NXT Results – Jan. 20, 2021 – Ciampa vs. Thatcher Fight Pit

Results by Mike Hogan of Rajah.com

January 20, 2021
Capitol Wrestling Center – Orlando, FL
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix

Quick Match Results

  1. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Kushida & Leon Ruff defeated Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory via Back to the Future Driver by Kushida on Gargano
  2. Karrion Kross defeated Ashante “Thee” Adonis via forearm strike
  3. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Lucha House Party defeated Imperium via shooting star press by Dorado on Martel
  4. Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden James defeated Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez via rotating twisting senton by Catanzaro on Storm
  5. Bronson Reed defeated Tyler Rust via Tsunami splash
  6. Fight Pit: Timothy Thatcher defeated Tommaso Ciampa via modified stretch muffler submission

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1
Kushida & Leon Ruff vs. Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory

When we cut to the arena, Leon Ruff and Kushida are in the ring and ready to go. Representing the Way are Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory, who make their way down to the ring. We start things off with Leon Ruff and Austin Theory.

Theory and Ruff spend the first couple of minutes with move and counter move as neither man firmly takes control. Ruff hits a nice dropkick, and manages to put the brakes on when he’s whipped into the ropes. Theory with a nice suplex. Ruff finally takes control and tags in Kushida, and Kushida & Ruff work together to double team Austin Theory. Kushida starts his technical attack on Theory, cranking the left arm back and applying pressure to the left shoulder. Kushida repositions and continues to keep pressure on the left shoulder. Theory struggles to his feet; Kushida fails to take him back down and Theory takes control. Theory quickly tags in Gargano, who drops knees on Kushida before stomping on him and yelling “I’m the best!” Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett and Vic “Not Michael Cole” Joseph are our commentary team tonight–and all three are present, not just the usual two.

Gargano continues to slow down Kushida and tags Theory back in. Theory with a strong Irish Whip and drops Kushida. Theory with a big shoulder. Theory locks up Kushida’s left arm behind him and pulls him back into the Way’s corner, and Gargano tags in. Theory and Gargano double team Kushida, and both stomp on him until the ref warns them. Gargano with a suplex. Gargano sends Kushida’s face into the turnbuckle and tags in Theory, putting Kushida in an abdominal stretch so Theory can punch the vulnerable ribs. Theory attempts to lift Kushida but fails, and Kushida stumbles back to his own corner–and Ruff makes the hot tag!

Ruff hits the ring on fire and takes down Gargano. Ruff uses his own body, throwing himself across the ring and taking down the North American champion! Ruff uses his size and speed to force Gargano into tagging out. Theory comes in. Ruff fails to contain him, and Theory regains the upper hand. We go to picture-in-picture commercial break. Theory takes Ruff to the Way’s corner and kicks him, taunting him, then tags in Gargano. Gargano pulls Ruff up by the left arm, drapes it over his (Gargano’s) left shoulder and pulls at the wrist. Kushida threatens to come in as Gargano smirks and drops Ruff down. Gargano uses the middle rope to choke Ruff. Ruff tries to desperately get to his corner; Gargano positions himself between Ruff and Kushida and slaps on a headlock. Ruff desperately inches towards his corner but Gargano forces him back and tags in Theory. Theory puts Ruff in the corner, and throws his shoulder into his midsection repeatedly. Theory slams Ruff down in the ring, moves over to Kushida and yells something at him, then attempts a cover. Theory locks in a chin lock on a seated Ruff, puts his knee in Ruff’s back, and digs his knuckles into Ruff’s upper back and shoulder. Ouch! Ruff tries to fight out of it but Theory shuts him down with a quick clothesline. Theory tags in Gargano. Gargano continues to control Ruff and refuses to let him near his corner, effectively cutting the ring in half. Gargano with a snapmare and a neck lock. Gargano with a suplex and pin attempt. Gargano tags in Theory, then whips Ruff into the corner. Gargano whips Theory towards Ruff but Ruff moves, then leaps over Gargano as he charges in. Ruff lands on the mat hard and tries to squirm over to his corner. Gargano comes in and stops it. Gargano exits the ring as Theory’s legal, and as Ruff just gets to his corner, Gargano attacks Kushida, pulling him off the apron so Ruff can’t make the tag!

