the topics discussed included his thoughts on AEW’s Le Dinner Debonair musical segment and the recent increase in length for AEW Dark episodes.

On the topic of Le Dinner Debonair musical segment, Khan stated:

“I expected it to be a very polarizing segment and it was very polarizing and I expected it would create a lot of conversation and then the next week, those guys would pull a big number and that’s what happened. I think it worked out well to do the Town Hall segment coming off it because the Town Hall segment was probably more in the context of what people have come to expect from Max and Chris. so I thought the Town Hall was more conventional and probably that’s why I thought it was, you know…obviously it did a really strong number but also made more sense to go closer to the pay per view for the next show.”

On the topic of AEW Dark’s increasing runtime and the possibility of being split into two shows in the future, Khan stated:

“Yeah I think it’s our developmental system. Not everyone who is on the show is working in developmental but they might be working to bring up somebody in developmental and that’s why I think Dark is so important to us. I think that it’s a good thought and it’s a thought I’ve shared and have considered in the past and am still considering about is there ways to maybe split it into more shows and that has nothing to do with a third hour on TNT. I mean, our main roster of Dynamite performers, we have enough depth to easily put together three very strong hours of TV week to week without dipping into a lot of the performers that you see on Dark wrestling each week.

So what’s exciting to me is that we have a lot of young talent on Dark and it’s a great way to develop people, it’s a great way to get people more ring time that we want to push, it’s a great way to get people exposure because Dark does very good viewership. Many episodes have done half a million viewers or better. This past week’s episode is I think at 400,000 or more and it’s a great way to get your name out there but it’s really for us also a great way to put people in a position for a tryout. It’s a great way to try a new gimmick with somebody, it’s a great way to repackage somebody. There’s just so many great things we’ve been able to do with the Dark tapings and I’m just really happy that we have so many great young women and men that are working with us and plying their trade on Dark and I think it’s like you said, a lot of people have become very important in this company working their way up through Dark, which to me is like, you know, it’s effectively our developmental show. But it’s a lot more than that too because a lot of our big stars go and work on the show and they work with the younger people and help them. I think I’ve said like eight times in one answer, to help them develop.

So yeah, I think it’s a great vehicle for us and it will continue to be a great vehicle for us. I think there is some merit to having another show, another developmental show that would probably take place as part of the same tapings and there is some merit to possibly splitting Dark into two shows, but again that would have nothing to do with our third hour on TNT, that would be dividing Dark into another streaming show rather than have that be anything that has to do with our third hour on TNT that is coming in 2021.”

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Lance Storm recently announced on Twitter that he is currently working on plans to re-open his Storm Wrestling Academy albeit in a virtual form.

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced a new stipulation for the King of Pro Wrestling Championship match at this Saturday’s Power Struggle 2020 event. Toru Yano will now be defending his title against Zack Sabre Jr. in a No Corner Pad match.

NJPW also announced that Yoshinobu Kanemaru recently suffered a right knee injury and as a result, he was pulled from the card of their Road to Power Struggle event earlier today in Kochi, Japan.

Impact Wrestling reportedly will be holding their next set of Impact! television tapings from November 17th to November 20th in Nashville, Tennessee, according to Fightful.

All Japan Pro Wrestling announced that one of their talents, Zeus, recently tested positive for the coronavirus and will be under quarantine until November 11th. The company also stated that Zeus had not been in close contact with other AJPW talent.

A new biographical book based on The Rock is currently scheduled to be released on November 29th. The book is titled Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: The People’s Champion – From WWE to Hollywood by writer James Romero and covers Johnson’s wrestling and acting careers.

WrestlePro announced a new match for the card of their Fan Appreciation Night 2020 event on November 28:

  • Fallah Bahh & KC Navarro vs. Nikos Rikos & Shawn Donovan