WWE: More NXT Talent Frustrations Over COVID Issues, WWE Network Update, New Trademarks

More COVID-19 Frustrations Within NXT Following Resumption of Full-Time Training

Several NXT talents reportedly have become frustrated with WWE again following the resumption of full-time training at the Performance Center, according to Fightful Select.

Fightful Select reported (via HeelByNature.com) that the source of the recent frustrations from NXT talent revolve around the company’s current handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which have not improved since last year’s issues with “COVID truthers” and multiple outbreaks within the NXT brand.

It was reported that WWE officials recently required all of their developmental talent to resume training for five days a week despite talent’s concerns with the coronavirus pandemic situation at the Performance Center.

It was also reported that unlike main roster talent, WWE only performs COVID-19 tests once a week for their developmental talent.

Upcoming New Content for WWE Network & WrestleMania 24 Status Update

WWE recently released a trailer for their upcoming new episode of WWE Untold featuring AJ Styles’ official WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble event. This episode will air on the WWE Network on January 17th.

WrestlingInc.com held a recent interview with WWE Senior Producer Steve Conoscenti and one of the topics discussed included new projects currently in development for future releases on the WWE Network.

“In terms of new series’ that are coming out there. The series like WWE 24, The Icon Series, Ruthless Aggression Season 2…that’s coming soon. So I think a lot more coming from the brands you already know and more brands will keep popping up.”

As noted before, WWE recently pulled WrestleMania 24 from their WWE Network service due to unknown reasons at the time that were speculated to involve musical rights issues. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson confirmed that the event was removed due to musical rights issues over Floyd Mayweather’s entrance theme which needed to be edited out of the Network’s version of the broadcast. The event itself was re-uploaded to the service earlier this week in its newly edited version.

WWE Files Several New Trademarks

WWE recently filed several new trademarks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademarks for “Giant Zanjeer“, “Dilsher Shanky“, and “Guru Raaj” were filed on January 7th for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes. 

Trademarks for “Tony Gill“, “Ben Carter“, “Tino Sabbatelli“, and “Joshua Bruns” were filed on January 8th for similar purposes.