Theory drags Ruff across the room, and takes his time, mocking Ruff. Theory loses control of the situation when, after sending Ruff into the corner and up the ropes, Ruff hits a middle-rope crossbody to drop Theory! Ruff gets the tag to Kushida! Kushida comes in super fast, taking out Theory in the ring with a rope-assisted sommersault elbow strike, then takes Gargano off the apron with a flying attack. Kushida moves lightning-fast, taking out Theory again in the ring and diving out and onto Gargano! Theory finally gets Gargano tagged in, and Johnny starts some offense in, but Kushida wastes no time in taking Gargano down. Face plant, suplex, strong strike and attempted Hoverboard Lock sends the North American champion to tag in Theory just to escape Kushida! Chaos breaks out as Theory comes in and Kushida takes him down fast and hard, and drops the North American champ when he comes back in. Kushida with a backflip followed by a stiff kick. Kushida goes for the Hoverboard on Gargano but fails to implement it. Kushida hits the Back to the Future driver! Kushida covers the North American champ!

Your Winners and advancing in the Dusty Classic, Kushida & Leon Ruff!

Backstage: Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne cuts a promo, pre-recorded, about his intent to defeat Finn Bálor and take the NXT Championship. That’s the gist of it.

Backstage: Malcolm Bivens, Tyler Rust

Mackenzie walks the halls backstage and comes across Malcolm Bivens. He promotes his client, Tyler Rust, as being more than a rookie and being the next big thing. Rust walks out of Mr. Regal’s office, thanking him for making a match for him. Rust tells Bivens that he got William Regal to give him a match with Bronson Reed. Bivens whispers to Rust that that wasn’t the direction he wanted him to go in, but what’s done is done.

Karrion Kross vs. Ashante “Thee” Adonis

Kross makes his unique entry as normal, with Scarlett leading the way and decked out in black leather or vinyl and wearing a unique head piece. Almost makes me think of Medusa. She does her “fall and pray” bit (and yes, that’s really her vocals on his music) and Kross makes his way to the ring. He turns and looks, and his opponent is already in the ring. The bell rings and Kross hits a big slam to start it. Kross hits a Saito Suplex next, and the ref checks on Adonis. Kross hits another big side suplex, dropping Adonis around like a doll. The ref checks on him again. Kross stands up and waits, yelling at his opponent. When Adonis stands, Kross streaks across and hits him in the back with a running forearm strike to the back of the neck and, after those four moves, covers and picks up the win!

Your Winner and STILL Undefeated, Karrion Kross!

After the match we get replays and are reminded that Kross is still undefeated. The match was quick, with a total of four moves being executed. Desmond Troy comes in to check on his friend and tag partner, Adonis, and Kross locks in the Kross Jacket! Kross leaves with both men down after a very short squash match.

Video Package: MSK

We get a short package covering the brief, one-week career of MSK here in NXT while alluding to their time in Impact Wrestling as The Rascalz. Up next will be another Dusty Classic match.

Backstage: Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez

Toni and Mercedes address their opponents tonight, best friends Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. Storm says that they don’t even need friendship, because they’ve got talent. They tell Kacy and Kayden to enjoy their first-round exit.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1
Imperium vs. Lucha House Party

We cut back to our arena, and Imperium makes their way out. The Lucha House Party (LHP) are already in the ring, ready to rock. Lince Dorado and Marcel Barthel are starting things off. Marcel pushes Lince back into the corner, and the ref forces the break. Both men wrap up in the middle of the ring. Marcel with a nice suplex to drop Lince, and a rear left arm lock. Dorado tries to back up towards the LHP corner but Marcel blocks him. Dorado flips over Marcel but Barthel has it scouted and takes out the lucha. Dorado starts to fight back with a series of chops and kicks Marcel in the mid-section. Gran Metalik is charged in! Lince Dorado hits a flying headbutt, then has Gran Metalik stand on his shoulders and runs over to a downed Barthel, and Metalllik leaps off his partner’s shoulders and splashes Marcel! Attempted cover but nothing. Barthel makes the tag to the Equalizer, Fabian Aichner. Aichner uses his raw strength to manhandle Metalik. Aichner with a near wear-down, then a suplex followed by a slam. Metalik escapes and tags in Dorado, and both men send Aichner out. Dorado attempts a suicide dive between the ropes but Aichner catches him! Aichner slams Dorado into the apron and ring side. Aichner and Barthel attack Gran Metalik as he sits perched on the top rope, and we go to break with Imperium posing on the apron as Metalik and Dorado are both down!

When we return from the break, we see Dorado flipping off the ropes to hit a textbook backpack stunner on Aichner, who stumbles back and tags in Marcel Barthel. Marcel takes control and places Dorado on the top rope, seated. Marcel strikes Dorado, even stepping up on the middle rope to hit a kick to the back of the head. Marcel with a DDT off the top rope. Both men are down and both their partners are ready to hit the ring. Both crawl, closer–Marcel makes the tag just moments before Dorado does! Aichner and Metalik hit the ring fast. Aichner whips Metalik into the corner, but Metalik goves over the ropes and hits a step-up Enziguri. Metalik dives off the top with a hurricanrana. Metalik goes up the corner, leaps onto hte rings and hits a springboard moonsault! Aichner attempts to regain control, using his raw power to drop Metalik. Aichner tags in Marcel; Marcel holds Metalik in a rolled-up position, and Aichner dives off the top to land feet-first on Metalik! Dorado races over to break up the pin attempt. Aichner is tagged back in, but fails to stop Metalik from tagging in Dorado. Dorado with a diving kick. Dorado with an attempted roll-up but Aichner catches Dorado behind himself. Metalik hits a missile dropkick to Aichner’s chest, causing him to roll back and allowing Dorado to roll him up. Marcel barely makes the save! Aichner tags in Marcel, who whips Dorado into the ropes. Aichner with a spinebuster as Dorado rebounds followed by a running punt kick from Marcel! Imperium are distracted by Dorado, foretting about Metalik who takes them out from behind! Aichner spills to the outside and Metalik runs, diving off hte top and taking out Aichner at ringside. Marcel attempts to roll up Dorado but fails. Dorado goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press perfectly and picks up the surprise win!

Your Winners and advancing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, the Lucha House Party!

As Imperium recover, we see Alexander Wolfe at the top of the ramp and our commentary team are absolutely in shock.

Following that big upset, the Lucha House Party will square off with Legado Del Fantasma in the next round. MSK will take on Drake Maverick & Killian Dain in the next round; Kushida & Leon Ruff will face the Grizzled Young Veterans; and the Undisputed Era will take on the winner of Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari vs Ashante Adonis & Desmond Troy.

Segment: Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

William Regal is at the top of the stage and welcomes WWE Legend Beth Phoenix. A huge trophy, taller than either of them, stands between them. Phoenix tells us how proud she is to be in this building, and name-drops everyone from Sasha Banks to Bliss to Bayley to Flair to Carmella, Lynch, Baszler, Asuka, etc and tells us that they’ve all been a big part of the Women’s Revolution in the WWE. Phoenix, surrounded by the NXT Women’s Roster, reminds us that these women let NXT and went on to headline pay-per-views and main event WrestleMania. She’s excited to kick off the first-ever Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! And without further ado, she announces the first match which is…

Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1
Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden James vs. Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez

Our four competitors make their way quickly to the ring and begin with Storm and Carter. Carter and Storm start off with a sequence of wrap-ups, escapes and arm twists with neither taking the advantage early on. Carter drops Storm but Storm dodges an up-and-over. Storm comes off the ropes and drops Carter, and finally control is established. Storm tags in Martinez who hits a side slam and stomp. Carter, on her back, tries to fight back by tossing up big leg strikes. Martinez fails to shut her down and Carter tags in her long-time tag partner, Kacy Catanzaro, who helps drop Martinez. Martinez stops Kacy’s offense with a huge open-handed chop to Kacy’s chest, dropping the smaller woman. Martinez with a European Uppercut. Martinez with a rear chinlock as Kacy screams in pain and Kayden encourages her partner. The real crowd is mostly dead for this, as are our ThunderDome viewers. But the digital audience is…somewhat into this. Martinez whips Kacy. Kacy leaps up around Martinez’s waist and attempts a sleeper but Martinez slams her down and covers for two. We go to break.

Back from the break and Storm & Martinez have maintained control through the break. Storm whips Kacy into the corner; Martinez comes in and charges her in the corner, ramming her and covering for a two. Martinez takes Kacy back into the corner and hits another big chop on the exposed flesh. Martinez takes Kacy up top and looks for a Superplex. Kacy blocks it. Martinez pivots and picks Kacy up in a fireman’s carry. Martinez turns, looking to leap, but Kacy slips out and climbs up on top of Martinez’s shoulders. Kacy with a big Huricanrana off the top! Martinez manages to make the tag but Kacy’s still slow in recovering. Storm angrily pulls Kacy but can’t keep ahold of her and Kacy tags in Carter! Carter hits it fast, using a series of whips, dropkicks, and splashes to take out both of their opponents! Carter rolls through on Storm, attempting a pin; Storm escapes but Carter makes her pay with a quick soccer kick to the face! Carter with a sliding leg clothesline that leaves Storm laid-out across the bottom rope! Carter goes for the pin but Martinez breaks it up. Kacy hits the ring and drops Martinez with a dropkick, rolling the big woman out, and follows it up with a springboard crossbody to take out Martinez at ringside! Storm wraps up Carter from behind in the ring. Carter tries to fight, and Storm converts into a single-leg crab! Carter can’t reach her partner. Storm stands on her opponent’s bag while using that single-leg crab! Carter screams in pain still. As the ref is focused on Carter and Storm, NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai takes out Martinez behind the ref’s back! Storm breaks the submission but has no one to tag! Carter drops Storm, tags in Kacy, and Kacy shocks Wade’s world by stealing the win with a 450/372/740 (our commentary team’s guesses at the spins in that move, not mine) followed by the pin fall!

Your Winners and advancing in the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter!

Backstage: William Regal, Finn Bálor

Bálor storms into Regal’s office, demanding vengeance against Pete Dunne. But first, he wants to take on both Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan as he feels if you chop off (Pete Dunne’s) arms, you can chop off the head (Pete Dunne). Regal says he’s trying to protect Bálor, and Bálor can’t take on both Lorcan and Church at the same time. Regal tells Bálor to find a partner. Bálor says he has no friends here, just enemies, and Regal tells him to keep his enemies close. We go to break.

Backstage: Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter

Mackenzie informs us that due to an injury to Ashante Thee Adonis, he won’t be able to compete and–we don’t know what that means for his team as Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter excitedly interrupt her, telling her how they told her they’d win.

Bronson Reed vs. Tyler Rust

We return to the ring, and Rust & Bivens are in the ring. Bivens is giving Rust some last minute advice as Thicczilla/Thicc Boi/Auszilla/that kid from Deadpool 2 all grown up/the Colossal Bronson Reed makes his way out. We see a quick clip from before the match, in which Isaiah “Swerve” Scott telling Bronson Reed, backstage, that he didn’t want his advice and then tells him to have a nice day. Okay.

The bell rings and we get on to something that makes more sense. Reed and Rust lock up, and Reed slams Rust down. Reed locks one hand with Rust and easily overpowers him, then shoves him down. Reed locks in a side headlock on Rust, holding it on for several moments. Rust begins to pull Reed’s hair, and Reed smartly moves back against the ropes. The ref breaks all holds. Reed and Rust run off opposite ropes, and Reed rams Rust right out the ring. Bivens gives Rust a quick pep-talk as the ref counts, and Rust rushes back in. Rust with a few kicks but Reed picks him up in an inverted Military Press, and drops him down. Reed then hits a unique take on a Fallaway Slam. Rust rolls to the apron and sits there, getting advice from Bivens–basically, to run away. Reed takes Rust back in and they clash, with Rust attacking Reed’s left elbow. Rust is up first and throws a series of kicks into Reed’s left elbow. We see that backstage, Io Shirai and Mercedes Martinez are brawling in the back. Back in the ring, Reed takes control and drops Rust with a big punch. Reed whips Rust into the ropes, runs off the opposite ropes, and runs him over/sidewalk slams him (odd combo, yes). Reed with a big one-handed twisting chokeslam followed by a close two. Rust starts to fight back now, lifting Reed up to the top turnbuckle. Rust tries to hyper-extend the left elbow but Reed shoves him back. Rust comes up and, in a very impressive display, hits a top rope-assisted Samoan drop and covers for a close two! Reed starts to fire up, slamming Rust down. Reed goes up top and dives high up, dropping his Tsunami splash down hard on Rust and putting him away.

Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Backstage: Finn Bálor, Undisputed Era

Bálor is asked about finding a tag team partner, per William Regal’s instructions earlier. Bálor says he’s not found one yet, but there’s a few people around here who owe him favors. He walks off and we move on to a commercial break.

After commercials, Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong are chillin’ out relaxin’ all cool, shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school when up walks Finn Bálor. Cole asks him what he wants, and Bálor says he’s there for his due–he wants Kyle O’Reilly to team with him next week. KOR agrees and says “see you next week, champ.” Bálor walks off and we go to the arena.

In-Ring: Santos Escobar, Legado del Fantasma, Lucha House Party, Curt Stallion

Santos speaks as he makes his way to the ring. “A real champion does what he wants, when he wants. You are looking at the chmapion of champion. The NXT Cruiserweight Champion…Santos Escobar. Now let me explain to you what a true champion is. A champion of champion doesn’t have to conquer a curse, like Johnny Gargano. A champion of champions doesn’t have a glass jaw, like Finn Bálor. You know, some people try and act like a champion. Bad-ass car, pretty mamacita…I know, the pomp and circumstances. Like Karrion Kross. And when it’s time to prove themselves, they don’t even make it through the first title defense! I guess carrying a title is a heavy, heavy chip on your shoulders.” He enters the ring. “You know what? I backup every word that I have said, and I have beaten every single person that has been on my path. Now, even Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado, they came here and tried to destroy my empire, mi imperio. I sent them packing. Now, Raul, Joaquin, you have won your first round match in the Dusty Cup! And that, caballeros, puts you one step closer into becoming the NXT Tag Team Champions! And joining me right here as the champions of champions.”

They’re interrupted by the music of the Lucha House Party, and out comes Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado! Both teams begin to brawl in the ring but Legado easily takes control. Raul and Joaquin hold Lince and Santos goes up top, looking to strike–when Curt Stallion of 205 Live hits the ring to make the save! Curt stands tall with the LHP as the Legado back off.

Backstage: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Mackenzie asks them about the Dusty Classic. Drake jumps in, stating that he’s fighting with his best friend in the world, Killian Dain. He says that MSK are talented but it’s his team that will go all the way to win the Dusty Classic. Dain tells him that was pretty good, and smacks him on the ribs before walking off. Maverick thanks him, holding his ribs, and walks off, too.

Backstage: Lucha House Party, Curt Stallion, Legado del Fantasma

LHP are celebrating with Stallion when the trio of Legado walk up. Santos gets in Stallion’s face and threatens him.

Next Week

– Finn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan
– Dusty Classic: MSK vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain
– Dusty Classic: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Kushida & Leon Ruff

Fight Pit
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Timothy Thatcher

The rules of the Fight Pit are simple: you can only win by submission or knockout. We’re reminded how dangerous this match is, and that this is only its second time being seen in the WWE. We go to break. When we return, Thatcher comes out first. The ref checks his…the ref checks Thatcher’s finger nails, presumably to ensure they’re clean, then checks his boots and socks. Thatcher heads down to the Fight Pit, a big steel cage with a a walkway along the top. Steel steps must be climbed just to gain entry to the Fight Pit. Out next is Ciampa, and the ref checks his nails, too, then boots and socks. Both competitors pace along the top of the fight pit on the walk way. We’re reminded that there are no pinfalls, and that the decision must happen inside the pit. Our announcer makes the official announcements and we start our match!

Thatcher slowly backs up as Ciampa calmly walks along the upper walk-way. You’ve got to see the ring to get a better idea of the structure as it’s a ring with a steel cage with a flat walking surface above the four sides of the cage, and railing along the side. Thatcher and Ciampa meet and clash. Thatcher takes control early, grinding the face of Ciampa against the handrails. Thatcher with big punches, guiding Ciampa along the ramp. Thatcher with a body blow followed by a snap suplex onto the steel walkway. Thatcher rises and grabs Ciampa’s left leg, turning Ciampa’s lower torso enough to kick Ciampa twice in the small of the back. Ciampa kicks Thatcher off and gains some separation.

Ciampa with a big running kick to flatten Thatcher and take control. The pace of this match is slow, as each man is in no rush and, probably, cautious due to the height up. Ciampa beats Thatcher slowly along the walkway. Ciampa rubs Thatcher’s face against the steel. Ciampa positions Thatcher’s head off the walkway, then hits a Catapult and nearly decapitates Thatcher! We go to picture-in-picture break. Thatcher is sent down into the ring and Ciampa follows, our competitors finally in the ring! Ciampa rubs Thatcher’s face against the chainlink fence, then uses his boot to push Thatcher’s face against the chainlink! Ciampa kicks Thatcher. Thatcher comes out, picking the leg and performing a Wrestling Takedown. Thatcher slaps on a submission, twisting the neck to the side while putting pressure on the shoulder. Ciampa tries to fight back but Thatcher drops him fast. Thatcher sizes up Ciampa, then rolls him onto a side and drops his knee repeatedly into the small of Ciampa’s back. Thatcher locks in a rear chinlock as Ciampa yells in pain, rolling side to side to attempt to escape.

Ciampa starts to fight back as we return from break. Ciampa slings Thatcher into the cage! Ciampa whips Thatcher into the opposite side, and Thatcher drops to his feet against the cage. Ciampa hits a running low kick, smashing Thatcher’s face between boot and metal! Thatcher’s down and the ref begins to count. Thatcher gets up around six. Ciampa looks for a whip but Thatcher counters and sends Ciampa shoulder-first into the steel. The Blackheart rolls in pain, holding his shoulder. Thatcher tries to bend Ciampa’s fingers or hand into the link, but Ciampa gets the hand free. Thatcher hits a big release suplex against the chain, then a belly to belly in the middle of the ring. Thatcher attempts to lock on an arm submission but Ciampa resists. Thatcher straddles Ciampa and pounds him. Thatcher repositions and smashes Ciampa’s hand, fingers spread, straight into the canvas. Ciampa rolls in pain as Thatcher stands and smiles. Thatcher pushes in on Ciampa, who flings Thatcher into the cage! We are now over-running our allotted time. Ciampa with a slingshot into the cage, and Thatcher’s turn to roll in pain arrives. Ciampa looks for a form of an ankle log or knee twist but Thatcher hangs in there. Ciampa with kicks to the face and abdomen. Ciampa goes for the legs but Thatcher mule-kicks Ciampa back and off of him, and Ciampa’s head and neck bounce off the cage. Thatcher rises and locks in a standing sleeper on Ciampa! Ciampa gets to the cage but there’s no rope break, so Ciampa kicks a foot back and nails Thatcher in his tiny Tim! Ciampa hits the Willow’s Bell DDT out of nowhere as Thatcher writhes in pain!

The ref counts and Thatcher has to use the cage to get up by nine. Thatcher and Ciampa go toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring and exchange fists rapidly. Ciampa puts a headlock on Thatcher and rams him into the cage, then hits the Fairy Tale Ending! Ciampa locks in a laying sleeper on Thatcher! Thatcher somehow powers to his feet and rams Ciampa into the cage. Thatcher pulls Ciampa up and puts Ciampa back in the standing sleeper! Ciampa tries to escape and gets wedged between the steel cage, where it meets in the corner as he tries to climb free. Thatcher catches him as he’s caught with his right leg stuck in the steel rafter outside the cage. Thatcher locks the left knee of Ciampa behind his neck and hits a modified Stretch Muffler, pulling all of Ciampa’s weight onto his surgically-repaired left knee! Ciampa screams in pain but is forced to tap!

Your Winner by Submission, Timothy Thatcher!

We’re reminded that Timothy Thatcher is undefeated in the Fight Pit, having won the two to date. Thatcher celebrates in the ring, and his chest is visibly bruised up. Ciampa sits in a corner, holding his knee. Thatcher kneels and watches, then rises and walks closer and kneels again. Thatcher points at his injured left shoulder, and the two men spend some time staring at each other and breathing heavy–either showing each other respect or making bedroom eyes as our program ends.